Your Amazon Order Not Received? What To Do About It

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You’ve ordered something on Amazon and wait excitedly for your package to arrive. Weeks go by with your Amazon order not received. What do you do? Amazon has an excellent […]

Samsung Gear S3 Google Maps Tips and Tricks

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The Samsung Gear S3 is a versatile watch. It can help you stay on top of your schedule, track your health, and track the weather.  But one thing the Samsung […]

How to Use PayPal on Amazon

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If you’re a frequent user of PayPal, then the odds are pretty good that you usually have some funds tied up in your PayPal account. Wouldn’t it be convenient to […]

How to Prevent Embarrassing Online Meeting Moments

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The ability to have remote, online meetings at home can be very convenient. But it also introduces a whole list of opportunities for very embarrassing moments. If you have kids, […]

7 Unbiased News Sources Free From Censorship

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In a world that has become about as polarized and biased as ever, it can be extremely difficult to find unbiased news sources. Especially in the United States, those on […]

10 Best Google Doc Add-ons To Create Amazing Documents

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Google Docs has a lot of great features, but in some cases there are a few things people occasionally need that Google Docs doesn’t have by default. There are a […]

How To Convert a PDF To Google Doc Format

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If you have PDF documents that you’d prefer to have in text format on your Google Drive account, being able to convert PDFs to Google Doc will allow you to […]

How To Do Subscript & Superscript in Google Docs

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There are many times when certain words in your document require smaller letters at the top (superscript) or the bottom (subscript) if the line of text. This is especially common […]

Samsung Gear S3 Battery Life & Charger Options

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In an ideal scenario, the Samsung Gear S3 battery life is up to four days without having to place the watch on a charging pad. This means the Gear S3 […]

Top 9 Samsung Gear S3 Apps To Improve Your Health

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Staying healthy isn’t easy, but when you own a smartwatch you’ll have an advantage. Smartwatches let you track nearly everything about your health with the apps and the sensors that […]