Printer Ink Wars — EcoTank, Instant Ink, MegaTank, INKvestment Tank , Instant Ink

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Everybody has heard the adage that the major inkjet printer manufacturers—Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP—make more from the ink that keeps their printers going than from the sale of the printers themselves. This is not just simply an axiom; it’s absolutely true. Printer ink is not the only consumable that fuels the profit margin of […]

The Best Camera Attachments for Smartphones

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Smart phones today have cameras that rival all but the most high-end DSLR cameras. With a bit of practice, even an amateur photographer can take professional-grade pictures with just their camera. This becomes even easier when you think about the slew of attachable, portable camera lenses for phones. Many of these just snap on your […]

Spotify vs Apple Music – Price, Quality and Privacy Compared

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There are so many music streaming services to choose from out there, but Spotify and Apple Music continue to dominate the landscape. Choosing between the two services is easier said than done, as both have their full list of pros and cons. This article will compare the streaming quality, cost, and other factors of both […]

How to Sign Up for iOS or Android Beta Software

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Beta software for Android and iOS are operating system releases that are still in the testing phase. It’s free for anyone to download and install to their devices. You can install Android beta and iOS beta to get a glimpse of what’s to come before the public release is offered to everyone. When you hear […]

How to Reset BIOS to Default Settings

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There are times when users exhaust all their options and resort to resetting their BIOS in order to fix their computer. The BIOS can be corrupted because of an update gone bad or through malware. Learning how to reset the BIOS is important in the event that you’d need to troubleshoot your PC. What is […]

Top 10 Places to Find Free HD Images and Videos for Your Website

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If you are doing any online marketing or any kind of branding and development online, then using images and videos in your content is no longer optional. The more engaging, creative, unique, and eye-popping your content is, the more likely you will be to grab the attention of your potential customers long enough for them […]

How to Change the Location of Spotify’s Local Storage in Windows

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One of the most frustrating parts of having a small SSD dedicated to your Windows operating system is the fact that some software installers simply won’t give you the option of installing outside of the primary drive. There are even some applications that allow you to store your installation data on a secondary drive but […]

The Features Which Make Signal The Most Secure Messaging App In Existence

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When I first started using the Internet almost 20 years ago, there were many instant messaging options available. From MSN Messenger to Yahoo Messenger to ICQ, I used them all. The problem though was that they were not secure. If the chat platform or a government wanted to eavesdrop on your conversations, they very easily […]

15 New Windows 10 Features You Need to Start Using

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Whether you’ve started using Windows 10 since it first came out, or only recently, you’ve probably noticed just how tremendously different it is than any previous version of Windows. However, no matter how long people have been using Windows 10, there are always new features available in the operating system people don’t realize are there. […]

What is WiFi 6 and Is It Worth Waiting For?

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The new Samsung S10 was just released and there was something in the specifications that you may have missed. It’s WiFi 6 ready! What is WiFi 6, you ask? Did you even know that there were different types of WiFi? If you did know there were different types of WiFi, you probably knew them as […]