HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 (A909n) Premier Review

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 is the latest incarnation of HP’s all-in-one printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine. With an original price of $499, it’s close to the cost of a lower-end color laser printer.

However, they have recently reduced the price to $369 using an instant savings of $130. You can check the latest price here. You can also get it on Amazon.com for a lower $269.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 Wireless

Here are some of the major specs on the HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 all-in-one printer:

  • Up to 19 ppm for printing black and 19 ppm printing color (normal quality)
  • 15,000 page monthly duty cycle
  • 250 sheet input tray, 250 sheet second paper tray, 50 sheet automatic document feeder
  • Up to 1200×1200 dpi output for black and 4800×1200 dpi for color
  • 384 Mhz with 128 MB RAM (not expandable)
  • Up to 4800 (48-bit) dpi scan resolution
  • Memory card slot supports CompactFlash Type I and II, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Secure Digital (SD), SDHC, MMC, miniSD, microSD
  • 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 Ethernet port, PictBridge, 1 RJ-11 fax port, and 1 wireless 802.11 b/g port
  • Total weight of printer is 33.8 pounds and power consumption of 55 watts

Overview & Summary

For those of you who do not want to read the entire review, I have written up a short summary of the positives and negatives of the printer.

  • Printing quality is of high quality, both color and black
  • Scanning is fast and reproduces the original document very well
  • Ability to scan legal size documents
  • The double-sided printing works well and is decently fast
  • Connecting to wireless network is quick and easy
  • Software runs on both Mac and PC
  • Memory card slots allows for easy picture printing and easy storage of scans
  • Ability to scan and automatically store digital copies of documents and pictures to a network location
  • Print speed is slower than advertised (around 9 ppm for black and white during my tests)
  • Starting up printer for the first time takes a very long time
  • Software takes up more than 600 MB on the hard drive and slows down computer
  • Software includes many programs that can confuse the novice user
  • Turning off and turning on printer takes several minutes due to self tests
  • Power save mode has issues such as the printer not waking up when you send a print job to it, requiring a full reboot of the printer
  • When copying documents, the printer routinely skips pages altogether. This happens when faxing too.
  • Unable to choose color or black and white when scanning from front panel

Overall, I would give the printer a 3 star rating and a buy recommendation only if you get it for $269. It’s a good printer, but some of the flaws that it has are big enough to consider another printer unless fixed.

What’s in the box?

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-One printer
  • Automatic two-sided printing accessory
  • Second 250-sheet paper tray
  • Black/Yellow printhead, Cyan/Magenta printhead
  • 2 Black ink cartridges, 2 Cyan ink cartridges, 2 yellow ink cartridges, and 2 magenta ink cartridges
  • 1 power supply with power cord
  • 1 phone cord
  • 1 large setup poster
  • 2 CD-ROMs (Officejet printer software and Readiris Pro 11)

Setting Up Printer

Getting the Officejet 8500 Pro out of the box and working wasn’t as fast as I would have expected. Unpacking the printer was easy enough and installing all the components, such as the double-sided printer accessory and the second paper tray, were simple and straight-forward.

Installing the ink cartridges was also fairly simple and didn’t take much time. Just unpack and pop them into the slots. Though it did take a few tries to get the printheads into the slots exactly (top picture).

officejet 8500 printheads

officejet 8500 ink cartridges

Once you get those installed, you load up the paper and plug in the printer. This is where the process got very time-consuming. When you power on the device the first time, it takes a whopping 20 to 25 minutes to calibrate and align itself.

Personally, I don’t think you should really have to wait that long for a printer to become functional! Either way, while you wait it says to go ahead and install the printer software.

Included Software

I was really not happy with the installation of the HP software. Firstly, it took almost half an hour to install the software and secondly, it was full of lots of programs that I did not really think I was going to use.

Overall, if you install the software using the default options, it takes up a whopping 600 to 800 MB on your computer! For me, that is completely unnecessary for an all-in-one printer.

If you install just the driver, it’ll still hit you back 270 MB. The software has become very bloated and will slow down your machine.

Wireless Setup

What I was happy about was getting the printer onto the wireless network. You can do it from the front panel on the printer and it was able to connect to my secure wireless network without any issues.

Also, once it’s connected, the software will try to find the printer on the network automatically and initialize it. That also didn’t have any issues, i.e. firewall problems, etc.

