How to Remove Chrome Managed By Your Organization

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Do you keep seeing a “Managed by your organization” message when opening the browser menu in Google Chrome? That’s typical if the desktop device is part of a corporate network; […]

How to Change Google Drive Backup and Sync Folder Location

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If you’re pressed for storage space on your PC or Mac, then syncing Google Drive via Backup and Sync can only end up worsening the situation. Thankfully, you can shift […]

How to Fix Google Drive Backup and Sync Not Working

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Google Drive’s local sync client—Backup and Sync—usually has no issues backing up or syncing files and folders on the PC and Mac. But sometimes, it can just grind down to […]

How to Clip on Twitch

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Twitch is full of intense, fun, and hilarious moments that are incredibly share-worthy. That’s why you have Clips. Clips is a Twitch feature designed to help you deal with those […]

HEIC vs JPG: What’s the Difference

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JPG files are everywhere. If you come across an image on the internet or offline, you are likely looking at one. The JPG (or JPEG) format has been around since […]

How to Change the Default Google Account

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You can conveniently sign in and switch between multiple Google accounts in your web browser. That makes it easy to use Google’s suite of web apps and services with any […]