The 4 Best Smart Home Hubs

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Smart home technology is nothing short of incredible. There are now thousands of devices that can control nearly every aspect of your home, including sliding glass door openers, smart toilets, […]

What Is a Smart TV, & Is It Worth The Price?

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Nothing screams “future” like a television that can respond to your voice, suggest shows you might like, and be operated mostly hands-free. Of course, all of these features can be […]

What is Facebook Portal and Should You Buy One?

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You might have seen the Facebook Portal on a shelf at Best Buy or seen one of the more recent advertisements on TV, like that over the top Super Bowl […]

A Guide To The Angry Birds Games: Which Ones Are The Best?

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Angry Birds has evolved from a simple but addictive mobile game into a worldwide phenomenon. Between movies, toys, and even car wraps all sporting those familiar, fury-driven birds, the franchise […]

10 Niche & Unique Streaming Channels

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The days of cable TV are long gone, with only a few diehard holdouts still subscribing to traditional television services. Everyone knows the real way to view content is by […]

Mario Kart vs Sonic Team Racing: Which is Better?

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Few things in life match the simple, visceral satisfaction of firing a Blue Shell at the first-place leader and blowing past the explosion to win the race—except, perhaps, using Slingshot […]

The 5 Best Online Sources To Buy Used Textbooks

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Student debt is a common topic in conversations about higher education, but how much of that debt stems from loans—and how much of it stems from textbooks? Universities don’t have […]

OTT Explains: Is It Worth Buying Extended Warranties for Tech?

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You know the question: “Would you like to invest in the extended warranty for this product?” Sales people push extended warranty on consumers, and it might sound like a great […]

How to Build the Ultimate Super Bowl Smart Home Setup

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This coming Sunday, February 2, the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off in Super Bowl LIV for glory, bragging rights, and the Vince Lombardi Trophy. […]

The 5 Best Smart Flood Sensors

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Few things in the world can cause as much damage to a home as water, especially if that water goes undetected for nearly any length of time. Water leak sensors […]