3 Ways To Come Up With the Most Secure Password

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As the internet has grown to fight back against password crackers and other hackers, they’ve fought back just as hard. The introduction of CAPTCHA presented a huge roadblock for password […]

How To Add Color To Messages On Discord

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While one of the most lopsided Discord debates may be choosing between its Dark and Light themes, color-based customization doesn’t reach far outside of this choice and setting custom role […]

What Is The Internet Time Machine & 3 Creative Uses For It

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The Internet Time Machine, often referred to as the Wayback Machine, is one of the internet’s most important resources. Without it, years and petabytes worth of invaluable information would be […]

How To Schedule a Post On Reddit

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The influence of social media has been studied for years, and there’s no denying that the perfect social media post depends heavily on the time at which it is sent. […]

How to Create Price Alerts For Holiday Shopping Deals

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, one of the biggest spending holidays is still on the horizon: Christmas! While savvy shoppers may have gotten their Christmas shopping out […]

3 Ways To Find Out If You’re Shadowbanned On Reddit

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If you’ve not yet experienced the menacing evils of an online shadowban, consider yourself fortunate. The shadowban was created as a way to combat how easy it is to evade […]

2 Chrome Address Bar Shortcuts to Create Google Calendar Events

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If you can stomach the privacy concerns and borderline monopolization of the internet, Google is actually quite great in the way that it offers so much! When your favorite browser […]

5 Sites To Find Limited & Special Edition Video Games For Sale

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Today’s world of video games is much different than it was a decade ago – perhaps most notably, the prevalence of digital purchases. While the pros and cons of having […]

How To Get Twitter Notifications On Web & Mobile

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Twitter has grown to become so much more than a social news website, now boasting over 500 million tweets every day. People use it to get their daily fix of […]

2 Best Sites To Trim & Crop YouTube Videos

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Have you ever wanted to send a friend or colleague a short and important snippet of a YouTube video without linking them to the entire thing? Although linking to the […]