OTT Explains: Is It Worth Buying Extended Warranties for Tech?

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You know the question: “Would you like to invest in the extended warranty for this product?” Sales people push extended warranty on consumers, and it might sound like a great […]

How to Build the Ultimate Super Bowl Smart Home Setup

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This coming Sunday, February 2, the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off in Super Bowl LIV for glory, bragging rights, and the Vince Lombardi Trophy. […]

The 5 Best Smart Flood Sensors

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Few things in the world can cause as much damage to a home as water, especially if that water goes undetected for nearly any length of time. Water leak sensors […]

What You Should Know About Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold Laptop

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The idea of a foldable device has captured our attention for some time now. The first folding phones sent the tech world into a frenzy as people marveled at the […]

How Xbox Streaming to PC Works

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Over the course of the Xbox’s lifespan and through its various iterations, Microsoft has transitioned from a console maker to an ecosystem. Xbox no longer refers solely to the console, […]

The 4 Best Smart Medical Wearables (of CES 2020)

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Medical science has advanced in leaps and bounds in the previous decade. As we step into a new year, many people turn their attention toward their own physical health. Whether […]

The 5 Best Smart Bathroom Accessories (Or Building the Ultimate Smart Bathroom)

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When most people think of smart home accessories, they think of the living room, the kitchen, and the bedroom. Rarely do people think of the bathroom, despite it being one […]

The Best Ways to Transfer Large Files Online

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Services like Dropbox and Google Drive make it easy to store and share files across the web, but they have limitations. For instance, the free version of Google Drive only […]

6 Ways To Improve Your Amazon Ring Security

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A string of security breaches have made Ring Doorbell owners nervous. After all, no one wants a strange hacker watching and speaking to their children in their own home. Reports […]

The Best Smart Home Tech That Doesn’t Need Power

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Smart home technology has made huge strides forward since the early days of in-wall, wired control. Smart assistants and Wi-Fi lend seamless, near-instant control of lights, blinds, locks, and so […]