Announcing the Online Tech Tips YouTube Channel

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Online Tech Tips has been around since 2007 providing readers with daily computer tips to make life a little bit easier. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our articles over the […]

How To Set Up Google Chrome Browser Sync

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Google Chrome syncing makes using the browser on multiple devices a breeze. All your information is backed up to your Google account and then used for every instance of Chrome […]

OTT Explains : What Is The Difference Between POP & IMAP In My Email Account?

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If you’ve ever set up an email account manually, then you’ve been asked for your email provider’s POP or IMAP server settings. These are necessary directions that the email program […]

How To Create a New Browser Profile and Why You Should Have Multiple

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User profiles in a browser are like user accounts on a computer. They let multiple people use the same web browser while also letting them maintain privacy and personal settings. […]

How To Format Spreadsheet Cells To Automatically Calculate Amounts

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Calculating amounts in a spreadsheet is one of the most basic reasons to use a spreadsheet program like Excel or a spreadsheet website like Google Sheets. It’s useful when dealing […]

How To Automatically Save Email Attachments To Cloud Storage

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Saving email attachments is a great way to back up all those images, documents, music, and whatever else you’re emailed throughout the day. But doing it manually is not a […]

How To Create Your Own Emoji

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Emoji are fun to use for nearly any occasion, and while there seems to be an endless number to pick from, learning to create your own emoji is the best […]

What Is Facebook Pay and How to Use It

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Facebook Pay is Facebook’s effort to make moving money online easier and more secure. You can use it as a money sending app to split a bill with friends or […]

How to Set Up Android Guest Mode and Why You Should

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Android guest mode is an option that lets you hide everything that’s yours, but still keep your phone functional. When you switch over to guest mode, you’re hiding all of […]

WhatsApp Web Video Calls: A Simple Android Hack

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You can use WhatsApp from your computer with WhatsApp Web. It lets you send and read texts from a computer by connecting directly to your phone via the WhatsApp mobile […]