How To Easily Add Watermarks To Your Online Images Before Uploading

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If you’ve ever had problems with people stealing your images after you posted them online, or you want to make sure that nobody would want to swipe your photos, you can add a watermark to them. The best way to keep your brand or name secured with each of your photos is to watermark them […]

Best Websites & Browser Plugins To Improve Your Netflix Experience

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Netflix is awesome but it’s not always so easy to find something new to watch. Sure, you could browse, use the app on your phone, or stream Netflix to your TV to search through the videos, but there are actually several other tools you can take advantage of. Netflix’s default searching abilities aren’t as […]

3 Slideshow Screensavers Far Better Than The Windows 10 Default

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Screensavers are an interesting tool in the modern computer age. As the name suggests, they were originally created to protect CRT screens from permanent burn-in. These days the almost-universal screen technology in use is LCD. While LCDs can suffer a permanent image burn, that really only happens with commercial screens at places like airports where […]

How To Find Reliable Wi-Fi Hotspots When You’re Out & About

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In the modern world, any restaurant or convenience store that doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi feels a bit dated. After all, shouldn’t every place offer Wi-Fi? The truth is, while popular chains and larger places provide customers with Wi-Fi, not everywhere does—and it can be particularly hard to find Wi-Fi in rural areas. If you travel […]

How To Quickly Unfollow a Game Channel On Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch “News” channel is a great tool for staying on top of the latest developments for your favorite games. If you open your Switch and select the News option at the bottom of the screen, you will see it is split into two sections Featured and Latest. You can also choose channels to […]

How To Create Music & Video Playlists On Various Platforms

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With millions of songs and videos available on various online platforms, it sometimes becomes difficult to separate your favorite ones from the others. I used to spend a lot of time trying to find the same content again and again as I had to manually find my favorite music or video in a long list […]

The Best Tools to Teach Yourself a Language

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When it comes to learning a language, the single best way is to fly to a country that speaks that language and immerse yourself completely in that culture and way of life. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible for the vast majority of people in the world. The next-best option is to use a tool like […]

How To Run Multiple Instances Of An App On Android & Mac

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Most of the time when you install an app on your Mac and Android devices, the app only allows you to use one account at a time on that device. This works just fine when you only hold a single account with that app. But the problem arises when you have multiple accounts and you […]

What Type of Data Do Websites Collect About You?

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When the web first became mainstream in the mid 90s or so, one of its key characteristics was anonymity. No one used their real names and you could live a second life online, at a blazing 33 kbps. The web of today is very different. Not only is there a strong push to deanonymize people, […]

How To Connect a PS4 Controller To An iPhone, iPad Or Android Device

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While most hardcore gamers will give preference to a PC or a gaming console to play your games, let’s not forget that the recent Android and iOS devices also boast super gaming features. There’s a reason why a lot of PC-only and gaming consoles-only games have made their way to the Google Play Store and […]