Guide to Windows 10 Task Manager – Part II

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In Part I of this series, we talked about how to open the task manager and went over the Processes, Details and Services tab. In this second part, we’re going to go over the Performance and App History tabs. In Part III, we’ll talk about the Startup and Users tabs. Performance Tab The Performance tab […]

Guide to Windows 10 Task Manager – Part I

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Ever had a program freeze on you that refuses to close or disappear? One annoying problem is when a poorly written application crashes and refuses to be shut down. Or maybe you’ve noticed that your computer is suddenly running very slow, but there’s no clear indication as to why? In that case, you might have a process […]

How to Share WiFi Credentials and Contact Info using QR Codes

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Normally, when someone comes to your house and they ask to connect to your WiFi, you either go find the password if you can’t remember it or you go ahead and manually connect them to the network. In addition, when you meet someone new and want their contact info, you normally exchange numbers, call each […]

Unable to Delete Network Adapter in Windows 10?

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Recently, I uninstalled some VPN software off my system because I was no longer using it, but the virtual network adapter created by the software didn’t get removed automatically. When I tried to delete the network adapter from the list of adapters, the delete option was greyed out. After quite a bit of troubleshooting, I […]

How to Link Windows Product Key to Microsoft Account

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With the latest release of Windows, Windows 10, you can now worry less about keeping track of that pesky little product key that is always so important when activating Windows. Normally, you will never need it anyway, but there are cases when you need to reinstall Windows or change some hardware on your computer and […]

How to Add a Family Member to Your Microsoft Account

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As my daughter gets older and starts using the computer more often, I thought it might be a good idea to create a new account for her so that I can use the parental control features in Windows 10 to keep track of her activities. I had previously written about a third-party program with parental […]

How to View Your Credit Report and Credit Score for Free

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About every few months, you hear of another enormous data breach of a large financial company and how you should check your credit reports carefully to make sure nothing is amiss. These days, you’re apparently not even safe if you add fraud alerts to your credit report or freeze it entirely. Some of the security […]

How to Reduce the Size of WhatsApp on Your iPhone

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If you are running out of space on your iPhone or iPad and have decided to see what apps are taking up the most space, you probably have noticed that WhatsApp consistently is close to the very top. WhatsApp is popular and anyone I know who uses it, usually has at least 10 to 15 […]

7 Awesome and Free Stock Photo Sites

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If you have ever needed a good stock photo for your website, blog, newsletter, poster or anything else, you probably have realized how many sites there are out there that charge a lot of money to download a single photo. Granted, if you need stock photos of really high quality on a regular basis, subscribing […]

How to Setup and Use Cortana in Windows 10

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If you’ve been using Windows 10 and haven’t started using Cortana, you may be interested in giving it a try. It’s basically Microsoft’s version of Siri and Google Assistant, but it’s integrated right into Windows. You can ask Cortana questions and it can help you do things on your PC. With each update, Microsoft adds […]