Being able to access the files on your PC or Mac from your smartphone is ultra convenient, as you likely store significantly more files and data on your computer, than you do your phone. Your computer is likely the main hub for your photos, videos, media, business data and more.

Computer Hard Drive

One of the more popular ways to access files on a computer, from a smartphone or tablet, is to simply use cloud services. If you’re looking for a cloud service, jump to our article on the best cloud services.

However, if you’re on the go and need to access an important file on your computer, cloud services require that the particular file be stored in a specified cloud backup folder. For example, with Dropbox, this would be the Dropbox folder. If you’ve forgotten to copy the file to your cloud folder, then it won’t be accessible from your smartphone or tablet.

In today’s post, we will review how you can actually gain full access to your PC or Mac, including being able to access files, run applications and more, directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Android Smartphones and Tablets

Remote Desktop by Kolakowski Damian (Free)

This free remote desktop app works by pairing your smartphone with your computer via web browser (Chrome or Firefox). Its unique interface also allows for smoother, more responsive navigation from a smartphone or tablet.

Kolakowski Remote Desktop

Pocket Cloud Remote Desktop Pro ($14.99)

Pocket Cloud Remote Desktop Pro is a premium remote desktop client that boasts nearly perfect Google Play ratings from users. Aside from basic desktop access, the app is also fine tuned for touchscreen navigation. Unique features like the navigation wheel allow you to navigate your desktop more effectively from touch screen devices.

Pro Remote Desktop

Team Viewer Free Edition (Free)

Team Viewer Free Edition is one of the more popular remote desktop apps in Google Play. Using the Team Viewer exclusive client interface, you simply download the app to your device, download the app to your computer, and you’re set to go.

Team Viewer Free Edition

Splashtop Remote Desktop ($4.99)

Splashtop was one of the first companies to provide remote desktop apps for smartphones and tablets. Their Splashtop Remote Desktop software for Android offers plenty of features and exclusive navigation controls for making desktop navigation simpler, from a smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen interface.

Google play Splashtop

2x Client RDP/Remote Desktop (Free)

With plenty of features available in a free app, 2x Client RDP might be a great remote desktop choice. Unique built-in optimizers and controls make the remote desktop connection auto optimize view for smartphones and tablets. Need to edit Word documents on the go, but forgot to add them to Dropbox? The responsive application views for this app make even editing files simple.

2x Remote Desktop

Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad

iTeleport ($24.99)

The $24.99 price tag seems a bit high, but if you want one of the best, professional remote desktop apps for your iDevice, you may want to consider iTeleport, an app that has been solidly recommended by many Mac and Apple users.

Apple iTeleport

LogMeIn (Free)

With a LogMeIn account, the free app, and the desktop app, you can control your Mac or PC from your iPhone, iPod or iPad seamlessly. With full computer access and LogMeIn’s exclusive controls, you can edit Mac or Windows documents simply, even while on the go from a smartphone.


RDM Desktop Lite (Free)

If simplicity is the key, you may want to consider using the RDM Desktop Lite app to access your Mac or PC from an iDevice. Including just enough features to get the job done, but not too many that the app is overwhelming, RDM Desktop simply works.

RDM Desktop Mac

PocketCloud Remote Desktop (Free)

We mentioned the paid, professional version of Pocket Cloud above, for Android smartphones. However, the company also supports the iPhone/iPad/iPod platform via their PocketCloud Remote Desktop Free Edition. Available on Android also, PocketCloud is one of the more popular apps that offers great compatibility for more platforms.

iSSH ($9.99)

If you want an app for remote desktop connections, but prefer a direct connection via SSH, you might want to consider the iSSH SSH emulator for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac. Exclusive features include desktop manager and some unique interface controls.


Thank you for stopping by the site for today’s post. The apps mentioned above are among the best remote desktop client apps for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad Touch, that will give you full access to your Mac or PC desktop on the go. Need more than just access to a folder on your desktop (cloud), you may want to consider one of these apps, which allow you to edit documents, view files, and even run programs.