Netflix vs Hulu vs Prime – The Best Streaming Service in 2019

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Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are almost more prevalent than cable these days. In fact, a news story from late 2017 showed that Netflix had nearly as many customers as traditional cable services did. The service has only grown since then. Streaming services win out because they offer more on-demand options at a lower price […]

What are Portable Apps and Why Should You Care?

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Have you ever tried to do real work on your phone or tablet? Your everyday, pay the bills, kind of work? It can be done, but with just a touchscreen, it’s a real pain isn’t it? There are some things for which you just need a real keyboard and mouse. But if you must start […]

Battle of the Smart Home Hubs – SmartThings vs Wink

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Smart home hubs are the lifeblood of any fully connected home. These devices act as a “translator” between protocols. For example, if a device that uses only Zigbee needs to communicate with a device that only uses Z-Wave, then a smart home hub can be used as an intermediary between the two. There are two […]

The Ultimate List of YouTube Tips, Hacks, and Shortcuts

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YouTube has a surprising number of shortcuts built straight into it that many people don’t know about. If you want to know what tips exist for YouTube, read through this guide. You can treat this guide as the ultimate tips, hacks, and shortcuts list for everybody’s favorite video content platform. Some of these shortcuts and […]

9 Best OpenOffice Extensions You Should Install Now

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OpenOffice is remarkable software in that it provides you with nearly everything Microsoft Office offers, but at a much more affordable cost — absolutely free! Unfortunately, OpenOffice lacks a lot of the more advanced features that Microsoft Office has. Things like grammar and spell checks, clipart, or templates are not included in the basic install. […]

How To Use Netflix’s Parental Control Feature

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Netflix has become the leading “go-to” site for streaming television and movies, and in recognition that children are also using the platform, there is also a separate children’s section with kid-friendly content. But that doesn’t stop tech-savvy kids from clicking on the adult section and getting full access to violent movies or movies with sexual […]

Can You Bypass the Android Lock Screen?

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So, you’ve forgotten your smartphone passcode and you’re locked out of your device? Not to worry, this happens way more often than you might think. There are several ways you can get locked out of your smartphone. Perhaps you’ve discovered an old handset among some clutter and upon trying to log in, realize you’ve forgotten […]

How to Know If Your Password Has Leaked Online

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It doesn’t matter if your password is 32 characters long, alphanumeric, and would take several quintillion years to crack—it’s not secure. As a matter of fact, anything that touches the Internet isn’t secure! This is because password security does not only come at the discretion of the user who has created it but also the […]

Top 10 Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

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Many companies are allowing their employees to work from remote locations. Organization, coordination, and communication are paramount when it comes to managing a team of employees, especially those working in different time zones. Traditional workers and teams benefit from the body language and non-verbal cues facilitated by face-to-face interactions. Advancing cloud technologies and screen-sharing applications […]

Android Pie (version 9) Review – The “Techie” Smartphone OS Gets Smarter and Friendlier

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Google released Android Pie to its own phones, namely the Pixel brand, in August of last year. Since then, the various manufacturers of Android phones, including Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, Nokia, Honor, LG, and others, have been adapting the latest version of Android (ver. 9) to their phones. Some, such as Essential Phone and OnePlus, […]