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As an Android user, it can sometimes feel like all the best offline, complete video game experiences live on Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. However, there are plenty of gems on the Play Store, and here are some of the best.

Note: Some of the pricing may vary slightly from what’s listed here.

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    1. KOTOR I + KOTOR II ($9.99 and $14.99)

    A scene from the video game Knights of the Old Republic

    We’re starting off by cheating a little and putting multiple related games under the same entry, which is going to happen a lot on this list! However, it’s only fair, because if you end up liking Knights of the Old Republic I, you’ll almost certainly enjoy the second entry.

    These games were originally made for the first Xbox console, but have since been ported to multiple platforms. Made by the same people who would later go their own way with the amazing Mass Effect series, KOTOR is set in the Star Wars universe thousands of years and puts you in the role of a mysterious amnesiac who must find their path between the light and dark side of the Force. The second game tells a different story but follows largely the same recipe. Both have amazing writing and fun semi-real-time gameplay as you issue orders to party members. Any Star Wars fan needs to have this on their list of games to play.

    2. DOOM + DOOM II ($5 Each)

    A scene from DOOM 1993. The hero is firing a shotgun at demons.

    Oh, here we go with the double entry again! Who doesn’t know what DOOM is? What platform doesn’t have DOOM at this point? It doesn’t matter, because this action-packed shooter has not lost an ounce of its charm in all the years since its launch. DOOM and DOOM II are essentially the same game split in twain, and everyone should play them back to back. The touch controls are serviceable, but a gamepad is strongly recommended.

    3. GRID Autosport ($9.99)

    A scene from GRID Autosport. Cars are racing fiercely as the scene blurs with speed.

    There’s no shortage of arcade racing games on Android, but GRID Autosport is really the only serious “simcade” option in the vein of Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo. Even better, unlike the Real Racing franchise, GRID Autosport is a game you pay for once, and then don’t have to engage in microtransaction tomfoolery.

    There’s plenty of content here, with additional expansion packs, and if you have one of the latest and most powerful devices, you can get quite near the Xbox One version of this game for graphical fidelity. There are numerous race disciplines to choose from, and more races than you can shake a gear stick at, so for racing fans this is an easy recommendation, and even after all these years, it still hasn’t been knocked from its position.

    4. Vampire Survivors (Free With IAP DLC)

    A scene from Vampire survivor. Pixel art monsters swarm the hero at the center of the screen.

    Vampire Survivors introduced us to a gameplay genre we didn’t know we needed in our lives, and now we can’t quit the addiction. You play as a character that must survive wave after wave of assault by creatures of the night, and as you defeat them you can level up with semi-random power ups. While you might get stronger, the waves increase to insane levels, and you must survive a set time to clear a level.

    With numerous characters to unlock, levels to explore, and permanent bonuses and upgrades to acquire, it’s easy to lose dozens and dozens of hours to this game.

    5. GTA San Andreas Definitive ($19.99 or Free With Netflix Subscription)

    A cutscene from GTA San Andreas Four black men are in a car, three pointing weapons at something off-screen.

    The GTA games have been available on Android for many years now, but as of this writing, the new “definitive” edition versions have made their way over to Android. The games have received a significant facelift and other quality-of-life improvements.

    At first release, these games had multiple issues, but after numerous patches, most of the worst ones were resolved. Remember that the original non-Definitive port is still available at a much lower price if you don’t want all the changes to this classic game. There are also “Netflix” versions of these games that are free to play for Netflix subscribers, so if you are one of them, you can try to complete this game without paying any additional money. However, by the time you read this, the deal with Netflix may be over.

    As for San Andreas itself, this was the last of the GTA games before the “next-gen” games starting with GTA IV. It’s also the last GTA to have light RPG mechanics and one of the most memorable casts of characters in any game.

    6. Civilization VI (60 Turn Free, Then $24.99 to Unlock)

    A screenshot of the game Civilization VI, showing the hexagonal map and structures.

    It’s all of civilization on your phone, as you want “just one more turn” to see if your civilization will flourish or fail. This is the same massive and in-depth turn-based strategy game from the console, except for the wonderful leader animations, which we suppose would take up too much space. It is the perfect pick and play game where you can drop in at any time to progress.

    7. XCOM: Enemy Within and XCOM 2 Collection ($4.99 & $9.99)

    A scene from XCOM, showing a giant alien machine surrounded by explosions.

    The modern XCOM games offer a perfect balance of tactical action and broad strategy between fights as you try to protect the Earth from an alien invasion. These games keep what made the classic XCOM games so special, but polish the mechanics to a shine and bring a much improved narrative into the mix. Works exceptionally well on touch screens too!

    8. Dead Cells ($8.99)

    A screenshot from the game Dead Cells showing the protagonist attacking an anime from a 2D side-scrolling perspective.

    In those roguelike Metroidvania games, you take control of a character known as The Prisoner, a shape-shifting creature that can take over bodies it finds. Your goal is to escape the diseased island you’re on, and you’ll have to puzzle and fight your way out.

    Every time you die, you lose all but a few permanent upgrades and start again with a new body. If you enjoy precise 2D platformer combat and pushing yourself to the limit to overcome tough enemies, Dead Cells is perfect.

    9. Streets of Rage 4 ($8.99)

    A scene from Streets of Rage 4 showing the female playable character levitating and crackling with power.

    No one saw a modern sequel to one of the greatest side-scrolling beat ‘em up franchises in history coming from what seems like nowhere, but here it is, and it’s glorious. With gorgeous, fluid 2D art and perfectly balanced combat and controls. Streets of Rage 4 is a masterclass on how to give a classic series new life without losing what made it great.

    10. Stardew Valley ($5)

    A screenshot of the game Stardew Valley  Pixel art characters and various animals are visible in front of  farmhouse.

