10 Best Surface Pen Apps for Windows

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The Surface Pen is a handy tool that lets you do cool things on your Surface PC. You can use it as a mouse and a keyboard. By default, your pen will act as a mouse. As one of Microsoft’s more recent features, the Surface Pen adds a layer of productivity that you don’t have […]

How to Transfer Emails Between Two Gmail Accounts

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Moving multiple Gmail emails into another Gmail account should be a dead-simple feature built into Gmail, but it’s not. Fortunately though, you can still transfer Gmail messages between accounts in bulk using the tips on this page. Sure, you could forward an email or two into another account, but if you want to move a […]

Sleep Smarter – The Best Devices For Improving Sleep

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A good night’s sleep is a rare thing, as it turns out. According to statistics, 35% of adults don’t get enough sleep at night. Pair that statistic with the fact that 20% of all car crashes are associated with sleepiness and you have a recipe for disaster.  But our sleeplessness can’t be blamed entirely on […]

5 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs of 2019

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Smart plugs add unprecedented levels of convenience to day-to-day life. You can control even old appliances from your phone through Wi-Fi. Some smart plugs can even be put on timers and left to work automatically. Others can be set to deactivate if no motion is detected in a room. These are small, inexpensive devices that […]

7 Websites With Free Online Books For Kids

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One of the proudest moments of my short career as a mom was when my daughter asked, “Can you read me a story?” It was a school night, and we were really strapped for time, but I grabbed the opportunity and read her one of my childhood favorites.  Today, it’s the one nighttime routine – […]

The Galaxy Note 10+: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

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It’s been just over a month since Samsung released the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 10 phones and the initial excitement has had time to cool in the glare of cold reality. Since Apple launched their iPhone 11 series at the same time, general smartphone hysteria is still at a fever pitch, but a month living with […]

Turn Off Indexing in Windows for Better Performance

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If you turn off the Windows search index feature on your hard drives, you can get better performance on Windows 10. First let’s take a look at why you may want to do this. Afterwards, we’ll explain how to do it. Sometimes, you may not want to disable Windows search indexing. It depends on what […]

6 Extensions You Can Use To Block Ads In Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge is currently considered the fastest web browser available. Users benefit by being able to open web pages quickly, but ads slow down the process and interfere with the user experience. While browsing the web, users are bombarded with pop-up and embedded ads.   In addition to being annoying and slowing down page loading speeds, […]

How To Stop iTunes From Automatically Opening When You Click On An iOS Link

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If iTunes is opening automatically each time you click an iPhone or iPad app download link, then your browser is preset to open the program. You can stop iTunes from automatically opening App Store links by changing how your browser deals with those links.  Why would you want to stop this from happening? While there […]

What Is Lorem Ipsum & Generators To Quickly Make The Text

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If you deal with written text or design at school or work, there’s a chance that you’ve needed to fill an area with dummy text. Many people will just mash away at their keyboard or repeatedly paste the same word to achieve this, but that’s a very unsightly way of doing it. Not only is […]