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What Is Catfishing and How to Recognize It on Social Media

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While the public face of social media is all warm and fuzzy, it’s a class of internet service that has a serious dark side. Not only can social media destroy […]

The Top Music Downloading Apps for Android

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Music is more accessible than ever today, with the variety of the streaming services that allow you to listen to music online. However, if you’re someone who often finds themself […]

How to Search Facebook Friends by Location, Job, or School

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Facebook is a great tool for finding people online. It’s still a very popular platform, and chances are you can find both your colleague from work and that girl you […]

The 6 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools to Rewrite Text

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Whether you’re writing articles, emails or social media posts, you may need help with rewording your content or expressing yourself differently. You could do this manually to ensure better quality, […]

How to Turn Off and Manage YouTube Notifications

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When you use YouTube frequently, the amount of recommendations and notifications you receive can get overwhelming, especially if you’re subscribed to many channels that upload new videos often. By default, […]

The 13 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visio

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Organizing things just makes life easier. A place for everything and never let it get out of place. If you’re that person, you know about Microsoft Visio. Visio is an […]

Instagram Keeps Crashing on iPhone or Android? 8 Fixes to Try

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You rarely hear of any major issues with the Instagram app. That’s because Instagram is normally quick to fix bugs and prevent their app from failing and causing issues for […]

DVI vs HDMI vs DisplayPort – What You Need to Know

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Did you know that your computer monitor has several ports on it to connect to your computer? You might wonder why there are so many and what’s the difference between […]

How to Manually Create a System Restore Point in Windows 10

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You’ve probably read several troubleshooting articles that warn you to create a System Restore Point before making potentially drastic changes to your Windows computer. If you have no idea what […]

What Is a Home Racing Simulator Setup?

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Gaming PCs these days pack a huge amount of computing power, which is why they can run the latest video games with astounding levels of realism and quality. That same […]