Other Features

Once the setup is finished, you’ll be presented with a menu where you can setup other additional features of the printer, such as Digital Filing, Digital Fax, and more. Once they are setup, you can email scans or scan directly to a network location.

officejet 8500 software


Unfortunately, the speed of the printer is not as fast as I was expecting. Overall, though, it’s still pretty fast for an inkjet printer.

I printed out a 5 page document with just text and it took about 35 seconds to print. This translates into about 9 ppm, which is lower than the 19 ppm it is supposed to be able to print on normal mode.

If you print a longer document, the printing speed does go up a little to around 11 ppm. For color documents, it’s also lower than stated on the spec sheet, but this could be due to the type of color print tested.

Finally, double-sided printing is slow at around 3 ppm. If you’re looking to do a lot of double-sided printing, you will not be happy with this speed.


Overall, I was happy with the scan quality and speed of the Officejet 8500 Pro. You can choose to scan to email, scan to computer, scan to a USB stick or memory card, or scan to reprint.

The Officejet did a very good job or reproducing pictures and even text documents when scanned. Colors were accurate and the quality was overall very nice. Scanning was probably the one feature of the all-in-one printer that worked very well and as advertised.


Both of these functions would have perfect scores if it were not for the fact that they simply did not work sometimes. After testing several times, I found that the copier routinely missed pages while copying.

If I placed a 5 page document to be copied, just about every single time, only 4 pages would get copied. That is simply unacceptable for such a high-end printer, especially one that is geared towards small offices.

This same issue happens when faxing, which is just terrible since your clients may not get all the pages required. The other major issue is that the printer thinks it copied/faxed everything, when it really didn’t! Big problem there.


My general feeling is that the HP Officejet 8500 Pro is a very good all-in-one printer, but because of a few big flaws, it fails to make the mark. Overall, you will be happy with the printer as long as you have a really fast computer with lots of free hard drive space and you manage to get a printer that does not skip pages when copying and faxing.

If you have an Officejet 8500 and have something to add about your experience, feel free to add it in the comments!

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  1. Hello Aseem,

    That's a very helpful review….thanks !

  2. Yes. Great review! Helpful for consumers looking for a new all-in-one printer.

  3. If I run out of magenta color, but need to go back to the printer to make a b & w copy the system does not allow me to keep only on b & w mode, and ignore the color mode until I go out to get the cartridges colors. The system stops moving on until I replace the color cartridge emptied. Why? This is not fair.

  4. Anyone have suggestions on how to get access from devices on the network to a thumb drive or data card inserted in the ports on the front of this network-attached printer?

  5. VERY helpful review. I am doing a new install and the delay on intialization is slow and a real pain but at least I know that this is the norm! Thank you.

  6. Does this package include OCR software? Can you select the target application (i.e., MS Word, RTF (Wordpad), text (Notepad)?

  7. I just installed this all-in-one and have noticed a great slowing down of my pc. What can I remove that is not necessary to help speed up my computer?

  8. I wanted to replace my all in one 7780 model with this one – but the reason I want to replace it is the skipping pages you talk about with the ADF. Mine worked for about a year without problems but hten they never stopped. I think the only way to fix it would be to replace the ADF which would cost almost as much as a new unit. The HP 8500 may not be right for me if this skipping pages thing stays with the updated models.

  9. I purchased 3 officejet 8500 A909n all in ones for my office. I fax and scan insurance applications for processing in volume. Not all the info I faxed or scan is being received. I need my scan/fax/ and print to work for all docs…not just some of them. I am about ready to complain and get a refund and buy other brands. Do you know if HP is working to fix this problem? Too bad… live with it is not an option. I tried the unplug and push# and 6. It did not help. How could this product even pass inspection for production?

  10. Scott E: I found out, subsequent to my 9/20/09 post, that it did have OCR, so I took the plunge and purchased an A909g version from Amazon.com. I'm very impressed with the print quality. I set the default for "draft" quality and blank ink only, and that quality more than meets my needs. I'm still learning how best to operate the OCR. My only problem is that when I print a 4×6 photo from PhotoShop CS4 it comes out very small (1 1/4" x 2") … I've yet to solve that issue. I suggest you contact HP with your problem. I intend to do so if I can't find help in the forums. Good luck!

  11. I just got mine, still waiting for it to do what it needs to do…I probably burned myself by unplugging it after 30min…and still nothing…hopefully this will be the only problem…the reason I got this because the scanner to e-mail, wireless option…thanks alot for the review very helpful.

