iClever BTH03 Bluetooth Kids Headphones Review

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Buying a pair of headphones can often be a bit of a hit and miss affair. There are so many variables to consider – the sound quality, the comfort of […]

5 Best Remote Office Tips To Help You Work During The Coronavirus Crisis

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As we mentioned in our earlier article, detailing the best work from home setups, working from home can be a bit of a culture shock for some people. To go […]

OTT Explains : What Is a Meme (And How To Create One)

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The Internet has brought mankind some important groundbreaking advancements – making international trade easier, bringing different cultures together, giving journalists an endless source of news in the form of tweets…but […]

How to Use The YouTube Audio Library In Your Video Projects

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If you are producing your own video or other media project, you can’t just take whatever music you want from the Internet. If you are flying a jet fighter over […]

The Best Places To Find Audiobooks For Free

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Otter – An AI-Powered Audio Transcription Service That Actually Works

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Just as the last decade was all about mobile, the next decade of the Internet will be all about audio. From voice-powered search to dictation to AI assistants, the keyboard […]

How To Rip YouTube Videos Using VLC Player

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YouTube Music Review – A Nice Streamlined Way To Listen To Music Videos

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When you think of streaming music, you are spoilt for choice. The market leader is arguably Spotify, with Apple Music coming in a close second. Then it’s platforms like Pandora […]

How to Protect Yourself from Hackers Online

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The Internet can be a scary place these days. Although it can often be used for good, such as providing people with remote jobs and lifelines to disabled people stranded […]

Set Up Custom Reddit Alerts With “Notifier For Reddit”

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Everyone knows Google Alerts where you can be alerted by email and/or RSS feed if a certain search query turns up anything new. It is used by a huge number […]