Internet Comment Etiquette to Improve Your Social Experience

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Sometimes, the internet can seem like a pretty intimidating place. Whatever you post, there will be people looking at and commenting on it. And, a lot of people feel much […]

How to See and Share Your Spotify Wrapped

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Ever wonder how often you might be listening to a certain artist, song, or music genre? If you have Spotify, you can actually find this out at the end of […]

11 Best Netflix Original Series and Movies to Watch Now

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After finishing a new TV series or movie, finding the next one to watch can be frustrating. When you have so many choices, it’s hard to know what you’ll like […]

Differences Between a Video Game Reboot vs Remake vs Remaster

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Old has become new again. Despite all the latest, powerful technology put into modern-day consoles and video games, many people want to return to simpler times. That’s why many companies […]

How to Make Spotify Louder and Sound Better

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Spotify is one of the most widely-used music streaming services available, with thousands of artists to listen to and discover. If you’re a music enthusiast who uses Spotify, you should […]

How to Delete YouTube History and Search Activity

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When you click play on a video, YouTube saves your watch history and any search you made for it. YouTube does this to estimate your browsing habits. These choices tell […]

Will PS5 Play PS4 and PS3 Games?

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Backwards compatibility, or the ability for a console to run game discs from the previous generation, is an important feature for a system to have. PlayStation consoles have not been […]

8 Best 2D Games for Windows

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Video game companies are always competing to come out with the latest and greatest in graphic technology. Every year, more and more advances are made in realistic, high-resolution 3D graphics. […]

Best Camera Settings For Portraits

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Learning to take good pictures of people is an important part of any photographer’s arsenal. Just like any other certain type of photo, there are camera settings that will suit […]

3 Ways to Turn Off a PS4 (Controller, Button, and Auto)

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It’s a good idea to turn off your PS4 whenever you’re done playing. Not only does this help to save power, but it’ll also help you preserve the life of […]