This tutorial showcases some of our favorite sites for downloading minimalist desktop wallpaper for your PC, Mac, or Chromebook. The links we’ve included are already set to filter for minimalist images on each site.

The idea of minimalism may seem new, but it caught on shortly after World War II in Western art. Minimalism is the idea that beauty can be found in simplicity—less is more, and clutter is the enemy. 

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    minimalist wallpaper of person climbing mountain backlit by full moon

    A clean, simplified workspace can influence your mood and productivity throughout the day. But minimalism doesn’t have to stop at your physical desk. Your computer desktop can also benefit from a minimalist design, starting with a minimalist desktop wallpaper. 


    Unsplash image

    Unsplash is one of the go-to sites for any wallpaper, but their minimalist desktop wallpaper section truly stands out. Hundreds of simple, straightforward images evoke an atmosphere of productivity, such as a white iPad beside a cup of coffee or a MacBook amidst a pile of leaves. 

    Most images on the site are high-quality photographs, with next to no computer-generated graphics or art to be found. All of the wallpapers are free. You can spice up your desktop without pulling out your wallet.


    SimpleDesktops image

    The images on Unsplash might be minimalistic, but SimpleDesktops takes it to the next level with artistic designs from various contributors. You can find backgrounds that range from a miniature depiction of Jupiter to a straw hat. Once you find a design you like, you can click the pattern to enlarge it and right-click to save it to your system. 

    You can find backgrounds not only for your desktop but also for Android and iOS devices. There is even a desktop background manager for Mac devices.


    VladStudio image

    VladStudio is the place to go for weird, somewhat surreal desktop backgrounds that still fit the minimalist criteria. The backgrounds are a bit “busier” than SimpleDesktops or Unsplash, but they have a unique charm the other sites don’t match. 

    If you want a minimalist desktop wallpaper with a series of different-colored cats or an upside-down cartoon bat, VladStudio is the place to go.

    Wallpaper Access

    Wallpaper Access image

    Although there are numerous sources for minimalist desktop wallpapers, most do not provide high enough resolution for clear 4K monitors. Wallpaper Access is the exception. This site has dozens of incredibly high-quality wallpapers in artistic and realistic styles. 

    Wallpaper Access is essentially the opposite of Unsplash. While the available wallpapers are high quality, most are computer-generated or artistically created. Many wallpapers are based on popular franchises; in our search, we found wallpapers reminiscent of games like Firewatch and The Witcher.

    Wallpapers Den

    Wallpapers Den image

    Wallpapers Den is an excellent site for finding over a hundred different wallpapers. If you’re a Marvel, Star Wars, or anime fan, you can find a wallpaper to fit your interests. The site has everything from South Park to My Hero Academia and more. 

    Best of all, almost every wallpaper is high enough resolution to fit a 4K monitor—even Retina displays, which make them perfect for Mac users.

    Wallpapers Craft

    Wallpapers Craft image

    Wallpapers Craft has thousands of wallpapers but only about a thousand for a minimalist desktop. What truly sets this website apart is the sheer number of options available. You can sort by resolution from fullscreen, widescreen, and fourteen other resolutions from 3840×2400 to 1280×720. There are also mobile wallpapers to choose from. 

    The wallpapers themselves are a mixture of graphic art and realistic photographs. If you’re looking for a specific type of wallpaper, you can sort by tags like “dragon” and “summer” to narrow your options.

    Wallpaper Abyss

    Wallpaper Abyss image

    Wallpaper Abyss advertises 2,851 minimalist wallpapers. You can find everything from Outrun-style graphics and colors to anime themes. One thing to remember is that nearly everything is a graphic of some kind or another. A quick skim through the site revealed no photographic backgrounds. 

    While it’s not the best option for people who aren’t fans of anime or graphic art styles, there are so many options to pick from that it’s worth checking out if you want minimalist backgrounds.

    Wallpaper Flare

    Wallpaper Flare image

    The final entry on this list is Wallpaper Flare, a site that offers a lot of landscapes, animals, and other backgrounds. There’s a good mixture of graphic and realistic backgrounds, most of which are in 4K resolution. It also had several unique wallpapers our team did not see on the other sites. 

    If you want to simplify your background and eliminate super-busy wallpapers for something that encourages more productivity, look for a minimalist background. There are many to choose from, but these eight sites are some of the best options. 

    What kind of minimalist desktop wallpapers do you like for your desktop? Did we miss any major providers? Let us know in the comments below.