What Is a Smart TV, & Is It Worth The Price?

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Nothing screams “future” like a television that can respond to your voice, suggest shows you might like, and be operated mostly hands-free. Of course, all of these features can be […]

How to Switch Between Worksheets in Excel

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What is Facebook Portal and Should You Buy One?

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How to Insert a PDF into PowerPoint

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Top 9 Samsung Gear S3 Apps To Improve Your Health

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Staying healthy isn’t easy, but when you own a smartwatch you’ll have an advantage. Smartwatches let you track nearly everything about your health with the apps and the sensors that […]

Where To Find Themes For Google Slides

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Step aside PowerPoint, Google Slides templates can take it from here. Google Slides have been gaining popularity more and more in the last few years and don’t look to be […]

13 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Chromecast

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Google Chromecast is a popular streaming dongle that makes for an easy and affordable way of throwing content from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to your television wirelessly. There’s so […]

How To Link Instagram To Facebook & Why You Should

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Ever since Facebook decided to drop $1 billion on the acquisition of Instagram, the offered integration has made the two social platforms seemingly inseparable. The integration these two services offer […]

How To Google Translate a Web Page

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Trying to decipher a foreign language can often feel like you’re attempting to hack into an AES-encrypted server. You do what you can but in the end there was never […]

How to Use The YouTube Audio Library In Your Video Projects

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If you are producing your own video or other media project, you can’t just take whatever music you want from the Internet. If you are flying a jet fighter over […]