OTT Explains : What Is The Difference Between POP & IMAP In My Email Account?

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If you’ve ever set up an email account manually, then you’ve been asked for your email provider’s POP or IMAP server settings. These are necessary directions that the email program […]

The Best Smart Home Tech That Doesn’t Need Power

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Smart home technology has made huge strides forward since the early days of in-wall, wired control. Smart assistants and Wi-Fi lend seamless, near-instant control of lights, blinds, locks, and so […]

How To Create a New Browser Profile and Why You Should Have Multiple

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User profiles in a browser are like user accounts on a computer. They let multiple people use the same web browser while also letting them maintain privacy and personal settings. […]

How To Block Distracting Websites To Beat Procrastination

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Tristan Harris, a former product manager at Google has called out big platforms like Apple, Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms for taking the precious time we probably didn’t […]

How To Create & Contribute To A Wikipedia Page

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Wikipedia is home to over 5.8 million articles and growing. Chances are good that you yourself have used Wikipedia in the past either for research or leisure. It’s an open-source, […]

10 Of The Best Android Home Screen Widgets

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One of Android’s most popular features is its use of widgets to customize and access the functionality of an app on the device’s home screen. Even though widgets can contribute […]

How To Format Spreadsheet Cells To Automatically Calculate Amounts

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Calculating amounts in a spreadsheet is one of the most basic reasons to use a spreadsheet program like Excel or a spreadsheet website like Google Sheets. It’s useful when dealing […]

What Is a SIM Card Used For?

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Just about every cellular telephone in existence today makes use of a SIM card. “SIM” is short for Subscriber Identity Module. Without it, you can’t make or receive phone calls. […]

How To Make Your Own Wiki Site

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No wiki is larger or more popular than Wikipedia. Since its creation, Wikipedia has had more than one billion edits, across 17.6 million articles, from 27 million users. The thought […]

4 Ways To Livestream On Facebook To Increase Engagement

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Facebook launched its live feature in 2016 to all users. Since then, it has become a powerful marketing tool to interact with viewers in real-time.  They report the following impressive […]