4 Best Smart Home Apps for Smart Home Automation

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The Internet of Things has made it possible to reduce many household chores to afterthoughts. You can schedule your robotic vacuum to clean the floors while you’re at work, automatically […]

The 6 Best Xbox PC Game Pass Games

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Xbox Games Pass is the single best value in gaming today, and perhaps at any time since the first consoles ever graced the consumer market. Xbox Games Pass even has […]

How To Fix Procrastination With 7 Simple Apps

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We’ve all been there before—you have an important task that you need to finish, but you can’t bring yourself to focus on it. You want to watch just one more […]

The 7 Best PlayStation VR Games

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Virtual reality is still in its infancy, despite the numerous strides that have been made to improve the experience and performance of many VR devices. PlayStation VR is one of […]

6 Best Hardware Components to Use in a Plex Media Server

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When you are ready to ditch your streaming services and build your own in-home multimedia server, you have a lot of options. Investing in a prebuilt machine is a good […]

The 7 Best Dreamcast Games of All Time

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It seems strange to think of a world where the gaming headlines were not dominated by Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation, but there was once a fourth contender: Sega. The Sega […]

The 7 Best GameCube Games of All Time

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Released in 2001, the GameCube followed the N64 and brought an impressive library of titles with it. It featured one of the best controller designs of all time (which is […]

The 7 Best SNES Games of All Time

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Released in 1991, the Super Nintendo is widely considered to be the single greatest Nintendo console of all time. It set the standard for many games to come over the […]

OTT Explains : What Did The First Internet Browser Look Like?

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The world wouldn’t be what it is today without the internet. The connected world has made it possible for people to work for a company from 10,000 miles away, enabled […]

The 9 Best NES Games Of All Time

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Released in 1986, the Nintendo Entertainment System—or NES, as it’s so often called today—was the best-selling video game console of its time. Although its simplistic graphics have gone from great […]