  12. I'm still pleased with mine. Best printer I've ever owned at home (this is probably #6). Still am unable to print a photo directly from PhotoShop CS4. Work-around is to print to an Adobe Acrobat file, and then print that to the printer; alas, that doesn't support 4×6 photos…

  13. Does anyone know what HP is doing about the problem that the machine does not fax/scan/copy all pages?!? (It randomly skips pages as described above in this review.) This is a very frustrating problem.

  14. It was reasonably easy to set up using the USB connection. So far, my only issue is that I cannot get 8 1/ x 14" paper to print no matter what I do or set or anything. Called HP. They asked if I was using HP paper. I said No. They said call back when you are. Great folks indeed. If anyone has a clue about how to make it print 8 1/2 x 14 from the tray I would appreciate it very much.

  15. I am very pleased with this printer. It scans documents double sided and with the OCR, it saves the docs as searchable text. It feels much more robust than the e7300 all-in-one. In comparison with the 7300, it uses less ink.

  16. Hate to beat the same hold horse, but has anyone had success in printing 4×6 prints from Photoshop CS? Other than that, I'm a happy camper!

  17. I've seen comments on this blog for about two weeks now-all questions-no answers. My 8500 seems to have a mind of it's own right now. Time for the third call to support.

  18. Bill, good luck with support. Remember that for most of those folks, English is a second (or third) language. Tell them you are using "HP Multipurpose Legal Size Paper, sold in one ream (500-sheet) packs from the HP on-line store for $8.99/ream. 8.5 x 14-inch. Stock # HTM1420. If I had some legal paper I'd test it … alas, I don't have any and never use it, so I can't be of any more help. Good luck!


  19. Saul Pumarego … you lamented in a recent post (distributed via Email) about the 8500's practice of shutting down when one of the color cartridges was empty, when all you wanted to do was print in black ink. Alas, this is all part of the Gillette marketing strategy that is part of the ink-jet culture: the manufacturers sell the printer hardware for a fraction of their cost, and they make it up (and then some) with ink sales. You may want to review this web page for an explanation of this century-old marketing model:


    What would be fair is to charge $600 for the printer instead of $270, and then charge $5 for the ink cartridges. Alas, I don't expect that will happen. And what baffels me is that even though I have my default printing mode set for economy (or draft) printing using black ink only, when I look at the estimated ink level display in the HP Officejet Pro 8500 toolbox, all four cartridges seem to be equally depleted. Sigh ….

  20. I have the problem of "small" printing going from PhotoShop CS4 to HP 8500 wireless. No solution from HP at this time, they are researching. I did notice that when the default printer is selected, it points to the fax version of the printer. Could this be messing up the DPI and thus the size? This is driving me nuts! It prints fine if I printer to the PhotoSmart printer also connected to the system. I'm on Win 7.

  21. Pete, please keep us up-to-date with respect to any fix you may get out of HP or Adobe. My only work-around is to save the image as a PDF file; alas, that is not a happy solution, because that limits me to the 8.5×11 format, and I want to use 4×6 paper.

    Thanks !!

  22. I don't think the "small print" problem on the 8500 belongs to HP . HP has not return their call to me, but I just tried my other system, a Win Pro box connected to the same printer. I opened my file in Photoshop 7 and it printed fine. I then tried from my MacBook running Snow Leopard and CS3, and it worked fine. I think this is a Photoshop CS4 bug. Bob, when you select "Print…" in CS4, in the print window select the "8500 A909g Series" and click print. In the small print window that opens next, is the "A909g Series fax selected" on your system?

  23. I just bought a 8500 and runing in to the problem of printing to 4×6 paper from Photoshop CS4. The only paper options I have from the HP window are: Leagal, Executive, A4, and Letter. I have called HP, and they started their normal diaganostic but their chat program was acting up so we stopped. I am about to return the printer because I have had so many problem with HP' support in the past. THe only reason I bought the HP this time was because it was so highly reated in Consumer Reports!

  24. I recently purchased the Officejet 8500 A909a. I installed the printer, or shall I say tried to install on my xp machine. I have spent countless hours with hp support which has been useless. They have been far less than helpful! I have spent hours and hours trying to load this to both the xp machine.

    So I thought that I'd be brave and try to load it on my vista machine. No luck either. Then support suggested that I get into the registry and many technical things. To date nothing they have suggested has worked! NOTHING!!! I am tired, frustrated, and running out of time to return the product.

    If I don't get this resolved and loaded in a few days, then the machine will be returned. Luckily, I have other usb printers so I could even print the instructions from the support people. BUT, I need to have a duplex printer for my business. I cannot waste any more time trying over and over again to get the drivers installed.

