Wi-Fi is super convenient, and if all you want to do is download games, it will do the job just fine. If you want a perfect multiplayer gaming experience or the fastest download speeds, Ethernet is best, so let’s look at the best ethernet cable for gaming on PS5.

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What To Look for in a PS5 Ethernet Cable

Buying an Ethernet cable for PlayStation 5 with all the different stats and codes attached to the various options can be utterly confusing. Ethernet has been around for a long time, so there are many variants regarding cable speeds and ratings. Here’s what you should pay special attention to when picking a cable for your PS5.

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    Cable Standards: Understanding the Options

    When it comes to the PS5, Cat5e might seem enough, and indeed, it’s suitable for 1Gbps, which is as fast as the PS5 Ethernet port. So why are gamers eyeing Cat6, Cat7, or even Cat8 Ethernet cables? Let’s look at the main modern Ethernet options:

    1. Cat5e cables: It matches the PS5’s 1Gbps port. It is acceptable for most gaming experiences, but you may run into longer-length performance issues. That said, Cat5e is rated for 328 feet or around 100 meters. Cat5e cables are unshielded, so they are vulnerable to crosstalk, a type of interference.
    2. Cat6 and Cat6a cables: This is a step up in bandwidth (up to 250 MHz for Cat6 and 500 MHz for Cat6a), which can mean better performance in a crowded network environment. Plus, Cat6a offers additional shielding against crosstalk. For PS5, the only real advantage is the extra shielding and perhaps less latency since it can’t take advantage of 10-gigabit speeds, but in general, we feel Cat6 overall is the best Ethernet version for PS5.
    3. Cat7 cables and Cat8 cables: We don’t recommend them for use with a PS5; there’s no real benefit, and the thick shielding in some models makes the cables harder to work with.

    Remember that regardless of the cable’s rated speed, you’re ultimately limited by your internet speed, which for most people in the world is nowhere near 1Gbps, no matter how fast their home network is.

    Connectors and Conductors: It’s What’s Inside That Counts

    Have you ever opened up an Ethernet cable? The magic happens on the inside, thanks to connectors and conductors, which can differ based on quality and cable type. When buying a network cable for your PS5, consider the following:

    1. RJ45 (Ethernet) Connectors: Gold-plated RJ45 connectors won’t make your internet go faster, but they can reduce or eliminate corrosion, which can put a damper on your downloads.
    2. Copper Wires: You want a cable that uses pure or “bare” copper as a conductor. Avoid cables that use Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA), which can be a fire hazard and potentially perform worse. CCA cables are often ridiculously cheap but not worth it.

    Build and Design

    Some varieties of Ethernet cable offer features beyond speed or shielding against interference. Flat cables, for example, might be easier to manage or slip through gaps if you’re trying to neaten your setup.

    Likewise, “snagless” Ethernet cables have RJ45 connectors for frequent insertion and removal. Unless you’re moving your PS5 around or constantly swapping the cable with other devices, Snagless cables aren’t worth it versus standard molded cables.

    Cable Length and Durability: Match Your Space

    Ensure the cable is long enough for your space; you don’t want a 150-foot roll of cable when you only need 20 feet. You’ll also have to pay attention to the durability of the cable. If you install it permanently, you want something that will last many years without you having to dig it out again. This is one of the areas where Cat 7 and Cat 8 cables may have an advantage, but even within Cat 5e and Cat 6 cable options, some will promise better durability.

    How To Set Up an Ethernet Connection on Your PS5

    Before we get into the different Ethernet cable options out there for your PS5, let’s quickly go over how to use an Ethernet cable with your PS5:

    1. First, plug one end of your Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the back of your PS5 and the other into the port on your router.
    2. From the home screen on your PS5, select the Settings icon.
    How To Set Up an Ethernet Connection on Your PS5 image
    1. Go to Network
    How To Set Up an Ethernet Connection on Your PS5 image 2
    1. Go to Settings
    How To Set Up an Ethernet Connection on Your PS5 image 3
    1. Select Set Up Internet Connection
    How To Set Up an Ethernet Connection on Your PS5 image 4
    1. Choose Set Up Wired LAN (This can’t be screenshotted).
    2. Name your network and select Connect.
    How To Set Up an Ethernet Connection on Your PS5 image 5
    1. Go back to Connection Status and choose Test Internet Connection.
    How To Set Up an Ethernet Connection on Your PS5 image 6
    1. Confirm that everything looks correct.
    How To Set Up an Ethernet Connection on Your PS5 image 7

    Now, you can use Ethernet for game downloads and other network functions on your PS5. With this knowledge, let’s look at some of the best Ethernet cables on Amazon for your PS5.

    The Best Ethernet Cable: Cable Matters Cat6 Snagless Long Flat Ethernet Cable 50 ft

    The Cable Matters Cat6 Snagless Flat Ethernet Cable is the friend of every neat freak PS5 owner. When it comes to tucking those unruly cables neatly along the wall or over the door, this 50-foot cable makes it a breeze. And white? That goes perfectly with your PS5’s aesthetics.

    With a Cat6 performance rating, this cable isn’t just about looks; it’s about speed. You can future-proof your network for Gigabit Ethernet while enjoying all the benefits of your current network if you still need to take the Gigabit plunge. The cable will also hit that speed; it meets or exceeds Category 6 performance.

    The Best Ethernet Cable: 
Cable Matters Cat6 Snagless Long Flat Ethernet Cable 50 ft image

    The gold-plated RJ45 connectors and snagless strain-relief boots add even more value. They ensure that your connection remains solid and your cable’s life is maximized. Snagless boots aren’t essential, but you don’t have to worry about breaking off your Ethernet connector’s little retention clip. Oh, and it’s 100% bare copper wire, which means you’re getting the real deal, no compromises.

