WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working? Here’s What To Do

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Voice messages are a convenient way to pass along information on WhatsApp. If you’re a lazy texter or there’s too much text to type, just send a voice message. It’s […]

How to Claim a Business on Google

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Building a strong online presence for your business and brand is extremely important. Since Google is the go-to search engine used by the majority of internet users, listing your business […]

How to Fix SSL Security Certificate Errors in Chrome

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SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layers. This is a globally-recognized security protocol responsible for ensuring that the websites that you visit on the internet are secure.  Certificate Authorities […]

How to Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error on Android or iPhone

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Do you get a “SIM not provisioned” or “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error when you insert a SIM card on your phone? Read this article to learn why you’re getting […]