  25. I bought the Officejet 8500 non wireless version today. I connected it with a LAN cable to my wireless router so I can print wireless from my laptop. The printer alignment routine took about 20 minutes, software installation went OK on 2 Vista laptops and took another 20 minutes each, this wasn't too bad I think. So far everything I tried works as advertised although I have to admit I only printed on A4 sized paper and did not try any print,scan or copy jobs that were more than 2 pages and haven't even connected the fax yet. In the Netherlands I was able to buy this machine for 150 euros after cashback with a 3 year guarantee, I think that's a pretty good deal. But if I had read the comments from previous posters before buying this printer, I am not sure if I would have bought it though but for now I'm happy.


  26. I initially thought that the problem was with HP; however, it does not appear that the printer is 8.5 x 11" centric; indeed, using Word in OpenOffice I've printed the addresses on many #10 envelopes with no problem. I suspicions lie with PhotoShop CS4.

  27. POINT PROVED: I had forgotten that when I installed Photoshop CS4, I left CS on the system. I just printed a beautiful 4×6 full-bleed (no margins) print of my son using Photoshop CS. So, CS4 is the bad guy!!

  28. Hp finally got back to me tonight. They told me the problem was escalated to level 2 support. I told them that I believed that the problem is within Photoshop CS4, and asked HP to work with Adobe. What I didn't tell him was that I also tried a work around of loading the PS file in Fireworks and printing. That hung the spooler! My opinion, again, Adobe

  29. I saw a solution on another site that suggest to delete the 8500 fax "printer", and that seem to work for me.

    Not the ideal solution, but…..

  30. Hi,

    I have the same problem with CS4 and HP OJ Pro 8500 A909a. The prints were too small. I found the problem. CS4 think is the HP Fax (you can see in the printer properties). I rename the printer and it works.

    cu CS

  31. If you scan a document to email – is the scanned image a PDF attachment?

  32. I have the Officejet 8500 PRO and I've had to exchange it 2 times already because the paper is supposed to pull from Tray 1 and despite a full stack of paper in place, the error message "there is no paper" keeps popping up.

    I think there is something in the software of the printer that is not working properly since I've received two new machines and the same thing happens.

  33. The copy function is supposed to recognize the paper size. This does not work. Also it only copies letter size, not A4 the standard in Europe, although I bought it in Europe. It is supposed to copy A4 it just doesn't.

  34. Same problem with the doc feeder picking up every page very carefully and individually and then about the 4th page goes through fast without getting copied, scanned, faxed or anything. I have stood there and held on to pages to make sure only 1 at a time is picked up – its not a roller feed problem. It just decides at some point to skip a page. Signed a contract to sell my business, faxed it to the buyer so they would wire the money and found out 40 minutes before the wire desk closed that the signature pages didn't go through. Small busines machine, my foot!

  35. I just purchased this Officejet 8500 premier series printer. This does not give the option to print on a "Premium Plus" photo paper. The support people do not know what they are doing. My old printer Photosmart prints better picture then this. There is no option to chose the Premium Plus Photo Paper or the 4×6 with tab paper (super Gloss)

    I am dissapointed.

  36. Re: #36, W. Hebert …. Once I deleted the FAX device driver, I've had no problems printing 4×6 photos full-bleed (i.e., no borders) on HP 4×6 with tab paper. Printing straight from PhotoShop CS4. After adjusting image scale and any required cropping to 4×6 @ 200 px/inch, and rotating to portrait orientation,

    File > Print … scale@100%, Select OJ 8500, then [Print]. A second menu pops up. HP OJ Pro 8500 is highlighted. Select [Preferences]. I then select a printing shortcut I configured "4×6 Photo Portrait Orientation" which is set for Borderless 4x6in paper, HP Advanced Photo Papers, "Best" print quality, print in gray-scale=Off, and orientation=Portrait. Click [OK]. Pop-up goes away, and I click [Print] on remaining window (after, of course, loading 4×6 paper, face down, tab toward me, in printer). I get outstanding print quality. Only thing is this – my wife does NOT tear off the tab, but writes a caption on it. Sigh ….

  37. I think I'm officially throwing in the towel on HP. I've used and loved their products since my HP calculator and scientific instrumentation in the early 80s. Their products (officejets in particular) are just JUNK now. How sad. The HP Officejet 7310 that I replaced was a total POS and printing Christmas cards we were getting 110 pages to a $57 color ink cartridge. Now this…can't print from CS4…ugh. Contacted HP support and they encouraged me to reload CS4. Said it has worked many times for others.

