Bugs and errors are some of the most frustrating yet unavoidable aspects of gaming. Unfortunately, even triple-A titles with huge developer teams won’t be glitch-proof.

Dev Error 6068 is one of the most common errors plaguing Call of Duty players. The error may be caused by multiple things, including a corrupt DirectX installation, outdated or corrupt Windows files, outdated or corrupt drivers, and corrupt game files. 

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    So how can you fix it? 

    Run the Game as Administrator

    Launching Call of Duty with administrator privileges can solve error 6068 because certain files need admin access to run correctly. 

    1. Open the Battle.net launcher. 
    2. Open the Call of Duty page.
    1. Click on Options, then Show in Explorer
    1. Scroll down and find ModernWarfare.exe
    2. Right-click the .exe file and select Run as administrator
    1. Run Call of Duty as usual and see if the issue has been resolved. 

    Optimize Graphics and CPU/GPU Usage

    Dev Error 6068 can be caused by Call of Duty using too many system resources (especially if you’re using an older or sub-optimal set-up to play). Reducing the graphics settings may fix the issue by allowing your computer to run the game better. 

    Lower Graphics Settings

    1. Launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 
    2. Open Options and then Graphics
    1. Set every option to the lowest setting. 

    Problem Settings

    Specific settings in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare appear to cause issues, including the Dev Error 6068. These include V-sync, ray tracing, crossplay, and g-sync. 

    To disable these, follow these steps: 

    For V-Sync:

    1. Launch Call of Duty and open Options, then Graphics.
    2. Scroll down to Sync Every Frame (V-Sync) and select Disabled.

    For ray tracing:

    1. Launch Call of Duty and open Options, then Graphics.
    2. Scroll to Shadow & Lighting and disable DirectX Raytracing.

    For crossplay:

    1. Launch Call of Duty and switch to the Account tab. 
    2. Select Crossplay and choose Disabled.

    For G-Sync:

    1. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card and G-Sync-compatible monitor, right-click the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.
    2. Expand the Display tab in the left-hand menu, then click on Set up G-Sync.
    3. Uncheck Enable G-Sync.

    Note: We recommend that you do each of these steps individually to see if it’s a particular setting that’s causing Dev Error 6068 for you. 

    Deactivate Game Overlays and Performance Monitoring Software

    Several game overlays cause problems with games, especially if your hardware is a little older and struggles to run more intensive games. Closing or preventing these programs can fix Dev Error 6068. 

    Check for Nvidia GeForce Experience, AMD Overlay, Game Bar, Discord Overlay, and MSI Afterburner.

    To disable the Nvidia GeForce Experience in-game overlay:

    1. Ensure Call of Duty is closed.
    2. Launch GeForce Experience.
    3. Click on General in the left-hand menu.
    4. Scroll down and toggle off the In-Game Overlay
    1. Save your changes and exit Geforce Experience, then check if the issue is fixed. 

    To disable the AMD Overlay:

    1. Press Alt + R to open the overlay. 
    2. Click on Settings at the top-right corner and select Preferences.
    3. Under the General section, toggle off the switch for In-Game Overlay
    4. Check Call of Duty. 

    To disable Game Bar

    1. Ensure Call of Duty is closed.
    2. Press the Windows key and type Settings.
    3. Select Gaming.
    1. Find where it says Enable Xbox Game Bar for things like
    1. Toggle this off and check if Error 6068 is fixed. 

    To disable the Discord Overlay:

    1. Ensure Call of Duty is closed. 
    2. Open Discord.
    3. Select User settings (the cog icon at the bottom left-hand corner). 
    1. In the left-hand menu, select Game Overlay.
    2. Toggle off Enable in-game overlay and check Call of Duty. 

    Turn Off Unnecessary Programs

    Unnecessary programs will use system resources that could help run Call of Duty more smoothly and avoid Dev Error 6068. 

    1. Close any programs that are open that you aren’t using. 
    2. Open the Icon Tray with the upward arrow at the bottom-right of the screen. 
    1. Right-click and close any programs that you don’t need. 
    2. Finally, right-click the Taskbar and select Task Manager.
    3. Navigate to Processes and check for any unnecessary programs.
    4. Right-click the program and select End task

    Note: Only close programs if you know what they are and don’t need them to be running. 

    Set the Call of Duty Process to High-Priority

    Changing the Call of Duty application to a high-priority process can help if your PC isn’t handling the CPU and GPU load. 

    1. Right-click the Taskbar and select Task Manager.
    2. Navigate to the Processes menu if this isn’t already selected. 
    3. Scroll down and find Call of Duty (it must be open). 
    4. Right-click Call of Duty and select Go to details.
    1. In this menu, right-click Call of Duty again, select Priority, and choose High.
    1. Check if the game is working. 

