What Is Optical vs Digital Zoom on a Smartphone?

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If someone from the early days of cellphones were to jump to the present day, they might be confused that one of the features we care most about on our […]

How to Volunteer for a Political Campaign Online

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Thanks to the internet, everyone is political these days. You can hardly open any social media website without being bombarded with the political opinions of every person who has access […]

8 Google Search Tips: Always Find What You’re Looking For

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These days the first thing we all do when looking for answers is to “Google it”. Alphabet’s search engine company has created an incredibly effective search engine. Which is why […]

How To Tell What’s True or False On The Internet

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They say the truth is out there and that does include the internet. The problem is that the truth is drowned out by the sheer weight of twisted, misleading and […]

How To Make Friends Online

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Making friends as an adult is hard. Most people form lifelong friendships in school or college, but there are many reasons why you may no longer be in touch with […]

What Is A Virtual Tour And How Do You Make One?

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Virtual reality might not be quite mainstream yet, but you don’t have to use a VR headset to enjoy immersive multimedia! You can watch 360-degree photos and video on a […]

How to Use GoPro HERO as a Webcam

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GoPro’s HERO 8 Black action camera is one of the most refined products the company has ever created. It’s a culmination of lessons learned over many generations of action cameras.  […]

Is a Smartwatch Worth It?

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A smartwatch might seem like a solution in search of a problem, but it’s easy to forget that people had similar attitudes towards iPads, smartphones and just about any new […]

Election Hacking 101: Is It Safe to Vote Electronically?

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For a world that’s rapidly going all-digital, it might seem like a no-brainer to have electronic elections. Yet, for most of the world, the tried-and-tested paper-based voting system is still […]

What Is Augmented Reality and Could It Replace All Screens?

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Screens are all around us. Right now you’re looking at a screen. It could be on a phone, a tablet or a desktop computer. Now, imagine if the digital world […]