  38. I tried downloading all updates and reinstalling (over the top) the entire suite (CS4). This did not work.

    I then simply RENAMED the fax to "8500 fax" in the printer control panel and it fixed the problem. Works fine now.


  39. #36: This is not at all a printer made to print photos and will not produce photo quality like home model printers. This is a printer for business/office use and is not meant for home use other than for a home office. This printer is designed for very high volume printing (15 000 pages a month) at high speed for businesses. If you want a printer to print photos you need to get one of the ones for home use that use 6 different ink colors, this printer which uses only 3 colors cannot provide the best photo quality like the printers made for photos.

  40. Can not figure out how to connect two printers wireless- Is this possible. Simple question do I have to install the software on both computers when I have a network and a wireless hub?

  41. Honestly, the printer is absolutely not worth buying it :

    Many non professional defaults which makes it impossible to use if you need it :

    Software : much more complicated than the previous one, unnecessary functions. Scanner software is too complex and too slow.

    Printer : no duplex feader; printing noisy, sound like a cheep plastic engine.

    photocopier jumps pages, low quality; not convinient with A4 books.

    Fax : also jumps pages.

    Cartidges : uses to much ink; impossible to work if even one unused cartidge is "empty" or so detected.

    On/OF : too slow : 5 or 10 minutes.

    Cleaning : done every 100 pages – a enourmous waste of time.

    Recommendation : one can buy such printer only if he very rarely prints / faxes / scan and if he has a lot of time to waste.

  42. Was does my HP Office Jet Pro 8500 Premier, when the print goes into sleep mode I have to unplug and replug to start up again. I even hold down the on and off button and does not start the printer. Any advise would be great.

  43. HP Officejet Pro 8500 (Can you tell me why whenever I press the Send button, it always tries to send a fax?)

  44. How do I scan double sided using the OfficeJet 8500?

  45. This is by far the most time-consuming printer I have ever dealt with. I have it networked (hard wire) to 3 computers. The software gets corrupted very easily and there is no easy way to fix it. When it has a problem with one computer, the problems overflow to printing/scanning on the others. On the plus side tech support is excellent, however, having spent 2 hours every couple of weeks with them to get it up and running is not my idea of efficiency. Also, I am on the 3rd printer since buying in April 09, both developed feed problems. I will likely try to find a better solution.

  46. I am surprised HP let this one slip by. Unable to install properly on network (Manually installed), cannot get the scanner to work at all with HP software on a Windows 7 64 bit unit. HP should have beta tested more.


    To all of you others who were recommending removing the Fax, you were on the right track, but it is so much simpler to just rename the Fax in the control panels. I have been looking at 5 different message boards, none have come up with this simple solution.

    Just putting in the necessary language for search engines:


  48. What is never said by HP nor in most reviews is that you cannot print in BLACK only..when one of the other expensive color cartriges is low or out. The older HP printers (which I have owned 3 in the past 20 years would let you still print in Black..which is 80% of usage) if one of the other color cartidges were low or out. The HP 8500 shuts down completely…..It will not let you resume printing until you buy a replacement color cartdg. This happened to me at 11pm one night and I was furious. I called HP support and they confirmed that all color cartridges are needed to print in only in black. I did get an HP number to call an complain. 800 474 6836. You should do the same.

  49. I feel all you great folks on the posts. What has happened to me is just nothing short of amazing. I buy three Compaq laptops for my business, the guy sells me windows 7, I then purchase the 8500 and am excitied about the whole wireless crap. Guess what, the 8500, or 6500 don't speak to Windows 7, well would somebody then advise all sales agents that sell this product globally to inform us. This serious B*&&*%*T. I still have to go an internet cafe to print!!!!Somebody please send me a patch that works!

  50. I bought 8500 pro today and well guess the Cyan catridge is faulty and buy a new one and guess what that one says its empty……. need to go and buy a new one again….. all over again

  51. Our onsite office has the 8500 Pro, and they cannot get the documents to scan at normal size. I receive the documents via email at a reduced size. Any suggestions or specific instructions on how to fix this?


