I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter and it’s now the defacto place for me to go when buying new and innovative tech gadgets. I’ve backed over 60 projects and even though I haven’t loved or used everything I’ve gotten from the site, the gadgets that I do use, I use all the time now. If you’re a geek or techie, Kickstarter is an awesome place to find some cool ideas make it to reality in a relatively short period of time.

In this article, I’m going to mention five tech gadgets that have already been funded, delivered to me and tested for a few months. I usually don’t vouch for any tech gadget unless I’ve used it myself for a while as there are a lot of gadgets with a lot of hype and very little use. For example, I backed the Pebble E-paper watch and though it’s really cool and works well, I found that just getting the notifications on my watch instead of my phone really isn’t all that helpful. Two-way interaction is definitely need…ahem…Google Glass!

Anyway, getting back to the point. Here are 5 really useful gadgets that aren’t going to break the bank and will make your life easier.

Recoil Winders

recoil winders

Recoil Winders are by far the best way I have come across to organize loose cables. Everyone has loose cables and literally tons of them: for your phone, tablet, camera, headphones, etc, etc. I tried cable ties and various other organizing products, but recoil winders hit the jackpot. You just put bend the cord halfway and then stick it on the little hook in the winder. Give it a pull and viola, your cord is wrapped around nicely. They also have nice little stands that hold the winders, so it looks super neat and will get you lots of oooos and ahhhs when people see it.

Flex Versatility Kit for iPad

Flex versatility kit

The Flex Versatility Kit for iPad has been one of my favorite gadgets and one that I use the most. My favorite aspect is the flexible tripod legs. You have to connect a thin plastic shell to the back of your iPad and then snap the tripod in. I personally don’t use the hand grip, the giant rubber cover or the shoulder strap that come with the kit. For $60, you get quite a bit of stuff, but the tripod has to be the most useful. It’s great for using the iPad in the bed, in the car or in any other strange or unsteady surface. You can even wrap the legs around things and hang the iPad off the back of a head rest in your car, etc. It’s very “versatile” and works with the iPad Smart Cover too.



The Tiltpod is essential for any iPhone or compact camera user. I FaceTime a lot using my iPhone and the tiltpod is an awesome little device. You can slide your iPhone in (without a case) and then twist and turn it to different angles all without it falling over. Definitely beats holding the phone in your hand, which I used to do all the time before I got the tiltpod. It also works with a list of compact digital cameras, so you can screw a piece onto the camera and then attach it to the base. Great if you travel a lot of want to take pictures of yourself without having to ask someone to do it for you.



SoundBender is a mind-boggling simple device, yet so dang useful. I wish I would have thought of it myself! Basically, unless you use headphones with your iPad, the sound quality is not very good. Why? Because the speakers are on the back side of the iPad and you are in front of it. That’s where SoundBender comes in. It’s just a little magnetic device that slides onto your iPad speaker and “bends” the sound to the front of the device. I’ve been using it on my FaceTime calls and it makes a world of difference. It’s a lot louder and sometimes I have to even turn down the volume because it’s too loud, which I never had to do before I bought this.

LunaTik Touch Pen

Lunatik pen

The LunaTik Touch Pen is perfect for anyone who likes to write and who likes to use a stylus on their tablets. It’s a great pen that writes exceptionally well and with one click, you can use it on your iPad or tablet to draw, write, or whatever else you like. It’s built with high-quality materials and is a pleasure to use. This is another gadget I’ve been using since I got it and have been very happy with the experience. My wife uses it because she loves the pen for writing in her journal and my 2 year old daughter uses it to draw on the iPad.

As you can see, my favorite gadgets are a little biased towards iPhone and iPads, but I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this article, you have at least one of those devices! If you have backed a gadget on Kickstarter not mentioned here, feel free to post it in the comments. Enjoy!