When you work online, whether using your company’s CMS tool, researching a paper, or keeping up with emails, you need a break now and then. These 12 fun and entertaining browser extensions for Google Chrome are just what you need.

You may take a quick 10-minute coffee break or spend your entire lunch hour at your desk, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue working. Get your game on, scribble a doodle, or play a tune to enjoy that much needed break.

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    1. Wordle

    Can you guess the word of the day in six or less tries? This Chrome browser extension version of Wordle is just like your favorite mobile game on Android or iOS.

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    Enter each letter, see which letters are in the word and in the correct spot, and then continue until you guess that secret word. When you finish, check your stats including the number of tries, success rate, and your current and best streaks.

    You can adjust settings for hard mode, dark mode, or high contrast mode. Plus, you can copy the game to your clipboard to brag (well, share) on social media.

    2. TinySketch

    Enjoy sketching when you have a few moments to spare? With TinySketch you can create a masterpiece right in a pop-up window.

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    TinySketch gives you the exact tools you need for a quick drawing. Choose the pen size and color, use the bucket to fill shapes, and grab the eraser when you need it. You can also use the undo and redo buttons and an eye dropper for the perfect color.

    3. Tetrys

    If you like the game Tetris, then check out the Chrome version Tetrys. Use your arrow keys to move left and right, rotate, and drop a piece to the bottom quickly.

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    Try to fill each row with the various shapes so you can clear the row and score. You can pause the game at any time and restart it to score even higher next time.

    4. Chrome Piano

    Maybe making music is your forte. With the Chrome Piano add-on you can play anything from Chopsticks to songs from popular artists using the Music Sheet.

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    Select the extension’s button in your toolbar and you’ll see the keyboard open in a new tab for a nice, large view. You can use your mouse or keyboard, a light or dark theme, and record your music to play back when you finish.

    5. 2048 Cupcakes

    One of the most popular number games 2048 has a sweet version in the Chrome web browser. With 2048 Cupcakes, you move and combine tasty treats instead of numbers.

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    Use your arrow keys to slide the cupcakes left, right, up, or down to combine the same goodies and create new ones. You can also undo a move, reset the board, and save your progress automatically.

    6. Doodle Jump Original

    Hop your way to the top in Doodle Jump Original for Chrome. You’ll see spaceships, black holes, and monsters as you jump your way to a high score.

    Doodle Jump Original image - 13-fun-chrome-extensions-for-break-time-6-compressed

    Use your arrow keys to move side-to-side and upward when you see one of those handy springs. Pause the game when it’s time to get back to work and pick it up again on your next break to see how high you can score.

    7. Meow, The Cat Pet

    Do you get lonely when you’re working in Google Docs or checking messages in Gmail? Take Meow, The Cat Pet with you. This cute little kitten walks across your web page for a cuddly companion.

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    Move your cursor over the cat to pet him and right-click to feed him, have him take a nap, do a dance, or lick to clean his fur. You can keep track of how happy Meow is in the extension’s pop-up window.

    To help you out while you work, you’ll find reminder notifications you can set to stand up and stretch, grab some water, or take a break. You can also play mini games or just head to the playground to hang out with the other pets.

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    Meow, The Cat Pet is simply an adorable and entertaining add-on for Chrome that you might just love.

    8. Colorful Tic-Tac-Toe

    For that quick game of strategy you learned as a kid, Colorful Tic-Tac-Toe is the way to go. Play against the computer or with your workspace or cubicle mate.

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    The game lets you choose the level of difficulty, mute or hear the sound effects, and keep track of wins, losses, and ties.

    9. Custom Doodle for Google

    For something unique to do when you have time to kill, check out Custom Doodle for Google. With this extension, you can change the Google doodle and display your own text. This gives you a fun and enjoyable Google search engine page.

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    You can use an image or animation, adjust the size and text, customize the color, and change the page background color. Head to the extension’s website to add cartoons, games, movies, GIFs, or memes to your collection. Then, swap out the current Google doodle from the extension’s pop-up window. If you’re artistic yourself, upload your own doodles.

    Custom Doodle for Google image 2 - 13-fun-chrome-extensions-for-break-time-11-compressed

    For an amusing way to customize your Google Search page, this is definitely an extension to take for a spin.

    10. Snake

    The Snake game add-on for Chrome is like the classic game you remember. Maneuver your snake around the board to fill it up with goodies and grow it into the reptile it’s always wanted to be.

    Snake image - 13-fun-chrome-extensions-for-break-time-12-compressed

    You can move off the board and reappear on the opposite side which helps with the navigation. Just watch out for your own tail as you grow longer with each piece of food you eat.

    Pick from four colors for the board, use your arrow keys to move, and pause the game at any time.

    11. WikiCros Wikipedia Crossword

    If you enjoy crosswords or word search puzzles, then check out the WikiCros extension. You simply visit a page on Wikipedia, select the add-on’s button in the toolbar, and choose the type of puzzle you want.

    WikiCros Wikipedia Crossword image - 13-fun-chrome-extensions-for-break-time-13-compressed

    The extension assembles a crossword or word search puzzle for you based on the Wikipedia page’s content. You only get five hints to help you with the puzzle, so use them wisely.

    For a cool way to play a puzzle game using a category that interests you, give WikiCros a try.

    12. Boxel Rebound

    If you’re a fan of platformers, give Boxel Rebound for Chrome a go. Jump over obstacles, drop down to avoid others, and make your way through 50 challenging levels.

    Boxel Rebound image - 13-fun-chrome-extensions-for-break-time-14-compressed

    Turn the audio on or off, play in full screen view, or try fast mode for a real challenge.

    13. Fidget Spinner

    Feeling nervous? Bored during a Zoom meeting? Pick up the Fidget Spinner and give it a twirl.

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    You can pick from six different spinners, move it fast or slow, or give it a super strong twirl to watch it whirl away your anxiety or boredom.

    Chrome add-ons go beyond Grammarly, LastPass, and Amazon. One of these fun browser extensions might be exactly what you’ve been looking for to ease the stress during your workday. Remember, you can find even more in the Chrome Web Store.

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