How to Record Discord Audio

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How did an instant messaging and VoIP service primarily used by gamers become a communications tool of choice for education and businesses? The answer is pretty simple.  Discord created a […]

HEIC vs JPG: What’s the Difference

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JPG files are everywhere. If you come across an image on the internet or offline, you are likely looking at one. The JPG (or JPEG) format has been around since […]

8 Google Search Tips: Always Find What You’re Looking For

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These days the first thing we all do when looking for answers is to “Google it”. Alphabet’s search engine company has created an incredibly effective search engine. Which is why […]

How To Tell What’s True or False On The Internet

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They say the truth is out there and that does include the internet. The problem is that the truth is drowned out by the sheer weight of twisted, misleading and […]

iClever BTH03 Bluetooth Kids Headphones Review

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Buying a pair of headphones can often be a bit of a hit and miss affair. There are so many variables to consider – the sound quality, the comfort of […]

What Does HMU Mean (And How to Use It)

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HMU is another one of those acronyms that you’ve probably seen online and had to Google the meaning of. People use HMU and other popular internet abbreviations like NSFW or […]

What Political Ideology Are You? 7 Websites to Test Yourself

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You may think you fall to the right or the left when it comes to your politics, but are you 100% sure? The reality is that many people hold beliefs […]

7 Best Pedometer Apps for Android and iPhone

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A pedometer is a little machine that tracks and tallies your steps and distance traveled each time your feet hit the pavement. Not only that, but using one can also […]

What Does SMH Mean (And How to Use It)

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Online acronyms like SMH are a part of a growing trend in online communication and messaging. Using acronyms is meant to save you time by typing a few characters instead […]

15 Best Animated Wallpapers for Windows 10

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The concept of searching for the perfect wallpaper is as old as Windows itself  Why settle for standard, static wallpapers when you can easily get an animated one instead?  There […]