The Five Best Android Antivirus and Security Apps

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When you’re at the top of the heap, a big fish in a big pond, or however you’d describe the largest operating system in the world, you’re a target for exploitation. Crooks, hackers, malcontents, and wrong-doers spend countless hours of energy trying to figure out how to take advantage of you and the good people […]

TripIt vs Google Trips

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Organizing flight reservations, booking hotels, and renting a car can be both frustrating and time consuming. Fortunately, there are free travel apps that can not only consolidate all of these tasks but also give you tips on your travel destination. Of all the travel apps out there, which one is best for you? How do […]

The Best Add-Ons To Power Up Your Gmail Inbox

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If you’ve used Google products for some time now, you’ll know the procedure. They start something with great fanfare, get you heavily invested in it, then they pull the plug and shut it down. But some Google products are defying the odds in that they are actually thriving year on year. Google is pumping so […]

Enjoy Responsibly: New Tech That’s Helping People Drink Smarter

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There are few industries that haven’t felt the seismic impact of digital transformation by now, but some seem incapable of being changed with code and tech at first glance. Alcohol is certainly one of those areas. Given its primary purpose–consumption–one might ask how a beverage that is wholly dependent on a bodily process (drinking) could […]

10 Useful Gadgets to Make Practically Any Car Smart

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It used to be cars were purely a mode of transportation. People cared about the engine, the style, the comfortability of the interior. These things still matter, but of equal importance today is how technologically enabled a vehicle is. Modern vehicles offer digital dashboards that display the apps on your phone, infotainment, 360-degree cameras, keyless […]

Outlook vs. Gmail: Who Is the King of Email?

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Having an email address is like having a phone number: Once it’s out in the world, you don’t want to change it. Aside from the estimated 30% of email addresses that change each year–most of which are business emails–most people probably wouldn’t want to deal with the hassle of transferring contacts, redirecting people to the […]

How to Password Protect an App on Android Devices

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Protecting your phone with a password is genius! It’s a way of safeguarding personal and sensitive data. If you have top-secret information on your device, you don’t want just anyone to have access to it, do you? But if your phone keeps asking you to enter your password every time, it can be a bit […]

How To Download a Full-Size Version Of An Image From Instagram

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Instagram is rapidly overtaking other social networking sites as the place to post your photos of selfies, lunch, and belly button lint. But what if, when you are scrolling, you want to save a copy of an image? Unlike other sites, such as Facebook, it isn’t possible to right-click on an image and choose “Save […]

5 Amazing AI Apps You Can Try Yourself

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Machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence are all red-hot buzzwords right now. These computing techniques coupled with major leaps in computer performance are changing the world. From software that can quickly identify skin cancer to predictive models that help us anticipate any number of complex outcomes, there’s hardly anything in the world that won’t […]

Best 2019 Budget Gaming CPUs Compared – Intel vs Ryzen for Low End Builds

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Whilst Intel used to hold the crown for the best gaming CPUs, it has completely changed now that AMD has brought their Ryzen line into the industry. To begin with, Ryzen absolutely blew their competition out of the water at the low end, and for some time, Ryzen was the clear choice for low end […]