4 Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online

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When you’re stuck at home, there are only so many things you can do to entertain yourself. If you’re sharing your living space with other people, playing board games is […]

Android Messages On Desktop: How To Send & Receive From Your PC

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With the slew of internet-based messaging apps available today, one might think that SMS is dead, but that’s not the case. It’s still useful for communicating with non-smartphone users or […]

5 Sites to Alphabetize and Sort Text Lists Online

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Lists help all of us keep track of things and better manage our lives. There are shopping lists, to-do lists, brainstorming lists, and much more. With how connected people are […]

The 7 Best Dreamcast Games of All Time

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It seems strange to think of a world where the gaming headlines were not dominated by Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation, but there was once a fourth contender: Sega. The Sega […]

How To Make A Snapchat Filter

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Today thanks to the many apps that offer photo filters you don’t need to have a smartphone with a top of the line camera to produce excellent shots. When it […]

How to Play Windows 95 Games on Windows 10

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While the first Windows operating system was released in 1985, the first Windows release to really break into the mainstream was Windows 95. Many of the Windows features you might […]

How to Clean Your Favorite Electronic Gadgets

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Germs, they’re everywhere! While most are harmless or even beneficial, there are bacteria and viruses which you’re better off avoiding.  The problem is that our gadgets, especially touch-based ones, are […]

7 Online Tools To Create Lessons For Students At Home

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Parents and home educators don’t have to be tech-savvy to create high-quality lessons for students at home. In addition to the availability of education apps You can design professional-quality lesson […]

How To Turn Off Read Receipts In Some Popular Communication Apps

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If you don’t want people who send you messages to find out if you’ve read their messages, you can turn off read receipts for various communication apps on your phone. […]

4 Best Writing Apps for Kids

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For some kids, the first time they pick up a pencil can be a challenge. The best way to help them get better at it is by regularly practicing writing […]