What Political Ideology Are You? 7 Websites to Test Yourself

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You may think you fall to the right or the left when it comes to your politics, but are you 100% sure? The reality is that many people hold beliefs […]

What Is about:blank and How Do You Remove It?

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If you’ve had a new tab open in your browser with the URL address “about:blank”, you might be concerned that this is some kind of strange virus or that there’s […]

How Microsoft To Do Google Calendar Integration Works

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Many Microsoft To Do users are disappointed when they start searching through the settings to find some way to integrate their Microsoft To Do account with Google Calendar. Plenty of […]

Zapier vs IFTTT: Which Is Better For Cloud Automation?

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There are two giants when it comes to the cloud automation market. Zapier, the automation powerhouse focused on accommodating the productivity needs of large businesses. And IFTTT, a favorite among […]

A Microsoft To Do Review: Why You Should Switch Right Now

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For many years, Wunderlist was one of the most popular and well-known to-do apps online. It was founded by Christian Reber in 2011, with a Pro version released in April […]

What Is HTTPS and Why You Should Care

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Up until around 2017, a large majority of websites on the internet used strictly hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) for the transmission of a website’s data to a visitor’s web browser. […]

How To Use Google Calendar: 10 Pro Tips

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When most people use Google Calendar, they use it in the simplest way possible. They create events, reminders, and maybe even schedule meetings that use Google Meet. But there’s a […]

A Look At The Google Messages App for Android. Is It Any Good?

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When it comes to Android, you have a very wide selection of messaging apps to choose from. Since the Android OS is a Google product, the odds are pretty good […]

ToDoist Desktop App For Windows: A Full Review

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You might already be familiar with the ToDoist online time management app for getting organized and improving your productivity. But did you know that there’s a desktop version of ToDoist […]

YNAB vs Mint: Why YNAB Is The Better Budget App

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Creating a budget is one of the first things people learn to do when they start “adulting”. That is, if they want to stay on top of their growing list […]