How To Add a Background To a Green Screen Image In Photoshop

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To add a background to a green screen image in Photoshop you will need to learn how to use a few default tools available in the toolbar. If the background […]

10 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies Online

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Long gone are the days when people had a huge collection of movies sitting in their home. The majority of the world has switched to a digital-only collection, but even […]

6 Best Math Apps For Kids

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With the rapidly changing state of the education system today, educators and parents alike have to adapt with the use of technology in the classroom and at home. When it […]

Announcing the Online Tech Tips YouTube Channel

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Online Tech Tips has been around since 2007 providing readers with daily computer tips to make life a little bit easier. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our articles over the […]

FLAC vs. MP3 – Why You Should Consider Converting Your Music Collection to FLAC

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In the age of streaming apps such as Spotify, owning your own music file collection is nowhere near as common as it was a decade ago. Nonetheless, improvements to storage […]

OTT Explains: What Is a TIFF File?

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Some of the most common image formats that you’ve probably heard of and used many times before are GIF, JPEG, and PNG. Each serves a very particular purpose that we’ve […]

How to Find Online Jobs To Work From Home

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Right now, as this is being written, about half of the world’s population is under lockdown. For many people this means a break in their income stream and, even worse, […]

9 Best Free Offline GPS Apps For Android

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In the early days of consumer GPS, you always had an offline copy of your maps with you. Mobile internet wasn’t around yet, so you had to update maps when […]

The 4 Best World of Warcraft Expansions

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World of Warcraft is the single most popular MMORPG that has ever existed, with more than 12 million active players at its peak. Although numbers have declined, there are still […]

How To Download Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date encyclopedias ever made. It’s also completely free and entirely community-created. It’s honestly one of the most inspirational projects in history, but […]