How To Use Bluetooth For Car Audio In An Old Or New Car

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Bluetooth is an almost universal short-range communications technology found in everything from smartphones to coffee makers. The latest version of the technology is incredibly power-efficient, can transfer significant amounts of […]

Is Spotify Premium Worth It?

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Spotify is one of the best places to stream music and listen to podcasts. It has fantastic applications on most platforms and offers innovative features and great music suggestions. You […]

Is a Curved Monitor Better? The Pros Vs. The Cons

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What Is a GoPro & How To Get Started Using One

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GoPro is a company famous for pioneering “action cameras” and continues to set the gold standard in the market it created to this day. Its cameras are commonly referred to […]

Are Game Subscription Services Worth It?

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Modern media consumption is all about subscriptions. Services like Netflix, Spotify, Kindle Unlimited and Marvel Unlimited are commonplace now. Movies, TV shows, books, music and more can now be had […]

7 Ways To Deal With Social Media Withdrawal

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What Is PlayStation Plus? A Guide

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The days of gaming consoles as standalone gaming machines is long behind us. Today, every modern console depends on being connected to a network of content and services. Subscriptions make […]

The 5 Best Budget Android Tablets

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There’s no doubt that the premium tablet experience is on the Apple side of the fence when it comes to tablet computers. Unfortunately, even with the release of cheaper iPads, […]

The Best Podcasts You Should Be Listening To & Why

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Putting out a podcast is as easy as buying a laptop, podcast mic and just going for it. So, predictably, there are a seemingly endless number of podcasts out there, […]

How To Unlock a Phone With Free Unlock Phone Codes

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When you buy a phone from a carrier, you might be tempted by a great contract deal, but there’s a good chance the deal has some fine print that locks […]