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Mosonth 2K Webcam Review

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2020 was a year that relied on webcams for everything. Students needed great webcams for school, while adults needed webcams to attend meetings while working from home. The increased demand […]

How to Find the Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

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The amount of content on YouTube can keep you busy for hours. That’s not to say that all the content on YouTube is worth watching. Even among the most popular […]

Best Shows and Movies on HBO Max to Watch Now

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If you want to watch HBO movies and TV shows on demand, the company WarnerMedia, who owns HBO, decided to create a streaming service much like Netflix or Hulu. HBO […]

How to Fix a Discord RTC Connecting Error

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Discord has quickly become the gold standard for building gaming and hobbyist communities since it first launched in 2015. It has a number of useful features that allows its users […]

7 Best Games to Play with Alexa

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Your Amazon Echo can be one of the most useful tools in your home. It can let you know of upcoming appointments, control smart home devices with just a few […]

How to Sync Audio and Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Syncing audio to a video while editing in Adobe Premiere Pro can be frustrating. If you’re trying to match up words to someone speaking, or the audio of someone singing, […]

7 Best Valentine Gifts for the Techie in Your Life

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Getting the perfect gift can be hard. Maybe there’s no such thing as a “perfect gift.” Maybe there is. What’s important, however, is that a gift should be something the […]

How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 73

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If you’re trying to play a movie or boxset on Disney+ and you’re seeing the Disney+ error code 73 on your screen, then you’ll need to check your connection. There […]

Webroot vs Avast: Which Is The Best?

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If you’re new to the antivirus market, you might be looking for the best virus scanner for your device. However, if you’ve used antivirus software before, you might be interested […]

7 Best iTunes Alternatives to Manage Your Music Collection

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Apple’s iTunes redefined how we listen to music, from collecting our favorite tracks and uploading them to MP3 players, to creating playlists and more. Not only that, but iTunes also […]