Use a Custom Chat Wallpaper in WhatsApp for Android

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The rise of WhatsApp as a global instant messaging platform has been phenomenal. WhatsApp has half a billion users globally, which is probably why Facebook was happy to pay over $19b for the company in 2014. That means a lot of people are spending a lot of time in the WhatsApp app for mobile phones. […]

5 Power User Features in Chrome Everyone Should Know

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world, but it’s actually much more feature rich than something simply designed to browse the web. Chrome is almost a little self-contained operating system with its own apps and management structure. In fact, when it comes to Chromebooks, it literally works as an […]


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The three most commonly used formulas in Excel that perform simple mathematical calculations are COUNT, SUM and AVERAGE. Whether you are managing a financial budget in Excel or simply keeping track of your next vacation, you’ve probably used one of these functions before. In this article, we’re going to go through the basics of these […]

The Best 3D Printers to Buy in 2019

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It might feel like consumer 3D printers are still an early-adopter technology, but the truth is very different. Just a few years ago your 3D printer would have arrived in a disassembled state, having been partly put together by some scruffy guys in a shed. Now the typical mainstream 3D printer product is as polished […]

The 5 Best New Features in Windows 10’s 1809 Update

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Every October Microsoft releases a major update to Windows that (hopefully) fixes the biggest bugs and gripes, while also bringing new features into this OS-as-a-service product. While there were quite a few problems with the 2018 “1809” update that caused a two month delay, it should now be available through the regular update service. If […]

How to Record Your First Excel Macro

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If you use Excel often at your workplace or for personal use, then you probably have some daily tasks that are quite tedious and repetitive. Whether it’s importing and cleaning up data or exporting and organizing to match your client’s needs, there are a lot of times when you have to click on the same […]

Make Siri More Useful with Custom Shortcuts

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When Siri first launched in the iPhone 4S we were pretty blown away. It sounded so natural and actually understood almost everything you said. Since the, well, Alexa and the nameless Google Assistant have overtaken Siri from a practical usefulness perspective. However, thanks to iOS 12, Siri now has a very powerful set of functions […]

The Three Best Android Emulators

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The Android operating system is indisputably the biggest, most successful operating system for mobile devices. Pick any smartphone at random and the chances are that it will be running Android. This also means that plenty of applications are exclusive to this operating system and that it’s a hot platform to develop for. An actual phone […]

The 5 Best Over-Ear Headphones for Gaming and Music

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Right off the bat, the most important aspect to a good pair of headphones is comfortability. You need to make sure they are comfortable for you to wear. For me personally, the headphones I use have excellent sound quality, but since I wear glasses, my discomfort grows as I continue to wear them. The headphones […]

How to Fix or Repair a Wet or Liquid Damaged Smartphone

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It happens to everyone at some point in their lives: their wonderful and precious phone slips out of their hand and into a toilet, sink or some other unforgiving liquid! One time I dropped my phone into a swimming pool and tried to dry it by shaking it hard and then using a hair dryer. […]