4 Online simulators That Feel Like the Real Thing

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Your web browser is more than just a way to look at websites. Web technology has grown to the point where complex software can run right there in your browser. Which means there are some pretty amazing web-based simulators you can click on right now from any device with a compatible browser. The five online […]

4 Gifts For The Retro Gaming Lover In Your Life

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Retro gaming is back in a BIG way. Video games now have a long and storied history. Rich enough that older games aren’t thought of as “outdated”, but are appreciated for what they are. Interest in games from yesteryear has never been more intense, so it’s a good thing this is also the best time […]

Which Consoles Should You Buy the Kids for Christmas?

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It’s hard to think of the average child (or adult child for that matter) finding a shiny new game console under the tree on Christmas morning and being disappointed. However, for a non-gaming gift-giver it can be a little tricky to figure out which of the many game consoles is the one you should buy.  […]

4 Amazing Desktop Environments For Android

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Android is an operating system that’s come a long way since its first limping steps on early devices, but it still lacks a proper desktop environment. In other words, if you plug your powerful smartphone into a large screen, you still get a phone interface. Simply blown up to epic proportions.  There have been some […]

How to Choose and Change Your Next Graphics Card

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Computer graphics are amazingly sophisticated these days. Especially in video games, some of which are almost photorealistic! This is all thanks to a dedicated hardware component known as the GPU or graphics processing unit. A sophisticated microprocessor that has a very different design to the CPU (central processing unit) which handles all general purpose processing […]

The Best On-The-Go Accessories for Your Smartphone

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While we may call them “smartphones”, the device you have in your pocket is actually a proper general purpose computer. As smartphone manufacturers have started embracing this fact, smartphones (and of course tablets) have started taking on more and more “proper” computer attributes.  Thanks to technology such as USB-C, the port on your smartphone is […]

5 Fan Wikis Which You Should Definitely Take a Look At

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The web has gone through many transformations since the public began to use it in earnest. The biggest revolution may well have been the creation of open tools that make it easy for anyone to contribute.  Wikipedia is probably the best example of this. It’s an encyclopedia written by the people, for the people, which […]

Using Samsung Dex As Your Only PC – Is It Possible?

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Our smartphones are now so powerful that they rival certain desktop and laptop solutions. Within that slim phone body you’ll find a full-on general-purpose computer, limited only by the mobile operating interface designed for touchscreen use. The Android operating system actually has an upcoming desktop environment where you can hook up a mouse, screen and […]

4 Services To Hold Meetings In Virtual Reality

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Modern virtual reality (VR) is finally good. All the problems that made the VR of the 90s and 2000s awful have essentially been solved. It’s not perfect, but VR is finally ready for mainstream use. So what does a typical person actually want to do with VR? Apart from the entertainment options, which are numerous, […]

The Galaxy Note 10+: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

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It’s been just over a month since Samsung released the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 10 phones and the initial excitement has had time to cool in the glare of cold reality. Since Apple launched their iPhone 11 series at the same time, general smartphone hysteria is still at a fever pitch, but a month living with […]