October 2018

Play Retro DOS Games Perfectly with DOSBox

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Did you know that your brand new 2018 computer CPU still has the same fundamental insides as the first Intel 8086 CPU released in 1978? That means, in theory, that software written to run on that 1978 processor should execute with no real issue on a modern CPU. These chips are all part of the […]

How to Make Animated Instagram Stories For Free

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Instagram may have started as a photo sharing app, but it has quickly evolved. Today, video content does far better on Instagram than photos do, especially for stories. If you’d like to learn how to make animated Instagram stories for free, we’ll take you through the basics. You can also use these tips to turn […]

8 Best Smartphone Accessories for Travelling

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Whether you are planning a small break or the travel trip of a lifetime, chances are you are going to be relying heavily on your smartphone. While our smartphones can help us with a lot of functionality and entertainment during our travels, that experience can be improved upon or enhanced with a number of smartphone […]