How To Fix No Sound On YouTube

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YouTube is one of the largest websites to watch videos and listen to thousands of music tracks available on it. While the platform works just fine most of the time, […]

Mario Kart vs Sonic Team Racing: Which is Better?

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Few things in life match the simple, visceral satisfaction of firing a Blue Shell at the first-place leader and blowing past the explosion to win the race—except, perhaps, using Slingshot […]

3 Best Online OCR Tools To Extract Text From Images

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Transcribing text from images can be a real pain. When text is presented as an image or some other non-selectable format, school and work become difficult. The only solution is […]

10 Best Nonviolent Video Games for PC, Xbox, PlayStation

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Video games have become an entertainment giant, with games like Grand Theft Auto V making more money than any other entertainment title in history. It also happens to be the […]

How to Track Multiple Package Tracking Numbers At Once

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Frugal online shopping sometimes involves making purchases from multiple different online retailers all at once. While that can mean great things for your bank account, it’s not so easy to […]

How To Change Your Google Chrome Theme

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Let’s be honest, Google Chrome’s default theme is nothing to write home about. Sure, every once in a while to celebrate a holiday or global event, Google will change their […]

Nintendo Switch Online Service: Everything You Need To Know

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The Nintendo Switch isn’t only incredibly successful, the little hybrid console from Nintendo also happens to be one of the best and most versatile gaming platforms you can buy today. […]

What Are Google Assistant Routines and How To Set Them Up

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Google Assistant routines are an automated set of actions Google Assistant will do for you whenever you say a specific phrase. You can start using this feature now with very […]

OTT Explains: Do AirPods Work with Android?

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Do AirPods work with Android devices? The answer is yes, AirPods use Bluetooth technology to connect, but you’ll need to install a suitable control app to gain full functionality. That […]

The 10 Best YouTube Channels For Retro Computer Games

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Retro gaming is all the rage these days. Everyone’s selling a mini-console with classic games from years gone by, it seems. The offerings from Sega and Nintendo’s SNES and NES […]