Taking a summer or part-time job is part of growing up, and it’s a great way for high school students to make money on the side. Most teenagers think their first job might be as a babysitter or something in fast food, but times have changed – and so have the options for teenagers.

Now, jobs for teens aren’t limited to traditional jobs. They can find jobs in data entry, as customer service representatives, as lifeguards, and more. The internet makes looking for job opportunities easier than ever before and gives teens the chance to earn real-world work experience.

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    Snag was once known as Snagajob. It’s an excellent tool for teenage job seekers. While anyone can use the tool, it specifically has a module built for teen job seekers. You can search by zip code, too. Jobs are tagged as full-time, part-time, and/or teen, making it easy to see which positions might be right for you at a glance.

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    All teens have to do is enter their zip code and a keyword relating to their job. They can then filter by the menu options at the top of the screen.

    Hire Teen

    Hire Teen is a service aimed specifically at teenage workers, offering employment in various categories. Teens can search by keyword, city, and state, and age, or they can specifically look for jobs in their age range. For example, jobs for 15 year olds might include food service, camp counselors, dishwashers, and more.

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    Teens can also search by categories that include amusement parks, government agencies, restaurants, retail stores, and even modeling jobs for teens. Taking an entry-level job helps build up experience for post-graduate employment.


    Teens4Hire is a site aimed at helping people aged 14 to 19 find seasonal, volunteer, or part-time jobs. High schoolers have to register with an account. Employers also have to register to list jobs online. It also has information tools for preparing for interviews and impressing in the office.

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    Recruiters can use the site as a way to find prospective employees, too. Teens4Hire is an organization, which means many of its staff work on a volunteer basis with the interest of kids at heart.

    Survey Junkie

    If you aren’t looking for a traditional job, then Survey Junkie might offer a solution. It’s like an online job; teens sign up and build a profile, after which the site matches them with surveys that best fit them. Completed surveys are worth a certain amount of points, which they can redeem for PayPal or gift cards. No bank account is required.

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    There are articles on how to monetize social media accounts, as well as how to seek out self-employment. If you’re trying to get a job, but none of the standard job listings seem right, then Survey Junkie offers an alternative.

    Summer Jobs

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    As the name implies, Summer Jobs aims to connect people with potential seasonal work. This is ideal for minors who might not qualify for jobs in other fields, but it’s an easy way to get work as a lifeguard or summer camp counselor. Sometimes, summer jobs can even entail babysitting for a working family or just mowing the lawn for nearby businesses.


    Nextdoor is a social media platform broken down by neighborhoods and zip codes. You must prove you live in a specific area to take advantage of the platform. If you have extra-curricular activities or other responsibilities that get in the way of the job search, NextDoor is an easy way to find odd jobs to earn a little extra cash.

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    Anyone interested in finding work on NextDoor can post in the For Sale & Free section of the site or make a general post in their neighborhood with the services they’re offering.


    Fiverr is an online freelance website where vendors can offer services of nearly any kind, from drawing and animation to programming and writing. You can even offer online tutoring. Fiverr is an excellent choice for teens because the age requirement is only 13, unlike other freelance outlets like Upwork.

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    At a time when traditional job openings might not suit the specific type of job a teen is looking for, freelance options are the way to go. Fiverr also has a mobile app on which a teen can track their work. In addition, freelance work can help build up an impressive portfolio that someone can use in the future when applying for a more traditional job title.