Playstation vs Xbox: How To Choose What’s Right For You

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While many console makers have come and gone, today there are only two main players – Sony and Microsoft. Of course, Nintendo is still incredibly popular, but its hybrid Switch […]

How To Set Up Google Chrome Browser Sync

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Google Chrome syncing makes using the browser on multiple devices a breeze. All your information is backed up to your Google account and then used for every instance of Chrome […]

Xbox Backwards Compatibility Explained

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You might have heard the term “backwards compatibility” thrown around in conversations about current and next-generation consoles. In particular, Microsoft’s addition of backwards compatibility to the Xbox One made quite […]

5 Best Gaming Routers for 2020

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To ensure that your lightning fast broadband is providing you the best gaming experience when it matters, setting up the perfect home network is a must. No matter how amazing […]

The 10 Best Couch Co-op Games For The PS4

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Historically, one of the best things about video game consoles was the ability to plug in a second controller, plop down on the couch with a friend, and have an […]

7 Best VR Apps to Travel the World Using a Smartphone

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Beijing, Egypt, Kenya, Hawaii — if you could travel the world, where would you choose to go? It’s a simple question, but difficult to answer, especially if you’ve never traveled […]

How To Fix When Word Opens In Read Only Mode

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If you’ve opened a document in Word but you can’t edit it, it’s probably locked for editing by someone or by a feature. Learning how to remove read only from […]

6 Advanced Google Drive Tips You May Not Know About

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Google Drive has become a big competitor to Microsoft Office 365 for both cloud storage and office software. One of the reasons for its popularity is because you can get […]

11 Best Android Apps in 2020

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Another year has drawn to a close, so what better time to look back and round up some of the best Android apps you should be using?  We’ve picked out […]

12 Free Mobile Ringtones That Sound Like Real Phones

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There was a period of time when every mobile user had their own ringtone. However, that’s not the case today. You’ve probably been in this situation many times when you […]