Whether you’re working from home or from an office, there’s always that time when you get bored and need to find online entertainment for yourself. That’s when people normally turn to social networks or YouTube. The downside of this is that you immediately get sucked into the content on these sites, and the next thing you know you’re running late for a meeting.

A better alternative is a quick browse through one of the pointless websites that you can find online. Here are some of the best useless websites we’ve found to kill time and have fun online.

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    Best Pointless Sites to Kill Time Staring at Your Screen 

    Sometimes you just need to stare at your screen mindlessly. The following websites are perfect for when you’re looking for the most basic form of entertainment.

    1. Watching Grass Grow

    Watching Grass Grow image

    This one’s old but gold. Watching Grass Grow has been around since 2002 and still has its loyal visitors. The website delivers on what it promises: you get to watch the grass grow on the lawn of the website’s owner. It’s streaming from a live webcam, so if you’re lucky, you’ll get to watch the guy mow the lawn, alone or with his family. 

    2. Cat Bounce 

    Cat Bounce  image

    If you’re not patient enough to see the true value of watching growing grass, try watching cats bounce all over your screen instead. Cat Bounce is exactly that – a website where you can watch cats bounce back and forth. When you select Make it rain, you get a whole bunch of cats falling down from the top of your screen. A perfect link to send to a friend who’s been feeling down. 

    3. MapCrunch

    MapCrunch image

    MapCrunch is perfect for anyone who misses traveling and wants to travel vicariously without leaving the house. Follow the link and explore a random street somewhere in the world via the Google map street view. 

    4. Plasma Globe

    Plasma Globe image

    Do you remember playing with a touch-sensitive plasma globe at the science museum as a kid? This website is an online version of that. You can use the cursor to move the color around the globe, or do nothing and see how the colors move around and change by itself. 

    Best Useless Websites to Play Pointless Games Online

    When you need a break, playing games is one of the best ways to entertain yourself and blow off steam. Playing pointless games can be even more fun, especially if you’re not doing it alone but with your friends or colleagues. Here are some of the best completely useless games that you can play online in between tasks.

    5. Find the Invisible Cow

    Find the Invisible Cow image

    The point of the game (if there’s any) is to find the invisible cow among other sounds that you hear when moving your cursor around the screen. You’ll need your audio on to play this game, so make sure you’re not disturbing anyone or wear noise cancelling headphones before you start playing. 

    6. BoredButton

    BoredButton image

    Whenever you’re bored and feel like you need to get your mind off of things, use the BoredButton. When you press the button, it’ll take you to a random meme, quiz, game, or a fun article. You can keep pressing the button if you don’t like what you’re seeing. The possibilities here are endless. 

    7. Ffffidget

    Ffffidget image

    Remember when fidget spinners were a thing? Even though they were first invented back in the 90s, fidget spinner became a trending toy only in 2017. If you’re one of the people who still enjoy them and feel like they help your fidgeting habit, you can now spend time playing with a fidget spinner online.

    8. Pointer Pointer

    Pointer Pointer image

    Open the website and move your cursor anywhere on your screen. Within a few seconds the site will find a photo with someone pointing exactly at where your cursor is placed. There’s no way to find out how many different pictures there are of various “pointers”, but some of them are bound to make you smile or even chuckle. 

    Best Links to Share with Friends & Colleagues

    While any of those links can be shared with friends or coworkers, some of these websites are built to be enjoyed with another person. 

    9. Long Doge Challenge

    Long Doge Challenge image

    If you’re human and use the internet, you probably know someone who likes Doge. Now you can share the amazing experience of the Long Doge Challenge with them. 

    Follow the link and find a beautiful graphic with an endless Doge. Don’t believe it’s endless? Scroll down and see how many wows you can collect. You can turn it into a competition with another Doge lover, and even print out your results afterwards. 

    10. Real-time Pokedraw

    Real-time Pokedraw image

    Are you and your friends fans of Pokemon? You can test your knowledge in Real-time Pokedraw. Send the link to another person and ask them to enter the game at the same time as you. You’ll both get 45 seconds to draw a Pokemon shown next to the canvas. Compare your results and see whose drawing is closer to the original. 

    11. Scream Into The Void

    Scream Into The Void image

    Is someone you know having a tough day at work? Send them the link to Scream Into The Void. The site lets you type absolutely anything and send it out into the void – an online alternative to screaming something out when you just can’t take it anymore. 

    12. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

    Do Nothing for 2 Minutes image

    Finally, you can invite a friend or a colleague to do the most pointless challenge of them all – do completely nothing for 2 minutes. You might not realize how long 2 minutes can last until you have to sit still without so much as moving your cursor. If you do move it, the timer on the website starts all over again. 

    Other Ways to Kill Time Online

    These websites are just the tip of the iceberg of all of the useless sites that exist on the internet. Besides, there are plenty of other ways to kill time online, like playing free browser games or a virtual version of scrabble with friends.

    What do you do when you want to have fun and kill time online? What fun pointless websites did we forget to mention? Share your experience with us in the comments below. 

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