    A remarkable game developed by essentially one person, Stardew Valley was an attempt at a spiritual success to the classic Japanese Harvest Moon games, and to be brutally honest, it surpassed them in most ways.

    With beautiful pixel art, an addictive, chill gameplay loop, and tons of things to do and discover, your farmer life could not be any more fun. You play as someone who’s inherited a farm and must rehabilitate and help it flourish. You’ll meet the townsfolk, perhaps romance some of them, see all sorts of interesting events, go fight monsters in dungeons, and more. If you like the concept of Stardew Valley at all, it’s a must-have game on Android.

    11. Alien Isolation ($10.99)

    A promotional image of Alien Isolation, a deceased human character sitting on a chair covered in wounds in visible through a doorway.

    Making a tremendous leap from consoles to mobile devices, Alien Isolation is one of the best survival horror games ever. It perfectly captures the look and feel of the Alien movies and has a compelling story and terrifying minute-to-minute gameplay. Thanks to the game’s relatively slow pace, the touch controls are serviceable, but you will have a better time with it with a gamepad.

    You play as the daughter of Ellen Ripley, stuck on a slowly dying space station filled with mad robots, desperate humans, and, of course, the titular aliens. Can you help Ellen escape before it’s too late? A total showcase of what modern phones and tablets can do, this is another essential purchase, at least if you have nerves of steel.

    12. Super Meat Boy Forever ($0.99)

    A screenshot of Super Meatboy forever where the main character is performing a charge attack in mid air.

    The original Super Meat Boy was one of the toughest yet satisfying platformers in gaming history, and we had the raw thumbs to prove it! The sequel changes things up by using auto-runner gameplay and randomly generated levels. It’s still just as tough, perhaps even tougher, but if you’re a fan of endless runners and a good challenge, this is an excellent addition to your app collection.

    13. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ($2.99)

    A screenshot of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night showing the main character fighting the undead.

    One of the best games in the Castlevania franchise gets a stunning mobile port, and if you love Metroidvania games, then spending three bucks on this classic is a no-brainer. The only caveat is that you should play this with a compatible controller because you’re not going to have a great time with the touch controls. Luckily, there are many options, and likely, a controller you already have will work with this game on Android.

    14. Rush Rally Origins ($5.99)

    A screenshot from the game Rush Rally Origins showing the player's car taking a corner leaving a plume of dust behind.

    While we heartily recommend the more traditional rally game Rush Rally 3, there’s something to be said for this awesome indie top-down take on the series’ otherwise more simulation-style gameplay. If you like rally and RC racing, give this one a go.

    15. The Room Series ($0.99 to $4.99)

    A promotional image for the game The Room showing an open briefcase filled with various documents.

    Starting with The Room and ending (on mobile at least) with The Room: Old Since, this beautiful Lovecraftian puzzle box series of games is tops for atmosphere and interesting puzzle play. Headphones are highly recommended!

    16. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions ($14.99)

    A screen shot from Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions showing the player selecting an attack from a game menu.

    The Final Fantasy series is mainly known for its incredible Japanese RPGs, but Final Fantasy Tactics, while set in the same land of Ivalice as Final Fantasy 12 and 14, is a tactical RPG with more in common with games like Fire Emblem or Shining Force.

    It’s widely considered one of the absolute best examples in the genre, and the remastered version for mobile devices bears this incredible story and tactical gameplay to a whole new generation of players.

    With an epic political tale to rival Game of Thrones, you’ll be nailed to the screen to see what happens next, and the actual gameplay is challenging but fair. Tactics really lends itself to a touch interface, and it’s easy to lose hours of your life to this game.

    17. Final Fantasy Mainline Series (Various Pricing)

    A promotional image for Final Fantasy 8 Remastered showing a character looking ahead with a sword obscuring his face.

    While we thought it was worth singling out War of the Lions as a unique entry into the Final Fantasy Series, we can’t in good conscience pick out just one of the mainline titles available on Android. While not all mainline Final Fantasies have a mobile port, you’ll find classics like Final Fantasies VI, VII, VIII, and IX right there in the app store.

    They look better than ever and play better than ever. Whether you loved them on the original Nintendo or Sony consoles, or are trying them for the first time, these are timeless stories every RPG fan should play.

    18. Dragon Quest Series (Various Pricing)

    A screenshot of the game Dragon Quest 8 showing four part members.

    While it may not be as famous in the West, right from the start Final Fantasy had a rival series in the form of Dragon Quest. Like Final Fantasy, there have been numerous entries in this series ported to Android. They all have something special that makes them worth playing, but Dragon Quest IV, V, VI, and VIII are especially worth a look from the more modern (ish) era of the series.

    19. Titan Quest Ultimate Edition ($4.99)

    A screenshot from Titan Quest, showing a top-down view of a Greek warrior battling monsters.

    When Titan Quest first released on PC many years ago, it was always living in the shadow of the Diablo series of action RPGs. If you like games in the vein of Diablo or Torchlight, then this Greek-themed adventure is something you need to play.

    Take your Greek warrior and level them up while obliterating hordes of mythical creatures. The touch controls for this one are fantastic, and you can also buy all of the DLC for the game to add hundreds of hours to the base game.

    20. Worms 2: Armageddon ($4.99)

    A screenshot from Worms 2 where tiny pink worms are firing heave weapons at each other.

    Although several other Worms games are available on Android, for our money, Worms 2: Armageddon is the best in the series and a perfect game for mobile play.

    You command a team of worms, each equipped with different weapons and tools. You and the opposing teams take turns to try and annihilate each other. It’s both fun and hilarious. The only real complaint anyone has is the translation of the controls, which can be a little counterintuitive, but if you take the time to get used to them you won’t be sorry!

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