    But here’s the kicker. This package includes nail-in cable clips, giving that installation a professional touch. Combined with the cable’s flat nature, this is the perfect PS5 Ethernet cable.

    The Best Patch Cord for PS5: StarTech.com 6ft CAT6 Ethernet Cable

    The StarTech.com 6ft CAT6 Ethernet Cable is vibrant orange, adding a splash of brightness to your gaming setup. But it’s not just about the flashy looks; this Ethernet cable packs a punch for performance and build quality. This over-engineered cable is meant for business applications, but that also means peace of mind for your gaming setup.

    Equipped with Multi Gigabit connections of up to 10Gbps, it ensures that online gaming is smooth and lag-free. The 100% copper construction provides error-free links, meaning you can engage in online gaming without worrying about connection drops or slow speeds.

    The Best Patch Cord for PS5:  StarTech.com 6ft CAT6 Ethernet Cable image

    The quality of the construction of this cable is stellar. 50-micron gold-plated connectors prevent rust and corrosion, avoiding costly network downtime. The high-quality PVC jacket ensures that it resists bending or fraying, thus guaranteeing longevity.

    The 6 feet length makes it easy to connect to your PS5 without cluttering your space, and the molded patch cable and snagless boots ensure a fuss-free installation.

    StarTech.com is also a trusted brand, so we are confident that the specifications published for this cable reflect what you get for your money.

    The Most Durable Cable: UGREEN Cat 6 Ethernet Cable Braided

    The UGREEN Cat 6 Ethernet Cable is one of those gems that every PS5 owner would want to have in their gaming setup. What makes this cable stand out from the rest is its robust braided design, its high speed, and the universal compatibility it brings to the table.

    This Cat 6 cable supports Gigabit Ethernet, meaning it can easily handle the 1000Mbps data transfer speeds of the PS5. If you’re engaged in online gaming, streaming, or other bandwidth-hungry activities on your PS5, this cable should keep trucking with no fuss.

    The UGREEN Cat 6 cable has a universal RJ45 connector, making it compatible with many devices. This cable can connect it all, whether your PS5, laptop, Xbox, Switch or even networking switches and modems. Its backward compatibility with Cat5e and Cat5 ensures you can use it with older devices without a hitch.

    The Most Durable Cable:  UGREEN Cat 6 Ethernet Cable Braided image

    But what truly sets this cable apart is its durable braided design. Wrapped with quality cotton, this LAN cable has been tested to endure at least 10,000 bends without breaking.

    Interference can be a significant issue with network cables, often leading to slower speeds and unstable connections. UGREEN has addressed this problem by designing the cable with four shielded twisted pairs. This practical design significantly reduces interference and crosstalk from adjacent pairs and other cables, ensuring your network speed remains fast and stable.

    Constructed with pure copper wire and gold-plated copper, the UGREEN Ethernet Cable minimizes data loss during transmission and maintains high performance. This level of quality, combined with unique features like its braided design and high-speed capabilities, makes it a worthy investment for your gaming setup.

    The Best Basic Cable: Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (50 Feet)

    The Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (50 Feet) offers a comprehensive solution for various Ethernet applications, thanks to its compatibility with Cat6, Cat5e, and Cat5 standards. This compatibility, with a high-speed data transfer rate and reliable connectivity, makes it an attractive option for PS5 users looking to optimize their online gaming experience.

    One of the standout features of this cable is its construction, which prioritizes performance and durability. It’s built with stranded conductors, and each of the four twisted pairs is separated by PE (polyethylene) cross insulation to minimize crosstalk. Add the RJ45 connector with gold-plated contacts, and you have a cable designed for efficient data transmission and long-lasting reliability.

    The Best Basic Cable:  Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (50 Feet) image

    This cable also comes with a rugged PVC jacket that’s UL-listed, complying with key standards to ensure its quality. The 5.8mm outer diameter provides a sturdy but flexible form adaptable to various routing needs.

    An added convenience that sets the Mediabridge Ethernet Cable apart is the inclusion of an adjustable and reusable Velcro cable strap. This thoughtful addition allows for easy organization and storage, especially useful in a complex gaming setup or networked office environment.

    The Best Weatherproof Cable: GearIT Cat6 Outdoor Weatherproof Ethernet Cable (100ft)

    The GearIT Cat6 Outdoor Ethernet Cable is not just your average cable; it’s designed for those demanding outdoor setups, like when you need to connect your PS5 that’s housed in a garden flat. Thanks to its rugged construction, including LLDPE and HDPE insulation, it withstands harsh weather conditions, making it perfect for direct burial. With the ability to conduct up to 10 Gbps and 550 MHz, it promises less signal interference, ensuring an efficient connection for gaming, streaming, or any high-bandwidth activities.

    The Best Weatherproof Cable:  GearIT Cat6 Outdoor Weatherproof Ethernet Cable (100ft) image

    Premium features like shielded aluminum foil, crosstalk suppression spline, and improved heat dissipation make this Cat6 cable stand out for reliability. Whether connecting network devices or game consoles, GearIT’s cable offers compatibility and performance to meet various needs. Available in sizes ranging from 25 feet to 250 feet, it’s a valuable solution for those looking to extend their network outdoors.

    That’s our roundup of Ethernet cables for the PS5 (or any console with Ethernet, really). Hopefully, we’ve covered a diversity of options for every need, or at the very least give you the tools to find the perfect cable for yourself.

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