How to Separate First and Last Names in Excel

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If you use Excel a lot, you have probably run across a situation where you have a name in a single cell and you need to separate the name into different cells. This is a very common issue in Excel and you can probably do a Google search and download 100 different macros written by […]

Connect to Shared Folder on Windows 10 from Mac OS X

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I recently upgraded one of my computers to Windows 10 and setup a shared folder so that I could easily transfer files from my MacBook Pro and Windows 7 machines to Windows 10 over the home network. I did a clean install of Windows 10, created a shared folder and attempted to connect to my […]

How to Use the Windows 10 Camera App

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Windows 10 has an app called Camera that lets you use your webcam to record videos and take photos. It’s definitely better than having to download spyware/malware-ridden third-party webcam recording software. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of using the app and adjusting the various settings. One of the problems with the […]

How to Add Network Folders to the Windows Search Index

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In Windows 10, the default search function indexes your Internet Explorer history, Start Menu, and the entire users folder on the system partition. What if you want to add a network folder to the search index in Windows 10? For example, let’s say you have a NAS (network attached storage) device and you have a […]

Enable Do Not Track and Tracking Protection in IE 11 and Edge

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By default, Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge keeps a feature called Do Not Track disabled. It basically relates to how much information a website and advertisers can capture about you as you browse the web. By default, Do Not Track is turned off on all the other major browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome and […]

How to Share a Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is a great app. I can access it from any computer, sync it to my smartphone, sync it to my desktop email app, and lots more. It’s simple to use and has a ton of features. One of the nice features that I’ve only started using recently is sharing a Google calendar. When […]

4 Ways to Safely Backup iPhone iPad Photos and Videos

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If you have an iPhone, especially the latest one, you probably use it to take a lot of photos and videos. The cameras on iPhones are exceptional and they are way more convenient to pull out than a giant SLR camera! Well, at least it is for me. And if you’ve read anything online, you […]

How to Setup Gmail in Windows 10

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If you’re running Windows 10, you might be happy to know that there is now a simple and elegant way to view your Google email, contacts and calendar using built-in store apps rather than using Outlook. Outlook is a great email client for corporate employees, but I’m not a big fan of it for my […]

Google Chrome Memory Usage/Memory Leak Issues?

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I love using Google Chrome for browsing the Internet and one of the main reasons has always been because it’s super fast! I never liked the bloat of Firefox with all the add-ons and Internet Explorer is just plain slow. Microsoft Edge is quite a bit faster than IE, but I use so many other […]

Change from Public to Private Network in Windows 7, 8 and 10

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In Windows, when you connect to a wireless network, it will either register it as a Public network or a Private network. Private networks are basically home and work whereas public networks are anywhere else, which you don’t trust. Sometimes Windows detects a private network as a public one and vice versa. You can manually […]