The 13 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visio

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Organizing things just makes life easier. A place for everything and never let it get out of place. If you’re that person, you know about Microsoft Visio. Visio is an […]

DVI vs HDMI vs DisplayPort – What You Need to Know

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Did you know that your computer monitor has several ports on it to connect to your computer? You might wonder why there are so many and what’s the difference between […]

How I Find the Best WiFi Hotspots Near Me

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Cellular Internet service is increasing in coverage and decreasing in price regularly. But it’s not available everywhere, and it’s still expensive. According to, the price of cellular data averages […]

Add a Linear Regression Trendline to an Excel Scatter Plot

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You’re either reading this because you searched for how to add a linear regression trendline to an Excel scatter plot or you saw the title and thought, “Are these words […]

How to Record Discord Audio

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How did an instant messaging and VoIP service primarily used by gamers become a communications tool of choice for education and businesses? The answer is pretty simple.  Discord created a […]

How To Dial Into a Zoom Meeting With a Phone Number

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Zoom conferencing service has become a household verb in less than a year. There’s a good chance someone has said they were going to “zoom” you. But not everyone has […]

30 App Permissions To Avoid On Android

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Do you just select Accept to everything thrown at you when you install a new app on your Android device? Most people do. But what are you agreeing to?  There’s […]

8 Best Free Online Virus Scan And Removal Sites

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Most computers, PC or Mac, come with some sort of antivirus software already installed. Maybe it’s Windows Defender or something else. But no antivirus can catch everything. If you suspect […]

How To Find Your Wifi Password On An Android Device

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We connect to so many different networks and the password usually gets entered just once. So what would you do if you forgot the WiFi password? Having a good password […]

8 Safe Free Software Download Sites for Windows

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There’s a lot of free Windows software download sites, but are they safe? Every time you download something, there’s a possibility that you’re downloading malware or viruses. Sure, you’ve got […]