How Wired Security Camera Systems Work

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A wired security camera system represents a significant investment of time, money and effort. However, if you have a large property to secure that needs many cameras for proper coverage, […]

8 Best Social Media Alternatives to Facebook and Twitter

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Social media was already a thing (remember Myspace?) before mainstream juggernauts like Facebook and Twitter took over the industry. These days it can feel like you can either use these […]

5 Best Video Converters for Android

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When you have applications such as VLC player or sites such as YouTube that can essentially handle any video format, do you really need a converter for your Android device? […]

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

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Instagram is possibly the hottest social media platform for influencers and would-be influencers. It’s a visually-focused platform that attracts the coolest cats around. If that sounds like you, then you’re […]

Using a PC Gaming Monitor on a Console: Pros and Cons

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Modern gaming consoles have standard HDMI ports on the back. Modern computer monitors also have the same ports. So what’s stopping you from hooking up your console to a computer […]

Is Buying the Most Expensive Game Consoles Worth It?

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In these economically trying times we all have a need for entertainment, but also a need to be frugal. With the release of a new generation of rather expensive game […]

8 Best YouTube Channels for Photography and Videography Lessons

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Everyone dabbles in taking photos and making videos these days, but what if you wanted to take it seriously? Do you need to quit your job and enroll in art […]

5 Best Sites and Apps to Learn the Guitar

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The guitar is one of the most versatile and satisfying instruments to play, but learning to master this popular instrument can be an uphill battle.  Getting good quality instruction and […]

Everything You Need to Know About PS5 External Storage

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The PlayStation 5 is one of the hottest items this year. Millions of PlayStation fans have now received their big and chunky next-gen consoles. This also means having to learn […]

Mavic Mini vs Mini 2: Should You Upgrade?

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DJI upended the drone market with it’s powerful, tiny, and affordable Mavic Mini. It was a drone with a few serious sacrifices, but for the right user it’s in a […]