How to Remove a Green Screen From a Video Quickly and For Free

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In this guide, I will explain how you can remove a green screen from a video incredibly quickly. The whole process takes just a few seconds once you have installed the software that I’m going to suggest. Follow the steps below to learn how it’s all done. I will also explain how you can add […]

How to Completely Delete Personal Metadata from Microsoft Office Documents

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Everything you do generates data somewhere. That data, when collected and analyzed, becomes information. That information can tell someone more about you than you probably want them to know. The information collected over time can tell someone everything about you and can be used to help or harm you. This data is known as metadata. […]

What Is Local Guides for Google Maps?

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Local Guides is a free service from Google Maps that lets anyone contribute photos, reviews, and more. The idea is for Local Guides users to help improve Google Maps by informing users about businesses via real feedback based on their personal experiences. The more active of a guide you are, the more points you’re given. […]

Use YouTube Incognito Mode to Watch Videos Privately on Mobile Devices

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YouTube has become an incredible source of video content and an open platform for anyone to share their videos with the world. One of the reasons it’s such a popular service is thanks to Google’s algorithms, which predict what you’d like to watch most and then suggests it to you. Everything you do on YouTube […]

How to Save Web Page to Word Document Fast and Easy

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MS Word is more powerful than you think. The popular word processing tool is used for all sorts of tasks. Not everyone knows this but it can also be used to open web pages in HTML format. In this post, you’ll discover how you can open HTML files in Word and save them in one […]

How to Import Shazam Songs Into YouTube

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Shazam is awesome for identifying songs by their sound. You can use it anywhere you go for near-instant tagging, like while watching movies, walking through the mall, riding in a car, etc. However, what use is it if you never go back to listen to the music? If you want to put your catalog to […]

Create an Encrypted Container To Hide All Your Secrets With VeraCrypt

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Once upon a time, there was an encryption protocol called TrueCrypt. It was said to be totally impregnable with the FBI unable to break in. Then the TrueCrypt project was suddenly shut down and rumors started flying that the FBI had finally busted its encryption. TrueCrypt has now been replaced by VeraCrypt which, from the […]

The Five Best Android Antivirus and Security Apps

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When you’re at the top of the heap, a big fish in a big pond, or however you’d describe the largest operating system in the world, you’re a target for exploitation. Crooks, hackers, malcontents, and wrong-doers spend countless hours of energy trying to figure out how to take advantage of you and the good people […]

TripIt vs Google Trips

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Organizing flight reservations, booking hotels, and renting a car can be both frustrating and time consuming. Fortunately, there are free travel apps that can not only consolidate all of these tasks but also give you tips on your travel destination. Of all the travel apps out there, which one is best for you? How do […]

The Best Add-Ons To Power Up Your Gmail Inbox

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If you’ve used Google products for some time now, you’ll know the procedure. They start something with great fanfare, get you heavily invested in it, then they pull the plug and shut it down. But some Google products are defying the odds in that they are actually thriving year on year. Google is pumping so […]