How to Be the Next Hemingway: Three Editing Tools for Writers

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Ernest Hemingway, the author of classics like The Sun Also Rises and The Old Man and the Sea, is famous for his terse and direct writing style. But as influential and compelling the storyteller he was, his grammar wasn’t always on par. When it came to present participles, Hemingway loved to leave his e’s, as […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

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More and more users are in to big phones with big beautiful high-resolution displays, such as Google’s Pixel, OnePlus 6, or Apple’s iPhone X, but Samsung’s flagship Note brand (now up to version 9) has led the way in big and beautiful since the Note 1 several years ago. It’s called the “Note,” of course, […]

How To Set Up & Use The KeePass Password Manager

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I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before until you’re sick and tired of hearing it. You need strong unique passwords for each of your accounts. Don’t use the same password more than once. Don’t use personally identifying information and make the passwords as long as possible. This means no passwords such as 12345 or […]

How to Monitor Your Home Electricity Usage

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Monitoring your electricity usage can help you keep track of how much you are spending on your energy. With this information, you can learn what appliances should be used less often to save on your energy bill. There are many different methods available that can be used to track your electricity usage, but we will […]

The State of Smart Home Printer Technology – Convenient, But Not All That Smart

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It took a while, but Smart Home voice-activation technology finally extended to printers and all-in-one (AIO), print, copy, scan, and sometimes fax, printers. Considering what it takes to make a device, especially a device that already has wireless tech built-in, smart, it should have happened a long time ago. Also, given how long voice activation […]

The Best Budgeting and Expense Tracking Apps in 2019

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The days of agonizing over equations in your Excel spreadsheet budget are over. It’s 2019, and it’s time to put your money where your app is. Here, you’ll learn about three financial apps you can leverage to get your expense tracking, budgeting or both under control: Clarity EveryDollar Mint But first, maybe you’re wondering why […]

Can Someone Know When I’ve Opened Their Email?

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The days of requesting read receipts are long behind us. If you’ve been on the Internet for quite a while, you may remember email pop-ups asking for your consent to inform the sender that you’ve opened the email. These still exist at some capacity today, but other, more sneaky tracking methods have since taken over. […]

Is Your Messaging App Really Secure?

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Messaging applications are one of the most—if not the most—important apps that we use every day. Whether it’s to stay in touch with family and friends across the world, contact coworkers, or run business operations, messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Skype and Facebook Messenger play an important part in our daily communications. We often share […]

How To Create Video Subtitles Quickly For Free

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The future of internet content and social media sharing is in video. But many social media platforms mute their videos by default. So to hear the video, you must either turn on the volume or have subtitles attached. To be safe, it’s better to have both. A lot of people scroll through their social media […]

The Three Best Job Hunting Sites That Take ‘Job Search’ to New Heights

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Finding a job today requires a different approach than it did even a few years ago. Where companies were previously clamoring for interest from candidates, today it seems the application tracking systems they use are spilling over with resumes touting perfectly qualified job seekers, only a few of which end up landing interviews. Competition is […]