How To Share An iTunes Library On Your Local Network

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iTunes is a really great media management app that provides you with a number of features to organize the media content stored on your computer. One of the features in the app lets you share your media libraries with your friends on your local network. What that means is you no longer need to get […]

How To Optimize The Paging File In Windows

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Computers these days are pretty fast and the latest operating systems are pretty good at keeping them that way. Gone are the days of the annual “format and reinstall” ritual most tech-savvy Windows users performed. That’s not to say your fresh new installation of Windows 10 will remain snappy forever though.  Some users may notice […]

Biggest Differences Between Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch

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We can probably all agree that the Nintendo Switch has turned out to be quite a big deal. Once again Nintendo have managed to create a console that is in competition against no one but itself. The Switch might be only a little more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360, but by squeezing that […]

How to Format External Hard Drive to FAT32 in Windows

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If you’ve ever tried to format an external hard drive larger than 32GB to FAT32 in Windows, you will have seen that your operating system doesn’t allow you to do it. There are various reasons as to why it does so, but if your particular situation requires you to use FAT32, you need to find […]

How to Transfer Files from Android Storage to an Internal SD Card

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When you get a brand new phone out of the box, it always gives you peak performance. But this may be short-lived once photos, apps, files, and updates accumulate and hog system resources. One of the best ways to deal with an Android phone that tends to feel sluggish over time is by expanding its […]

How to Insert a PDF File into a Word Document

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Since 1983 when it was first developed, Microsoft Word has evolved. Not just in the number of versions but also in how much you can do with it. Granted, there are several free word processors that are great alternatives to Word, but it still remains the most popular of them all. Word offers many features […]

How To Sync Outlook Contacts With Android, iPhone, Gmail & More

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Despite the growth and prominence of chat apps and mobile messaging services, we still send and receive emails every day. Email is a common form of communication in business, but also an integral part of our daily online life since most websites require email addresses to create accounts. Microsoft Outlook commands an active user base […]

How To Get Microsoft Word For Free

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Getting Microsoft Word for free sounds like a dream. It’s an awesome program and is a staple in most office, home, and school environments, but it normally costs each year you want to use it. But you actually don’t have to pay for Microsoft Word when there are several ways to use it for free. […]

What Does a Browser User-Agent Switcher Do & What Are Its Advantages?

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Despite the sleuthy sound of it, browser user-agents are actually quite simple to understand. Practically every time you access a high-traffic website, its server will be taking into account what your current user agent is, which helps identify your operating system and browser, in an attempt to better deliver content to you. Even popular browsers […]

How To Take a Screenshot On Android

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Screenshots are useful in many ways and you have likely captured them on your computers, especially if your work requires explaining things to people. With these screen captures, you can easily show people what your computer’s screen looks like and you can even add pointers to draw people’s attention to certain parts of the screenshot. […]