How To Set Up & Use Find My Device On Android

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A decade or so ago, losing a phone wasn’t a big deal. If you lost your phone, you lost a few files and a handful of contacts saved on it. You could then easily get this data from various other sources. However, it’s now 2019 where losing a phone has become a really big deal. […]

10 Previous-Generation Nintendo Switch Ports You Might Have Missed

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The Nintendo Switch has been a rousing success for the company that brought us Mario and Luigi, but it’s in a weird position among other current-generation consoles. While the Switch benefits from support for the latest game engines and graphical features, it’s raw horsepower is a major step down from the PS4 or even Xbox […]

Why Google Calendar Is The Best Online Calendar Service

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At one time, you had to keep a paper-based calendar if you wanted to track appointments. Unless you carried it everywhere with you, chances were you wouldn’t have it on hand when you needed it most. Additionally, there was no way to easily share the information with other people in your life who might need […]

The Best Android Office Suites For 2019

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These days, when most people think of office suites (integrated word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and personal information managers), Microsoft Office or Google Drive Office Suite come to mind – and for good reason. Both are well-developed and highly effective solutions for creating, managing, and archiving business documents, as well as generating, responding to, and collecting […]

How To Password-Protect Word & PDF Documents

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Have you got a private document or important work presentation you don’t want people to see? You can protect private and sensitive information in a Word or PDF document by password-protecting the file. This encrypts the file’s contents so it can’t be accessed by anyone, or read by any program without entering the password first. […]

The Essential Tools To Help You Create a Podcast

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You’ve got something to say. You’ve got a voice. How do you get heard? In an age where everything is vying for our attention, it’s surprising how effective podcasts are. People only have half a second for an Instagram post, but they’ve got 3 hours to listen to Joe Rogan. So why not start a […]

4 Email Newsletters Every Internet Activist Should Be Subscribed To

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Our internet is increasingly at risk of censorship and regulation. Now more than ever, it’s important to get involved and look into what you can do to contribute to online activism and digital campaigning. The fight for net neutrality has been just one of the issues important in this area, but there have been so […]

How To Add Ultra Widescreen Support To Older PC Games

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Computer screen aspect ratios have been in some interesting places. CRT PC monitors have generally used the 4:3 aspect ratio. This means that for every four units of width, the screen is three units tall. In terms of pixel resolutions, common 4:3 resolutions would be 320×240, 640×480,, 800×600 and 1024×768. With the rise of LCD […]

The Best Smartphone Apps To Listen To Your Podcasts

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There’s a wealth of podcasts available out there that are a great source of information not only for entertaining us, but also making us smarter and feeding our curiosity. They provide an experience akin to that of a radio show, ranging from light-hearted comedy to in-depth information on a variety of subjects. Whether you like […]

Why It’s Worth Still Using Bing For Your Web Searches

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When the internet first gained widespread popularity, there was no shortage of search engines. Whether it was Lycos, Yahoo!, AltaVista, or Ask Jeeves, everyone seemed to have a favorite. But in the late 90s, one search engine came along to wipe everyone else off the map. Only a few Google competitors remain, and even today, […]