9 Best Free Offline GPS Apps For Android

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In the early days of consumer GPS, you always had an offline copy of your maps with you. Mobile internet wasn’t around yet, so you had to update maps when […]

How To Download Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date encyclopedias ever made. It’s also completely free and entirely community-created. It’s honestly one of the most inspirational projects in history, but […]

7 Best Live TV Streaming Services To Drop Cable For Good

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On-demand streaming services have given plenty of people the excuse to cut the cable cord, but no amount of bottomless Friends episodes can fill the gap left by live TV […]

9 Best TV Remote Apps for Android and iOS

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We all know that “there’s an app for that” when it comes to modern smartphones, but have you considered using your smartphone as a remote control for your TV or […]

10 Tips To Use Dropbox More Effectively

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Cloud services like Dropbox have changed the way we all use our computers and mobile devices. When was the last time you actually carried files home from work on a […]

How To Right-Click With The Keyboard In Windows & Mac

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There was a time when having a mouse was weird. It was an expensive peripheral only a few professional users could justify. Today you can get a basic mouse for […]

Find Your Windows 10 Product Key the Easy Way

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Every licensed copy of Windows 10 has a unique license key and if you ever need to reinstall Windows, you’ll potentially need to find the Windows 10 product key to […]

The 5 Top Nintendo Switch Games

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The Nintendo Switch console just had its third birthday at the time of writing and is still going strong. With nearly 50 million units sold, it is already more popular […]

6 Ways To Find Where a Picture Was Taken

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You have a photo, but you have no idea where it was taken. Is there any way you find where a picture was taken?  While there’s no 100% guarantee you’ll […]

Switching From iPhone To Android – What You Need To Know

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So you’ve decided that the latest iPhone just isn’t for you. The Android side of the fence looks way more enticing and it’s time to see how the other half […]