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6 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

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StumbleUpon was one of the best ways to explore the web—just enter your interests, click a button, and watch as an interesting website was dropped onto your monitor. Sadly, the […]

10 Zoom Presentation Tips for Your Next Big Meeting

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After you learned how to set up and use Zoom, you might feel you’re ready for your first big online meeting. However, a good host knows that a successful Zoom […]

How to See and Share Your Spotify Wrapped

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Ever wonder how often you might be listening to a certain artist, song, or music genre? If you have Spotify, you can actually find this out at the end of […]

How to Share Your Screen on Android

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When you need to share your phone’s screen with someone, one option is to take a screenshot. There are a few different ways to do this on Android, including taking […]

How to Change Google Drive Backup and Sync Folder Location

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If you’re pressed for storage space on your PC or Mac, then syncing Google Drive via Backup and Sync can only end up worsening the situation. Thankfully, you can shift […]

How to Turn Google SafeSearch Off

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There’s a website for every niche and interest, but that doesn’t mean that the content is safe to find, especially if you’re sharing your devices with children. Unless you want […]

WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working? Here’s What To Do

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Voice messages are a convenient way to pass along information on WhatsApp. If you’re a lazy texter or there’s too much text to type, just send a voice message. It’s […]

How to Use Google Authenticator on Windows 10

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One of the best ways to protect your online accounts from being compromised is to use two-factor authentication (2FA). This adds a second layer to the sign-in process, requiring you […]

How to Duet on Tiktok

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TikTok has long outgrown its original format of an app for sharing funny lip-syncing videos. Today it includes a number of different formats. Aside from posting 15- or 60-seconds long […]

5 Best Video Converters for Android

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When you have applications such as VLC player or sites such as YouTube that can essentially handle any video format, do you really need a converter for your Android device? […]