    Update Windows and Drivers

    Maintaining the latest Windows and driver versions will help you to avoid any potential issues with your PC. To check whether your PC has the latest update, follow these steps. 

    1. Press the Windows key and type Updates
    2. Select Check for updates and then select Check for updates again. 
    1. If there are any updates, select Download.
    2. Follow the installation guide to complete the update. 
    3. Restart your PC and then check if the Dev Error 6068 is resolved. 

    Note: If you’re having trouble updating Windows, try these fixes. 

    Update Graphics Drivers

    To update NVIDIA drivers:

    1. Open NVIDIA GeForce Experience.
    2. At the top of the window, select Drivers
    1. This screen will display any available graphics card drivers. 
    2. Select the DOWNLOAD button if it’s present. 
    1. Wait for the download to finish and then select Express Installation. 
    1. Wait for the installation to be completed and restart your PC. 

    For AMD:

    1. Right-click on the Desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings
    2. Select System and select the Software tab.
    3. Select Check for Updates and then Express Update
    4. Click on Proceed and wait for the update to finish. 
    5. Restart your PC. 

    Repair the Game Files

    As with any game, the Call of Duty files can become corrupt during installation (and afterward). Using the Battle.net launcher to scan and repair the game files can fix any missing files. 

    1. Open the Battle.net launcher and navigate to the Call of Duty page.
    2. Click Options and then Scan and Repair.
    1. Select Begin Scan.
    1. Wait for the process to complete, then check whether your game is working. 

    Use Only One Monitor

    One issue reported commonly is that Call of Duty Warfare has problems with multi-display set-ups. To check whether this is the case, you can easily unplug one monitor and see how the game runs. If it is, use the PC screen only option as follows. 

    1. Ensure Call of Duty is closed. 
    2. Click on the Notification Tray icon in the Taskbar.
    1. Click Project and select PC screen only.

    Set Call of Duty Warfare to Fullscreen Borderless

    If this doesn’t work, you can try setting Call of Duty to the fullscreen borderless mode and see if this solves the issue. 

    1. Launch Call of Duty
    2. Select Settings, then choose Graphics
    3. Under Display Mode, select the drop-down menu and select Fullscreen Borderless

    Change the VideoMemoryScale Value

    The VideoMemoryScale game file is an option that changes how much VRAM is used by Call of Duty. Reducing the VRAM usage can solve Dev Error 6068. 

    1. Ensure Call of Duty is closed. 
    2. Open the File Explorer.
    3. You need to find the Call of Duty Modern Warfare “players” folder. This is usually found at:

    C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players

    Note: It may be on a different drive depending on your PC. 

    1. Right-click adv_options.ini and select Open with then Notepad
    1. Find the line that says VideoMemoryScale
    2. Change the value of VideoMemoryScale to 0.5. 
    1. Check if Dev Error 6068 is fixed. 

    Force Run with DirectX 11

    Many games do not run properly on the newer DirectX 12. This may be the case for Dev Error 6068. However, some games seem to run better using the previous version DirectX 11. To force Call of Duty to run with DirectX11, follow these steps. 

    1. Open the Battle.net launcher
    2. Select Options, then Game Settings.
    1. Under Call of Duty: MW check the box for Additional command line arguments
    2. In the textbox write -d3d11
    1. Launch Call of Duty and see if the Dev Error 6068 is fixed. 

    Reinstall the Game

    If scanning and repairing your game files didn’t work, it’s unlikely that reinstalling the game will, but some users have reported that it solved their issue. To reinstall your game: 

    1. Start the Battle.net launcher and click Call of Duty: MW
    2. Click Options and then Uninstall Game.
    1. Once the uninstallation completes, restart your PC. 
    2. Launch Battle.net again and select Install for Call of Duty: MW. 
    3. Check if Dev Error 6068 is fixed. 

    Run SFC and DISM Commands

    Because the Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068 can be caused by corrupted or unstable Windows files, system repair tools can fix the error. These are the System File Checker (SFC) and the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tools. Try running these tools to repair your Windows files, then restart the game. 

    Check Your RAM

    A common cause of Dev Error 6068 is incompatible or dysfunctional RAM. While it’s uncertain how your RAM can cause the issue, many users have claimed that installing newer RAM fixed their error. You can also diagnose and test your RAM to see if it’s functioning correctly. 

    If nothing else in this article works, you may wish to consider upgrading your RAM. We recommend only doing this as a last resort. 

    Back to the Gulag

    Hopefully, one of these fixes solved your Dev Error 6068 problem, and you can get back in the game. If they did, consider sharing the solution with Activision and the COD: MW community as this will help others fix their game, too. 

    If nothing worked, hopefully, the developers will work out the root cause of this error and release a patch that fixes it!