The Best 8 Gaming Mice of 2018

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Quite literally, getting your hands on a new gaming mouse can completely change your ability to aim in all PC games. However, with so many peripheral manufacturers on the market, it can become quite difficult to find which ones are the best. Truth be told, there are only two main indicators that can tell you […]

5 Ways to Automate Your Computer When It’s Idle

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If you’re like most people, your home computer probably sits idle most of the day. Maybe you’re at work or watching the kids or grocery shopping or watching TV. Whatever the case, 80% of the time my computer at home is either off or sleeping. This is good for saving power and money, but most […]

How to Create a GIF from a Video using Photoshop CC

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Ever wonder how those long GIFs you see on sites like Imgur are created? A lot of times, the creators take a video, convert the whole thing into an animated GIF, and then superimpose text to make it entertaining. Now this post isn’t going to teach you how to create those fancy GIFs from start […]

How to Overclock Your GPU Safely to Boost Performance

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Not many people know how to overclock their graphics card, and many others are simply afraid they’ll mess up their computers if they don’t do it correctly. Overclocking your graphics card is generally a safe process – if you follow the steps below and take things slowly, you won’t run into any problems. These days, […]

Fix Black or Blank Screen and Flash Videos Not Playing

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Are you getting a blank or black screen when trying to play YouTube videos or flash content in Mac OS X? Upon searching for a solution online, I’ve run across quite a few troubleshooting steps, but no one solution seemed to fix the blank video player errors. However, upon doing a bit of additional troubleshooting, […]

How to Separate First and Last Names in Excel

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If you use Excel a lot, you have probably run across a situation where you have a name in a single cell and you need to separate the name into different cells. This is a very common issue in Excel and you can probably do a Google search and download 100 different macros written by […]

Google Pixel 2 Camera Tutorial and Tips

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In 2017, the Google Pixel 2 was marked as having the best smartphone camera in the world. The power of the Google Pixel 2 camera comes down to new hardware improvements, and more importantly, changes to the software used to process images. Many Google Pixel 2 owners still don’t know how to master the camera […]

Connect to Shared Folder on Windows 10 from Mac OS X

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I recently upgraded one of my computers to Windows 10 and setup a shared folder so that I could easily transfer files from my MacBook Pro and Windows 7 machines to Windows 10 over the home network. I did a clean install of Windows 10, created a shared folder and attempted to connect to my […]

How to Use the Windows 10 Camera App

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Windows 10 has an app called Camera that lets you use your webcam to record videos and take photos. It’s definitely better than having to download spyware/malware-ridden third-party webcam recording software. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of using the app and adjusting the various settings. One of the problems with the […]

How to Add Network Folders to the Windows Search Index

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In Windows 10, the default search function indexes your Internet Explorer history, Start Menu, and the entire users folder on the system partition. What if you want to add a network folder to the search index in Windows 10? For example, let’s say you have a NAS (network attached storage) device and you have a […]