What Does a Browser User-Agent Switcher Do & What Are Its Advantages?

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Despite the sleuthy sound of it, browser user-agents are actually quite simple to understand. Practically every time you access a high-traffic website, its server will be taking into account what your current user agent is, which helps identify your operating system and browser, in an attempt to better deliver content to you. Even popular browsers […]

The 3 Best Public Discord Bots To Help Moderate Your Server

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You don’t hear about Skype too often nowadays, do you? Since Discord launched four years ago, it has exploded in popularity as one of the web’s leading text and voice chat platforms on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s geared towards gamers, but Discord servers exist for interests of all kinds. One significant advantage Discord holds […]

4 Ways That Mixer Is a Better Streaming Platform Than Twitch

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Fortnite superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins shocked gamers worldwide when he announced that he would no longer be streaming on Twitch and is moving to stream exclusively on Microsoft’s platform, Mixer. Despite being owned by such a massive corporation, many people had never even heard of Mixer until then. Xbox owners may have been familiar with […]

3 Bot Accounts To Help You Save Content From Twitter

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Twitter is one of the best places on the internet to find interesting news, images, videos, and other forms of media. However, sometimes when we see something, we aren’t prepared to read or browse it right away. With how mobile has taken over the online world, sometimes you’ll be at work, out with friends, with […]

4 Email Newsletters Every Internet Activist Should Be Subscribed To

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Our internet is increasingly at risk of censorship and regulation. Now more than ever, it’s important to get involved and look into what you can do to contribute to online activism and digital campaigning. The fight for net neutrality has been just one of the issues important in this area, but there have been so […]

3 Best Websites To Help You Create a Fake Identity

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Creating a fake online identity isn’t always a nefarious act and, in fact, can sometimes save you from major inconveniences such as identity theft and spam. With the overwhelming amount of leaks and security breaches that have occurred lately, you put yourself at risk every time you provide a website or mobile app with your […]

The 3 Best Sites To Use For Archiving Webpages

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Internet archiving services are a very important part of preserving an open and transparent internet. Webpages and social media posts aren’t guaranteed to remain online forever. But using an archiving service provides peace of mind in knowing that each important document, tweet, or any other piece of web media will be around when you need […]

How To Search Your Open Tabs in Google Chrome

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Tab clutter is something that can seriously bog down productivity, be it while working, studying, or just attempting to browse the Internet in a quick and efficient manner. While every major browser supports hotkeys that assist users in powering through their tabs, some of us really push our tab real estate to the extreme. Have […]

Find the Perfect Time to Buy Digital Games on Sale

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With the Steam Summer Sale just recently coming to a close, the internet’s largest digital video game sale is behind us. However, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the year won’t be filled with discounts that savvy gamers can take advantage of. The digital distribution of video games has become an increasingly popular way […]

Add and Resolve Comments in Google Docs

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Over the years, Google Docs has become one of the most popular ways for companies to collaborate and synchronize their work on documents of all types. For example, the writers behind each article on this website routinely use Google Docs! A major part of collaboration is communication. In remote workspaces, be it at your job […]