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13 Best Dungeons and Dragons Gifts for DND Players

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Dungeons and Dragons is more popular now that it has ever been in its 46 years of existence. If you know someone that adores playing D&D and you want to […]

4 Best Smart Security Cameras: A Buying Guide

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A smart security camera can alert you to motion, trigger smart home routines, and in some cases even contact the authorities for you when suspicious activity is detected. As people […]

How To Take a Screenshot On Steam

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Every so often in a game, you’ll come across something you want to capture and remember. Maybe you completed a difficult achievement, found rare in-game content, or just want to […]

How to Build the Ultimate Smart Game Room

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Almost every gamer has dreamed of a room filled with their favorite games at some point or another. If you are one of the fortunate people with the resources to […]

7 Best Twitter Apps for Windows 10

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Twitter has more than 300 million users who use it to keep up with news, share trending stories, follow their favorite sites and public figures, or tell the world what […]

6 Best Compass Apps for Android

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When it comes to navigating in the outdoors, serious hikers, backpackers, or survivalists know the importance of having a reliable compass in their hiking kits. With the progression of technology, […]

IFTTT Pricing: Is Pro Worth the Cost?

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If This, Then That–or IFTTT–is an automation service that allows users to create “Applets,” or automated tasks that take place when certain conditions are met. Until recently, the service was […]

4 Best Online Hacking Games to Learn Programming

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There is a certain romantic appeal in hacking. The idea of typing away by the light of your monitor and gaining access to secrets only a few others know appeals […]

7 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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Launching a website is ridiculously easy these days. That probably explains why there are over 1.7 billion (and growing) websites on the internet today. With so much content and products […]

Should You Delete Facebook? 8 Pros and Cons

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It seems like #deleteFacebook pops up here and there all the time lately. Of course, the world’s largest social network with billions of users is bound to have some controversy […]