Top Android Q Features to Look Forward To

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Every year, Google updates their Android operating system and pushes their new Google Pixel handsets alongside it. This year, we’re expecting a full launch for Android Q in October. For some devices, such as the Pixel range, you will get the update immediately. Some other devices will get it a little later. Let’s take a […]

How To Revoke Third-Party Website Access On Facebook, Twitter & Google

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We’ve seen these buttons so many times already as they have become an integral part of the Internet. If you are too lazy to sign up for services using your email address, you can just use your social media or Google accounts to sign up to those services with. These websites then contact Facebook, Google, […]

Top 5 Tablets to Increase Productivity

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The first thing you need to do when deciding which work tablet is best for you is to define your terms of productivity. All tablets can help increase productivity, but you need to decide if you want to do more things less efficiently or fewer things more efficiently. All tablets, more or less, can accomplish […]

How to Build a Smart Kitchen

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A quick Google search will reveal dozens upon dozens of articles on “how to build the ultimate smart home.” Most all of these articles talk about smart lighting, smart locks, and sometimes even smart blinds—but few touch on the heart of the home: the kitchen! “Smart” kitchen appliances are everywhere, but most tend to come […]

How To Digitize & Read Your Comic Book Collection

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In my never-ending quest for a paperless existence, I am trying to digitize more and more printed materials which are languishing on my bookshelves. This includes the vast number of comic books which I seem to have collected over the years. There are many free comic book readers available for your computer and tablet. So […]

5 Secure Online Services To Transfer Large Files To People

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As email services stubbornly cling to their Web 1.0 25MB attachment size limits, users meanwhile are needing ways to transfer larger and larger files. Of course, if security is not an issue, there is always cloud storage or leaving files temporarily on your web domain. But if you need a secure way to transfer files […]

How to Download Twitter Photos and Videos

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Want to know how to download Twitter photos and videos? It’s actually quite straightforward. Read this guide to find out how. We’ll split this guide into two sections – how to download photos and how to download videos on Twitter. Both options require different methods, but you’ll find the whole process quite easy, regardless. Keep […]

The Basics Of Creating Your First YouTube Channel

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With the existence of the Internet, there has never been a better time to be a video star. And when those videos of you start to stack up and gain viral popularity, they need a home. So where better than your own branded YouTube channel? Making one is rather straightforward and totally free. Today we’ll […]

How to Block Camera and Mic Access in Every Major Browser

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Every web browser needs specific permissions enabled to allow the program to access your microphone and webcam. You can deny access to your mic and camera to prevent your browser from listening or watching you. Each internet browser does this a little differently, but they all provide you with the necessary tools to stop websites […]

How to Backup Your Android Phone

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The modern world has grown a second brain and keeps it in their pocket. We have so much of ourselves and our lives on our phones that the thought of losing it and starting a new phone empty can be alarming. It doesn’t have to be, with just a couple clicks. According to DeviceAtlas, you […]