How To Stop iTunes From Automatically Opening When You Click On An iOS Link

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If iTunes is opening automatically each time you click an iPhone or iPad app download link, then your browser is preset to open the program. You can stop iTunes from automatically opening App Store links by changing how your browser deals with those links.  Why would you want to stop this from happening? While there […]

How To Get Microsoft Word For Free

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Getting Microsoft Word for free sounds like a dream. It’s an awesome program and is a staple in most office, home, and school environments, but it normally costs each year you want to use it. But you actually don’t have to pay for Microsoft Word when there are several ways to use it for free. […]

How to Show or Hide Folders and Apps in the Start Menu on Windows 10

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When you click on the Start button in Windows 10, you’ll see the interface is split into three separate sections: the small buttons on the left-hand side, the list of apps and programs in the middle and the static or dynamic tiles on the right-hand side. You can customize quite a few things about the […]

How to Create a Simple Web Page for Free

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Web hosting isn’t just reserved for bloggers, established companies, and work-at-home folks selling things from their house. Anybody can make a website. In fact, you don’t even need a full-blown website to publish a few pages to the internet. If you want to avoid the hassle of purchasing a domain name, setting up a hosting […]

The 7 Best Classic JRPGs Anyone Can Now Play On Mobile

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If you love role-playing games (RPG), especially digital ones, then there has never been a better time to be a fan. Mobile gamers in particular have a huge variety of RPGs to choose from. Who would have thought you could one day boot up Baldur’s Gate or Knights of the Old Republic on a smartphone? […]

Are Expensive “Pro” Versions of Consoles For You?

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It used to be that when console makers refreshed their products mid-generation, the one thing they would never do is improve game performance. They’d make consoles cheaper, quieter and smaller, but everyone got exactly the same gaming experience. There have been some exceptions over the years however. For example, Nintendo’s “New” 3DS console has more […]

How to Stream Movie Torrents

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Streaming a movie torrent means that you’re able to watch it before the whole file has been downloaded. If you prefer to get your movies, TV shows, or other videos through torrent websites, a dedicated tool that supports streaming is what you want. This is a great way to watch movie torrents if you want […]

6 Tips To Manage Your Massive Gaming Backlog

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Is this the golden age of video games? From a consumer perspective that might not be too much of a stretch. Yes this is the age of release day DLC, season passes and microtransactions. But it’s also an age of plenty for gamers. With Steam sales, subscription services and bundles aplenty, it’s easy to end […]

Software Apps To Effortlessly Convert Music Files To Different Formats

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You’ve probably come across a situation where you have a music file in one file format, such as MP3, but you need it to be an M4R or some other audio type. Instead of scouring the internet for an M4R version of the same file, you can just use an audio file converter to convert […]

How To Delete Your Google Account Data

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If you’re deep into the Google ecosystem, then you probably already know that the company has quite a bit of information on you. Fortunately, they keep lots of it in one place for you to download and even delete. Deleting your Google account data doesn’t remove your Google account; you won’t lose your Gmail messages, […]