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7 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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Launching a website is ridiculously easy these days. That probably explains why there are over 1.7 billion (and growing) websites on the internet today. With so much content and products […]

Should You Delete Facebook? 8 Pros and Cons

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It seems like #deleteFacebook pops up here and there all the time lately. Of course, the world’s largest social network with billions of users is bound to have some controversy […]

How to Make a WordPress Site Secure

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Launching your own WordPress site these days is pretty easy. Unfortunately, it won’t take long for hackers to start targeting your site. The best way to make a WordPress site […]

How to Create a Greeting Card with MS Word

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Microsoft Word can do a lot more beyond the blandness of making reports and resumes. It has a capable set of graphic tools to help you make graphic enriched documents […]

8 Best Websites for Unbiased Election Coverage

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It can be hard to find unbiased political news and election coverage in the United States, even though a 2018 poll by Pew Research showed that 78% of respondents in […]

What Is Optical vs Digital Zoom on a Smartphone?

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If someone from the early days of cellphones were to jump to the present day, they might be confused that one of the features we care most about on our […]

How to Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication on Social Networks

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The days when all you needed to protect yourself online was a password are gone. Today a strong password isn’t going to stop anyone. If you want to stay on […]

How To Level Up On Steam

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Steam is a great platform for finding and playing all your favorite PC games. If you frequent yours or other’s Steam profiles, you might notice the “Level” section. Steam created […]

How To Change Your Snapchat Username

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Stuck with a username on Snapchat that you realize you don’t really like anymore? If you’ve tried going into your settings to change it, you might not have been able […]

What Does VHS Stand For?

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Now that streaming services have become the standard route of entertainment consumption, long gone are the days of physical media. Shelves full of movies have all been replaced by shiny […]