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The Features Which Make Signal The Most Secure Messaging App In Existence

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When I first started using the Internet almost 20 years ago, there were many instant messaging options available. From MSN Messenger to Yahoo Messenger to ICQ, I used them all. The problem though was that they were not secure. If the chat platform or a government wanted to eavesdrop on your conversations, they very easily […]

How To Make & Manage Music Playlists For VLC Media Player

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One of my favourite software apps by far is VLC Media Player. I love how it plays anything you throw at it and I particularly like its playlist features too. If you’re in the flow, work-wise, there’s nothing worse than having to stop all the time to start a new MP3 album or one single […]

How To Use Netflix’s Parental Control Feature

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Netflix has become the leading “go-to” site for streaming television and movies, and in recognition that children are also using the platform, there is also a separate children’s section with kid-friendly content. But that doesn’t stop tech-savvy kids from clicking on the adult section and getting full access to violent movies or movies with sexual […]

How To Set Up & Use The KeePass Password Manager

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I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before until you’re sick and tired of hearing it. You need strong unique passwords for each of your accounts. Don’t use the same password more than once. Don’t use personally identifying information and make the passwords as long as possible. This means no passwords such as 12345 or […]

How To Create Video Subtitles Quickly For Free

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The future of internet content and social media sharing is in video. But many social media platforms mute their videos by default. So to hear the video, you must either turn on the volume or have subtitles attached. To be safe, it’s better to have both. A lot of people scroll through their social media […]