How To Set Up a PayPal Account

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There have been plenty of online financial transaction tools available to the public for quite some time now. Venmo, TransferWise, Stripe, and Payoneer to name a few. Yet, none of […]

OTT Explains : What Is a Facebook Pixel?

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At first glance, Facebook advertising can be a pretty confusing encounter. Its features are powerful but rather overwhelming and complex. A Pixel, Facebook’s advertising analytics tool, is one of the […]

How To Play World of Warcraft With a Controller

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Still quite possibly the most popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) in the world, World of Warcraft (WoW) is coming up on its eighth expansion. Though WoW continues […]

How To Set Up Private Cloud Storage Using A Windows 10 FTP Site

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When we refer to the cloud, we’re talking about a storage system that keeps data stored and accessible on the internet. In recent years, the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox, […]

OTT Explains : What Is DRM?

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Some digital files, such as songs, ebooks, and video games, are designed to prevent the consumer from copying, sharing, or using them on a different device other than the one […]

10 Best At-Home Fitness Apps

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A basic gym membership can be expensive. Not only do you need to pay a monthly fee but the gas money for travel isn’t cheap either. Add this to the […]

How To Join An Online Fantasy Football League

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Fantasy football affords us a way of staying involved with what’s going on in the NFL while also providing a competitive outlet that is as strategic as it is fun. […]

4 Best Wireless Earbuds For Your Workout

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Often when heading out for a Sunday morning jog or preparing for a heavy weightlifting session at the gym, it’s music that motivates us to push ourselves further. This could […]

How To Build and Improve Upon An Online Presence

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As technology continues to evolve, more and more transactions are taking place online. Nowadays, it’s almost essential that a business develop and foster an online presence for their brand. This […]

Best Twitch Streaming Software for Windows and Mac

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Streaming on Twitch requires a few prerequisites, one of which is a decent streaming software. The choices are few when it comes to available Twitch streaming software that’s actually worth […]