What Is YouTube Premium and Is It Worth It?

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YouTube is the biggest public streaming platform in the world. Anyone can start a channel (Online Tech Tips has a YouTube channel too!), make content and then share it with […]

The 7 Best SNES Games of All Time

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Released in 1991, the Super Nintendo is widely considered to be the single greatest Nintendo console of all time. It set the standard for many games to come over the […]

How to Prevent Embarrassing Online Meeting Moments

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The ability to have remote, online meetings at home can be very convenient. But it also introduces a whole list of opportunities for very embarrassing moments. If you have kids, […]

How To Embed Google Calendar On Your Website

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Do you need a professional-looking live calendar on your website to let visitors know about upcoming events or to schedule an appointment? Instead of building something from scratch or using […]

The Best Anime Wallpapers Sites For The Desktop

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Japanese animation (known as anime in the West) has gone from a niche, geeky interest to a mainstream juggernaut enjoyed by people all over the world. Of course, if you’ve […]

OTT Explains: What Is Ray Tracing?

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Ray tracing is an advanced form of computer graphics that simulates the way light works in real life. It can create computer graphics that look truly photorealistic. In the past, […]

The Kindle Desktop App: Is It Any Good?

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The Amazon Kindle kickstarted the eBook revolution, putting millions of books within reach on a single, handheld device. While Amazon Kindle still offers the best experience for eBook reading, you’re […]

4 Best Wireless Earbuds For Your Workout

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Often when heading out for a Sunday morning jog or preparing for a heavy weightlifting session at the gym, it’s music that motivates us to push ourselves further. This could […]

OTT Explains : What Did The First Internet Browser Look Like?

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The world wouldn’t be what it is today without the internet. The connected world has made it possible for people to work for a company from 10,000 miles away, enabled […]

7 Unbiased News Sources Free From Censorship

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In a world that has become about as polarized and biased as ever, it can be extremely difficult to find unbiased news sources. Especially in the United States, those on […]