Siri, Google Assistant, & Cortana – Three Digital Assistants Compared

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If you’re old enough to remember trying voice dictation software in the 90s, then you know the true meaning of tedium. If you wanted to type out an email or a memo using your voice, it required hours of training, a painfully slow speaking speed and ultimately a pretty useless piece of text. Today things […]

What Are The Options For Gamers With Disabilities?

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Video games are a hobby enjoyed by millions of people from all walks of life. There’s a game out there for everyone, but not everyone who wants to participate in the hobby can.  People who live with disabilities that affect their vision, mobility or any other faculty you need to play video games as intended, […]

What Is DLSS and Should You Use It In Games

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The march of technology is inexorable and nowhere is this more true than with graphics hardware. Every year cards get significantly faster and bring a whole new set of acronyms for fancy graphical tricks.  Looking at the visual settings for PC games, you’ll encounter a word salad that contains such tasty nuggets as MSAA, FXAA, […]

3 Best Games For Your RTX Ray Tracing GPU

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So you’ve bit the bullet and finally splurged on the latest, greatest RTX graphics card from Nvidia? This is the first consumer series of graphics cards that can do real-time ray tracing. Ray tracing is a rendering technique that uses a simulation of light to create almost photorealistic lighting and shadows.  It’s the premier technique […]