7 OS X Tips for Windows Users

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If you recently purchased a Mac or if you have been required to use a Mac for work, you might be frustrated trying to use OS X if you have been a long-time Windows user. This is completely understandable and Apple really doesn’t care to change their OS to match that of Windows anytime soon. […]

Top Ways to Extend Your iPad’s Battery Life

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Even though I don’t use my iPad nearly as much as I did a few years back, it’s still comes in handy on long trips or when I need to distract my kids for a little while. The longer the device can last, the better for me. Apple has a specific time duration that each […]

How to Enable Flash in Chrome for Specific Websites

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If you’re a Chrome user, which you should be, you probably have noticed that Flash is blocked by default in the browser. Google does not like Flash because of the major security flaws inherent in Flash and therefore does everything in its power to force you not to use Flash. The only problem is there are […]

Should You Ever Disable a Windows Service?

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If you have ever searched for ways to make your Windows computer faster, you’ve probably run across several websites that suggest turning off or disabling certain Windows services. Other websites say it’s dangerous and you should never mess with Windows services. So, who is correct? Well, the argument can basically be broken down into whether […]

10 Awesome Chrome Extensions You Should Install

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I’m a big fan of Google Chrome and I feel it’s got just as many extensions as Firefox has add-ons. I also just prefer to use Chrome over IE, Edge or Firefox because I use Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive and a whole host of other Google products. There are literally hundreds of great extensions […]

How to Download Windows 10 Spotlight/Lock Screen Images

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If you’re using Windows 10, you’ve probably noticed that the lock screen usually displays a really nice background image that is automatically chosen from Bing and automatically sized for your desktop screen. If you have a high-resolution monitor, the feature works especially well. On a 4K or WQHD (2560×1440) monitor, the high-resolution images look absolutely […]

Use Deep Freeze to Restore Your PC on Boot

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Ever wish you could undo all the changes your kids have made to your PC at home? Or maybe you would like to install some software on your system to test it before purchasing, but you don’t know exactly what it will do to your system? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just restart […]

How to Find Hidden & Saved Passwords in Windows

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As you go about your day logging into various websites in your browser or accessing protected file shares on the network, Windows stealthy works in the background and may or may not store your credentials in various locations within the operating system. These usernames and passwords may end up in the registry, within credential files, […]

Top 10 iOS 10 Tips for the iPhone

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It’s been a little while since Apple released iOS 10 to the masses and overall it seems like a good update. I held off updating until recently just in case there were any major bugs in the initial release. Now that I’m using it daily, I thought I would write up a few tips on […]

How to Add a Wireless or Network Printer in Windows 10

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Just got a new wireless or network printer for your home or office and need to install it on Windows 10? Compared to the old days, adding printers in Windows nowadays is usually a pretty easy process, as long as the printer isn’t ancient. I’ve actually already talked about installing printers before, but my previous […]