How To Write Professional Emails In Under 5 Minutes

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In your professional life email is probably one of the most important means of communication. You do it on a daily basis and if you’re anything like me, you’re drowning in it. Sure, you can dedicate a certain hour or two a day specifically to managing your email. But if you spend 10 minutes or […]

The Best IFTTT Recipe Ideas for the Smart Home

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IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an online service that allows users to string together a series of commands to perform actions throughout the home. These connected commands are called ‘recipes’ or ‘applets’, and when used correctly can give you more control over your smart home than ever before.  While many smart home devices have […]

How to Switch iTunes App Store Account to Another Country

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If you’re an expatriate or traveler trying to download apps from other countries’ iTunes or App Store, you could encounter a geoblock. The Apple store imposes geo-restrictions on apps, which frustrates users who want to download apps and other content to their iOS devices. For instance, if you live in Australia, you may not have […]

Tips For Using Google Docs On Your Mobile Device

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Google Docs on mobile (iOS/Android) is much the same as the desktop version, but you’re forced to use it in new ways because of the smaller form factor and lack of peripherals. Thankfully, with some practice you can get around the hurdle that is word processing on a touch screen. Whilst it can be difficult […]

3 Sites To Find Free Google Docs Resume Templates

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There’s an old saying: “It takes money to make money.” You’ll often find that this is true at even the most earliest stages, such as job searching. When you’re on the hunt, your resume is one of the biggest things to consider. Many people end up paying professionals to build their resume for them, just […]

9 Tips to Teach Your Grandparents Tech

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The world of technology is changing so quickly, that the daily tech skills you learned just ten years ago are probably irrelevant today. If you were an adult in the 80s, computer skills weren’t nearly as important as they are now. That generation of 30-something adults are now hitting retirement age and if they haven’t […]

6 Health Tracker Smartphone Apps to Get Healthy

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Humans are unhealthy. We’re getting fatter, sicker, and lazier than ever. Sure, we can blame it on the accessibility to junk food, conveniences like two-day shipping, and sedentary lifestyles.  However, the reality is that it all comes down to you and your habits. No one forces you to buy from Amazon vs. walking around your […]

What To Do If Your Smart Assistant Doesn’t Recognize Your Accent

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Smart assistants are one of the coolest creations of the past decade. An AI-powered device that can turn on your lights, order food, and tell you traffic conditions – what’s not to like? It’s almost like Rosie from The Jetsons lives in your house. Unless perhaps you have a strong accent. A 2018 article from […]

How to Connect Two or More Computers to One Monitor

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There was a time not too long ago that it was rare for a household to have even one computer. The idea that each person would have a computer would have seemed laughable in the early days of the PC revolution. Now, most people are armed with multiple powerful computing devices, both on their person […]

How To Use Google Docs Resume Templates

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When it comes to writing a resume, some people will go as far as to spend hundreds of dollars to get it out of their way. A well-written resume is a key ingredient to a successful job hunt, and learning how to properly create one can often be intimidating. Even if you do decide to […]