Firefox Monitor Tells You When Your Login Details Have Been Compromised

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After years of using Google Chrome, I finally decided to go back to a more privacy-focused browser, Mozilla Firefox. Firefox takes privacy very seriously.  You can choose between three different levels of “content blocking” which covers everything from trackers, cookies, cryptominers, and fingerprinters.  But Firefox has now introduced something called Firefox Monitor, which tells you […]

How To Revoke Third-Party Website Access On Facebook, Twitter & Google

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We’ve seen these buttons so many times already as they have become an integral part of the Internet. If you are too lazy to sign up for services using your email address, you can just use your social media or Google accounts to sign up to those services with. These websites then contact Facebook, Google, […]

How To Digitize & Read Your Comic Book Collection

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In my never-ending quest for a paperless existence, I am trying to digitize more and more printed materials which are languishing on my bookshelves. This includes the vast number of comic books which I seem to have collected over the years. There are many free comic book readers available for your computer and tablet. So […]

5 Secure Online Services To Transfer Large Files To People

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As email services stubbornly cling to their Web 1.0 25MB attachment size limits, users meanwhile are needing ways to transfer larger and larger files. Of course, if security is not an issue, there is always cloud storage or leaving files temporarily on your web domain. But if you need a secure way to transfer files […]

The Basics Of Creating Your First YouTube Channel

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With the existence of the Internet, there has never been a better time to be a video star. And when those videos of you start to stack up and gain viral popularity, they need a home. So where better than your own branded YouTube channel? Making one is rather straightforward and totally free. Today we’ll […]

How To Download Offline Google Maps For When You Have No Internet

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I’m going to let you into a little secret which may shock you. Not everywhere in the world has Internet coverage. I know, shocking right? Sometimes when you are out in the armpit of beyond, admiring the sheep and the cows, you look at your phone and realise with shock that your mobile phone provider’s […]

4 Ways To Make Facebook Messenger a Standalone App

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There’s a big misconception that if you want to use Facebook Messenger, you must be signed into Facebook itself and access the chat interface from the Facebook website or the mobile version. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact you don’t even need a Facebook account anymore to use Messenger. Even if you […]

How To Encrypt Your Windows Hard-Drive With VeraCrypt

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In this final part of a three part series, we are now going to look at how to encrypt your Windows hard-drive using VeraCrypt. In part one, we showed how to make an ordinary encrypted folder and in part two, how to make a hidden folder within an encrypted folder. But now we’re going to […]

How To Transfer Files From One Google Drive Account To Another

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Google Drive has been around for a long time and if like me, you use Drive on a regular basis to store files, then it’s probably getting quite full by now. One solution is to buy more storage space. As a for-profit business, Google obviously prefers that you get your wallet out. But another solution […]

How To Add a Hidden Area Inside An Encrypted VeraCrypt Volume

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Last time, I showed you how to set up an encrypted volume on your computer using VeraCrypt. Today, we are going to go a step further and show you how to insert a hidden encrypted area inside an ordinary encrypted volume. Mind-bending, right? But Why Would I Want a Hidden Section? Apart from the fun […]