  52. Can the HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 scan directly to PDF…or acrobat?

  53. I am having problems aligning my OfficeJet Pro 8500. I am hoping that someone would be willing to do the following to help me:

    1. Print an alignment page

    2. Scan it as a high resolution document (Pdf or image)

    3. Email it to me as an attachment.

    My email is ehrenmarks@yahoo.com


  54. In reference to Adobe CS4 Small Printing only…Thank you a hundred times over to all the people who sugessted modifying the Fax name (HP Pro 8500 A909G Fax) in the control panel of Windows XP. I've been trying to solve this with Adobe for weeks and had also unistalled and re-installed the entire CS4 suite and was just about to install and test other printers, etc. After reading your posts, I took a chance and renamed the fax by simply removing the 'A909G' and PS CS4 prints just fine now.

  55. WOW i've been reading all your posts and i feel really amazed by all your problems and complaints.
    I bought this printer early January, played with it on standard RJ45 Ethernet and wifi g mode (with PSK2-AES encryption), i set it up on 1 Win XP Pro SP3, 3 Win 7 64bit, 1 Snow Leopard, and 2 Linux configurations without problems (except the 3 Win7 and the OSX the OSs are in virtualisation mode…), i set the fax on a VoIP line supporting the T.38 protocol, set up the fax holding a copy of the various sent and received documents on my home server (a simple synology 409+) and the scanned documents to be sent to a dedicated folder on that same router.

    All worked fine till there. I printed, scanned and faxed in many possible ways from all systems (along with CS4 drawings) never had a problem, nor a skipped or lost page.
    Have never had any problem bringing the printer out of the standby mode and never had problem with the cardiges being depleted (as the printer gives at all times a status of its cardiges)…
    All in all it took me 15-20 at the first startup and about 10 minutes for the drivers/apps installation on each system.

    All i can say is that i feel sorry for all of you who have had so many troubles 🙁 On my side i'm extremely happy with it and is by far the best printer i ever used (made exception of the huge Lexmark at the office).

  56. Sorry to add this in a second post (got distracted on the way)…

    Once configured in the right way it is also a huge plus to be able to manage it and/or print documents from anywhere, as long as you have some internet connection (a simple GPRS connection on a cell phone will be enough)

  57. Bonjour,

    Je trouve cette description intéressante mais je n'y ai pas trouvé ce que je cherche. Nous avons un problème de prise de ligne par le fax sans qu'il différencie un appel vocal d'une réception de fax. La ligne sonne deux fois et le fax démarre bloquant les appels entrants.



    I am finding that I am not the only one that had/has problems with the HP Officejet Pro 8500 feeding paper (getting the "our of paper" message). My first one printed around 30 pages before it started having problems feeding paper. I tried a number of things but nothing worked for long. The store tech said that it probably had a sensor problem…Number two did the same thing after about 50 pages, and I reluctantly agreed to try a third machine. Behold, it did around 75 before the same problem emerged.

    I suspected that the pickup rollers which were putting marks near the top of the paper (two grey marks about two the three inches apart) were not "tacky" enough to move the paper and were just spinning, until the machine dedided that it was "out of paper." To prove my point I purchased a STAPLES "Inkjet Printer Cleaning Kit" which contains three pre-moistened 8 1/2" x 11" sheets, a bottle of cleaning fluid and some cotton- and foam-tipped swabs on long sticks.

    After powering the machine down using the power button (so that the heads would park in a safe position), I took everything off the machine that would fall off, unplugged the power cord from the back and removed the duplexer from the back. I then laid the machine bottom-up on my bed so that it wouldn't be damaged. Using a flashlight I could see (with difficulty) the two rubber/fiber pick-up rollers by looking through the back where the duplexer had been. I then put some of the cleaning fluid on one of the foam-tipped swabs and rubbed the total surface of both wheels. (This was not an easy task due to the limited access, but it was do-able.)

    I used another swab to remove any excess fluid and then ran several blank pages through the printer (puched the "Copy" button with nothing in to copy. I then proceeded to print around 200 pages without a single hitch. (Using HP paper) I suspect that this cleaning could also be accomplished by using one of the pre-soaked sheets and holding on to it so that the rollers have to spin on it, making them drag it in slowly. (This method probably won't be as effective.)

    In other words, the rubber HP is using for these rollers is apparently too hard and becoming "glazed" or perhaps covered by paper dust and thus not "Sticky" enough to gragb the paper. The tension or pressure the rollers put on the paper could certainly also factor into the senario, but I believe the roller itself is the major factor. Also, the brand of paper probably has a bearing on how long the machine will print without becoming ineffective – since some probably has more "paper dust" than other brands. Originally I was using a store brand of paper which has worked great for me in every other HP printer that I have ever owned or used. (I currently own 5 other HP models which have had no "feeding" problems with them – other problems, yes.)

