How to Find Matching Values in Excel

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You’ve got an Excel workbook with thousands of numbers and words. There are bound to be multiples of the same number or word in there. You might need to find […]

Search Outlook Email by Sender, Date, Keyword, Size and More

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“Where’d my email go? It just disappeared.” It’s shocking how many times I’ve heard this over my career. But not as shocking as how many people who don’t realize that […]

11 Best Craigslist Alternatives To Sell Your Stuff

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A lot of us have too much stuff, or stuff we don’t need or use anymore. So what do we do with that stuff? Sell it and make money online. […]

What is “Windows 10 in S Mode”? Can I Change it to Regular Windows?

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Microsoft has done some weird things with Windows over the years. Windows running in S Mode is one of those things.  More and more, we find laptops listed as having […]

Online Services Using The “.new” Domain For All Your Favorite Apps

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There’s a new way to do things online, and the top-level domain (TLD) .new is behind it. Google is the registrar for the .new domain. You might have already seen […]

10 Best DOS Games You Can Play Online

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Whether you’re 40 or 14 you’re going to love playing these games from the golden age of PC gaming. Back when your PC operating system was either DOS or MS-DOS, […]

5 Things You Need To Do When You Get a New Phone

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When you get your new phone, there are a few things you must do to get it up to speed. This isn’t going to be fluff about what apps to […]

Configure or Turn Off DEP (Data Execution Prevention) in Windows

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Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is one of those ‘blursed’ things. It’s a blessing most of the time when it does its job and doesn’t interfere, but cursed when it does […]

The Essential Tools To Help You Create a Podcast

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You’ve got something to say. You’ve got a voice. How do you get heard? In an age where everything is vying for our attention, it’s surprising how effective podcasts are. […]

How to Backup Your Android Phone

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The modern world has grown a second brain and keeps it in their pocket. We have so much of ourselves and our lives on our phones that the thought of […]