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What is Discord Canary and Is It Safe?

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Without testing, software developers can’t know for sure that the software they’re shipping is safe to use. It could come with bugs, security holes, or other problems that could cause […]

How to Set Up Voicemail on Google Voice

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Google Voice is a really useful (and free) Google service that lets you make and receive phone calls without having a landline or a mobile phone. One of the more […]

Slack vs Discord: Which Is Better?

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If you’re looking for a web-based community or team chat system, you’ll find it hard to choose between Slack or Discord. Both platforms are built with teams in mind, offering […]

How to Find Memories on Facebook

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Some social networks, and Facebook in particular, have a neat way to help you rediscover moments from your past by bringing them up right in your feed.  Like many, you’ve […]

How to Insert a Signature in Google Docs

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Adding your signature to a document may be a necessary step to create the final version. You might want to add a signature to a Google Doc to make it […]

What Is PS4 Safe Mode and When Should You Use It?

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If you’ve ever had issues with tech devices, you may have heard about various versions of safe mode before. It’s usually a way to restart and boot up a device […]

How to Protect Your Camera From Rain and More During Travel

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Bringing a camera with you when you’re traveling is a great way to both capture memories and to take some unique photos. This means you may have to take your […]

How to Set Up Out of Office in Gmail

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If you use common email clients in a Corporate environment like Outlook, you’re probably used to setting your out of office reply. Did you know you can also set up […]

What is Chrome Canary and Is It Safe?

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With millions of active users, Google Chrome is a browser that goes through intense testing of new features and bug fixes before a general release. If you want to try […]

How to Rotate Windows 10 Wallpapers Automatically Via RSS Feed

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It’s trite, but true. The little things in life can bring us outsized joy: a child’s first steps, a perfectly cooked steak, or the sight of a fresh, beautiful image […]