It’s quite common for people to have multiple social media accounts. Perhaps they have a personal profile for friends and family, and one for business? In an era where private life and work life frequently threaten to overlap with one another online, it is sensible to separate the two wherever possible.

Or maybe you are a social media manager who is employed to look after multiple accounts? On a smartphone, logging in and out of accounts (as well as remembering the login details) is the height of tedium, especially if you have big fingers like me.

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    Instagram on the other hand makes it easier by allowing you to connect accounts to one another then switch between them with a couple of taps. Unfortunately, it only works on smartphones – for now.

    How To Connect Multiple Instagram Accounts Together

    My dog has his own Instagram account (what can I say, he’s a real diva). So I am going to connect his account to mine, so I can add photos much more easily.

    Once you have logged into the first account, it’s time to hook up the second. So go to your profile and tap on the three vertical lines (the “hamburger menu”) at the top right hand side.

    This slides the screen to the left and in the panel which now appears, scroll to the bottom and tap on Settings.

    Now scroll all the way to the bottom until you see the Logins section. Tap on Add account.

    You will now get the standard Instagram login screen. Sign into the second account.

    If you go back to your profile page now, there is an arrow next to your name. Tap on that.

    At the bottom of the screen, you will now see a menu with the connected account.

    If you have any more accounts to connect to, keep going. I am not aware of any limits imposed by Instagram on account linking.

    That is basically it. One further thing to mention is that when you now post photos, you have the option of posting the picture to multiple accounts all at once, which is a real neat time saver.