    I really havent done enough printing to see if this fix is a long-term one, but it will certainly help you get by for awhile if you own an 8500.

  59. recently installed officejet pro8500. I use for incoming faxes. I set it up to receive the faxes into a file on my computer. This worked fine until HP notified me there
    was a software update. I installed the new Solution Center software and now it just prints faxes, no more files. So, I have to then scan the printed page and save as pdf.

  60. The printer does not work properly in Windows 7. There is an installation issue with security and all functions won't work if the install instructions aren't followed. It never gives you any warnings of install issues either, so you don't have a clue if it installed correctly or not.

  61. Got plenty of alignment problem. Everytime power on the printer will auto start a alignment test, then will prompt me alignment failure and refer to documentation. Really a piece of shit.

  62. My package did not include the Rediris Pro 11 cd. ? Problem I am having is loading the software cd. Keeps bombing out. I get "cannot access Windows Service Installer" This is located in Admin Tools>services>windows installer. I changed switches to "automatic" but can't get "started" to stay on. There are many other setups with tabs but don't know which ones to set. I tried to communicate with HP help….a dismal experience. My system is Vista. Anyone know the solution ?

  63. We have a little problem in the studio with the 8500. We have a A4 file set-up in Illustrator CS4, with a 5mm white border. But each time we print this it's cutting off the top of the artwork. So we set the printer setting to borderless A4, still the same problem 5mm bottom, right and left but top has 12mm. So we go the next step by clicking on Print Borderless. This selects the paper tray, paper type and quality. OK hit print, cuts off all of the white border and scale the artwork to the page mmmmm great. So I would be guessing that the work around would be a solid colour…but what if you like white borders. Has anyone had this problem, if so let me know please and if you have a fix please let me know ASAP.

    On MAC 10.6.3

  64. HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g Series – What am I doing wrong? The pictures I take are crisp, but the print from this printer is dark and dingy? I'm using HP premium glossy photo paper, printing directly from the SD Card.

  65. Dave, I'm sorry you are having picture problems. I, for one, am nothing but pleased with my 8500 performance. I'm able to get outstanding 4×6 borderless prints from Facebook photos (which, in general, are low resolution) and from images shot with my Blackberry Storm/2, a 2 MP camera. And, of course, I get outstanding prints from my Minolta A2 8MB camera. I think one key difference is that I do not go directly from my camera device to the printer, but first process my images in Photoshop CS4. I prepare my prints for 180 pixels/inch, 4×6 inches, no borders.

    Now I don't recommend that you run out and spend $600 on a copy of Photoshop CS4; however, you can get Photoshop Elements from Amazon.com for about $75, and I am lead to believe that it has the basic picture editing tools you need (warning: I have no experience with Photoshop Elements, so do your own research!).

  66. I recently purchased the Officejet 8500 A909a. I installed the printer, or shall I tried to install XP on my machine. I spent many hours with HP support, it was not necessary. They were much less useful! I spent hours and hours trying to load both the XP machine.

  67. I used to buy HP printers, but this one will be my last. The hardware might be fine, but the software is shoddily written. I'll add a printer and it will work … for a while. Then it stops, and I have to delete it and add another one.

    When I scan, the resolution is always miniscule.

    It takes an inordinate amount of time to clean itself, warm up the scanner, etc., etc.

    In short, it is a major disappointment. A printer should just *work*

  68. Always had HP printers- this will be my last. What a POS. I've had it for 10 months now & here's what my complaints are.

    Self tests & cleaning are noisy & time consuming!

    Heaven help you if you suffer a power failure!

    It's a hard drive hog. 700 MB of space for a friggen printer? Are you kidding me?

    If you have Vista Professional- forget this printer. Prints from some programs, ignores othere. Not Quickbooks Pro compatible. I've updated until I'm blue in the face- makes no difference. No print from QB.

    If phone ringing on a shared line (fax & phone) it won't print until phone is hung up. Very conveient!

    It's much slower printing than advertised.

    I shouldn't have to have 2 printers networked so I can print from all my programs.

    I loved my old HP 6110 but wouldn't do Vista.

    Heaven help anyone upgrading to Windows 7 w/ this doorstop.

    Had a whopping 14 day return policy on this printer from Office Max. They wouldn't take it back when I complained.

    Next time- anything but a HP. Support is non-existant.

