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7 Best Chromebooks for Kids

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Over the last year, the need for online learning skyrocketed during the pandemic lockdowns across the globe. The uncertain circumstances around schooling led to an increase in demand for laptops […]

Using a PC Gaming Monitor on a Console: Pros and Cons

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Modern gaming consoles have standard HDMI ports on the back. Modern computer monitors also have the same ports. So what’s stopping you from hooking up your console to a computer […]

Hinge Dating App Review: Why It’s Better

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When you’re searching for a lost object, it’s always in the last place you look—because then you stop looking. Online dating is just like that. Any online dating app can […]

Spotify Not Playing Songs? 11 Ways to Fix

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Nothing brings a screeching halt to a jam session quite like Spotify coming to a screeching halt. Spotify is the top streaming service on the market today, but when it […]

7 Best Bluetooth Earbuds Under $100

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We’ve all been there – you’re enjoying your favorite music or listening to a podcast and suddenly your earbuds are yanked off because the cable got caught on a drawer […]

How to Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error on Android or iPhone

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Do you get a “SIM not provisioned” or “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error when you insert a SIM card on your phone? Read this article to learn why you’re getting […]

Nest Vs Ecobee Smart Thermostats: Which Is Better?

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Nest and Ecobee are the two biggest names in the smart thermostat arena. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a thermostat that wasn’t one of these two.  Both […]

Is Buying the Most Expensive Game Consoles Worth It?

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In these economically trying times we all have a need for entertainment, but also a need to be frugal. With the release of a new generation of rather expensive game […]

8 Best YouTube Channels for Photography and Videography Lessons

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Everyone dabbles in taking photos and making videos these days, but what if you wanted to take it seriously? Do you need to quit your job and enroll in art […]

5 Best Sites and Apps to Learn the Guitar

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The guitar is one of the most versatile and satisfying instruments to play, but learning to master this popular instrument can be an uphill battle.  Getting good quality instruction and […]