2 Chrome Address Bar Shortcuts to Create Google Calendar Events

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If you can stomach the privacy concerns and borderline monopolization of the internet, Google is actually quite great in the way that it offers so much! When your favorite browser is also your email provider, developer of your phone, owner of your favorite video website, and more, cross-platform integrations are aplenty. Still today, Google is […]

5 Sites To Find Limited & Special Edition Video Games For Sale

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Today’s world of video games is much different than it was a decade ago – perhaps most notably, the prevalence of digital purchases. While the pros and cons of having a digital game library can be argued, one thing is for certain. There aren’t as many physical video games anymore. The most usual draw to […]

How To Get Twitter Notifications On Web & Mobile

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Twitter has grown to become so much more than a social news website, now boasting over 500 million tweets every day. People use it to get their daily fix of news, weather, politics, and all sorts of general banter. Although a considerable portion of Twitter consists of users just chit-chatting and tweeting out things that […]

2 Best Sites To Trim & Crop YouTube Videos

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Have you ever wanted to send a friend or colleague a short and important snippet of a YouTube video without linking them to the entire thing? Although linking to the specific timestamp of a YouTube video is possible, it isn’t supported on every device and can be rather glitchy. Along with making video clips shareable […]

How To Delete Your DM History On Discord

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When Discord was released, it changed the concept of instant messaging and group chats forever. A decade before it existed, you might have found yourself using AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, or the newer Skype—two of which no longer exist, and the latter of which has suffered greatly from Discord’s popularity. Before Discord, we never […]

What Is Lorem Ipsum & Generators To Quickly Make The Text

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If you deal with written text or design at school or work, there’s a chance that you’ve needed to fill an area with dummy text. Many people will just mash away at their keyboard or repeatedly paste the same word to achieve this, but that’s a very unsightly way of doing it. Not only is […]

3 Sites To Find Free Google Docs Resume Templates

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There’s an old saying: “It takes money to make money.” You’ll often find that this is true at even the most earliest stages, such as job searching. When you’re on the hunt, your resume is one of the biggest things to consider. Many people end up paying professionals to build their resume for them, just […]

How To Use Google Docs Resume Templates

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When it comes to writing a resume, some people will go as far as to spend hundreds of dollars to get it out of their way. A well-written resume is a key ingredient to a successful job hunt, and learning how to properly create one can often be intimidating. Even if you do decide to […]

3 Best Public Discord Bots To Play Music In Your Server

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If there’s one thing that Discord does better than every other chatting platform out today, it’s bots. Entire Discord servers are built around the functionality that some of these API-driven bots are capable of, and without being able to invite custom Discord bots to our servers, Discord wouldn’t be the same. One of the most […]

What Does a Browser User-Agent Switcher Do & What Are Its Advantages?

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Despite the sleuthy sound of it, browser user-agents are actually quite simple to understand. Practically every time you access a high-traffic website, its server will be taking into account what your current user agent is, which helps identify your operating system and browser, in an attempt to better deliver content to you. Even popular browsers […]