  69. Had my HP 8500 for a week. Running XP and found that the HP software to be very buggy. Also major interference from firewalls – had no firewall problems with other new devices. The multifunction works well in stand-alone mode, ie manual operation from the front panels controls. Printer output quality is very good.

  70. There has been some negative stuff on this forum regarding the 8500. Well, I've had positive results. My configuration: I have the 8500 hard-wired (USB 2.0 connection) to my Windows XP/Pro machine. No problems printing or scanning (or even copying, but then that doesn't require the computer). I also have it connected via WiFi to my Windows 7/Home 64-bit laptop — again, no problems (my wife is astonished that I can be in the den, print something on my laptop, and simply walk down the all and fetch it off of the printer!). The duplex print capability is much faster than on my old HP 970.

    I have only one minor gripe: the start-up time from power off to ready-to-print seems somewhat excessive, but I've learned to plan ahead and work around that issue.

    I find the printing quality excellent (I use the black-ink only setting, "draft" mode, and lowest setting ("slider" all the way to the left) for minimizing ink usage. Photos, even from my Blackberry, are stunning. The OCR seems adequate, but I've used it only a few times for simple tasks.

    I hereby confess that I'm pleased with my 8500, and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

  71. I purchased the OfficeJet 8500 about 3 months ago. Installed it on my machine that has Windows XP Pro as an operating system. Other then the long install time, the printer worked as expected with one exception. When scanning an image, the edit functions will not work. I found that if I minimized the page and then reopened it, the edit functions would work. Scanning a document worked fine. After at least 8 hours working with HP, I still have the problem. The only answer they could give was us the work-a-round by using the Paint program supplied with XP Pro.

    This week I tried the printer on an old eMachine that is loaded with the XP Home operating system. With that system, the printer works fine.

    Anyone have any solution or comment on this problem? HP claims their printer software works with XP Pro.

  72. I have seen one comment about the difficulty of copying A4, but there was no answer. I have the same problem. The machine is cutting off about an inch on the bottom and so I assume it is configured for 11 inch paper. How can I change this? It is ridiculous that a machine sold in Europe seems to have a US standard.

  73. Does the HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-One Printer support faxing from your pc? i.e is there a device driver available (for Windows XP) I use a fax printer driver to fax a document from my PC withou printing it out first?

  74. Gideon, yes you can fax directly from your PC. There is a functional, but painful, interface. It has the capability to keep track of faxes sent, errors, and failed transmissions in addition to an address book. It does work fine, but EVERY time I send a fax I have to select several options and cannot make them a default. Often it is slow and if a fax does not arrive at the destination, it simply gives up, flashes one small error message, and then puts the failed fax into the que.

    It's the same interface for earlier printers.

    Perhaps once she is governor, it'll be upgraded. 😉

  75. I have a confession. As indicated in earlier posts I'm very pleased with my 8500, and if I had to replace it, it would be with another 8500. I have it hard wired (Ethernet) to my main machine, a Windows 7/Pro 64-bit desktop, and access it with my Windows 7/Home 64-bit laptop. I don't do FAX, so I can't comment on that feature. But for printing, scanning, and copying, it simply works.

  76. HP Officejet Pro 8500 and Photoshop Elements printing problems: I just wanted to share here a fix I found in a forum for the 8550 printer.

    The problem is that when trying to print a photo directly from Photoshop, the HP printer software attempts to send it as a fax. The simple solution, which worked for me last night, is to rename the fax function of the printer in Windows to a simpler name. By default it is called something like "HP Officejet Pro 8500 a909g fax." Except for the word "fax", that is the same string of info used for the print function. By simply renaming the fax feature as "Officejet fax" the problem disappeared. Printing photos from within Photoshop is now straightforward. By the way, based on the other forum, this also works with the full version Photoshop CS4.

    It is still infuriating that such a problem is left standing by two major players in the computer business, whose products are often used together. And, yes, I am using the latest versions of the software on both sides.

  77. I have two of these machines and one of them just started put a blue/black line down the middle of anything that goes through the paperfeeder ruining anything I scan or copy! Help???

  78. Lots of problems but no answers. I see that XP Pro seems to be a major problem. However, there are many different problems involved which indicates XP Pro drivers are defective.

    I have found little help from HP support.

  79. Error message about paper jam. There is none. Who can fix this and where do I go for help.

  80. When I use the feeder for scanning purposes it always does double sided. I don’t want that as documents are single sided. How do I change that setting.

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