What could be better than spending a lazy afternoon with your family or friends watching a movie? Maybe, watching that movie on the big screen. 

Getting yourself an LED projector is a nice alternative to visiting crowded movie theaters for a few reasons. First of all, home cinema is safer. It’s more comfortable, as nothing beats your favorite couch at home, and you can enjoy any of the snacks in your kitchen. Plus, you can enjoy an endless selection of films. You just need to get everyone else in the room to agree on a movie…

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    ViewSonic M2e: The Best Portable Projector for Watching Movies With Your Family image

    If you’re looking for an entry-level LED projector that won’t cost you a fortune but also won’t disappoint you quality-wise, check out the ViewSonic M2e projector. It’s a portable projector that’s great for watching movies both indoors and outdoors. 

    ViewSonic M2e Portable Projector: First Impressions & Specs

    ViewSonic M2e is a smart DLP projector with full HD 1080p resolution that’s lightweight and compact. Thanks to its portable design and seemingly lightweight, it’s a great option for anyone looking to take the projector on small trips, to work, or even to a party at a friend’s house. 

    ViewSonic M2e Portable Projector: First Impressions & Specs image
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    Compared to its predecessor, the Viewsonic M2, the M2e is smaller, has a shorter throw ratio and distance, and has quicker autofocus. Overall, the ViewSonic M2e is an impressive projector for its price range and size.

    • Native resolution: 1920 x 1080
    • Image size: 76cm to 254 cm
    • Lumens: 400 ANSI, 1000 LED
    • Speakers: integrated Harman Kardon
    • Keystone correction: horizontal and vertical auto-keystone correction
    • Autofocus: built-in
    • Lamp life: up to 30000 hours
    • Connectivity options: audio output via mini-jack, HDMI 2.0, 2 USB ports, memory card, and wireless networking
    • Storage: 16GB
    • Projector size & weight: 5 x 18 x 18cm, 1 kg
    • Price: from $400.

    The ViewSonic M2e sports some interesting specs and features, especially considering its size. When you open the box, you’ll find the projector, a power cable, remote control, a Quick Start Guide, and a handy case for it all.

    All projector parts fit inside the case, making it easy to take with you. You can fit the case in your backpack or carry it by hand or over your shoulder.

    ViewSonic M2e Portable Projector: First Impressions & Specs image 2

    The M2e has a sleek design, with a polar white polycarbonate top and meteor grey sides. It comes with a variable stand that helps you prop it on any surface and adjust the height. Then the auto-keystone correction will do the rest and automatically correct trapezoidal images if your projector isn’t standing perfectly perpendicular to the screen.

    ViewSonic M2e Portable Projector: First Impressions & Specs image 3

    Positioning Your ViewSonic M2E

    ViewSonic M2e might not be as small as other portable projectors, but it’s still light enough for you to be able to carry and position it anywhere you like. You can prop your projector on a table, a chair, a bench outside, or even on the floor. M2e has a step-less stand, so you can project your movies at any angle.

    Positioning Your ViewSonic M2E image

    If you’re looking for a more permanent setup, you can use the three screw-in feet to mount it on your ceiling. M2e can project forward or toward the back of the screen, as well as upside-down. If you choose to mount it this way, make sure to test the position with the remote, as it can only work up to 8 meters away from the projector.

    There’s also a tripod mount underneath the projector that you can use for outdoor cinema sessions.

    User Experience

    One of the advantages of the ViewSonic M2e is the easy setup and user-friendly menu. You’ll be able to run your M2e even if you’ve never used a projector before. Position your M2e in front of a screen or a wall, connect it to power and switch it on. The ViewSonic advanced autofocus and horizontal & vertical keystone correction will do the rest and instantly provide you with a proportioned image. Connect the projector to Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go.

    User Experience image

    This smart projector runs a custom version of Android with the Aptoide Android marketplace (App Store analog) to install apps. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Google Services. Because of the lack of Google Products & Services, some apps won’t launch on your projector at all.

    Apps & Screen Mirroring

    The selection of apps that you can install is somewhat limited. You can install Netflix, Prime Video, and Plex to access streaming services, but you might run into certain problems using them. For example, if you use two-factor authentication, you might not be able to get into your account. 

    Most apps aren’t optimized for remote control use and won’t let you enter the 2FA code to access your account. Navigating inside those streaming apps might also prove frustrating.

    Apps & Screen Mirroring image

    The ViewSonic M2e supports screen mirroring, which partially makes up for the issues you might be having with the app selection. When you open an app like YouTube on your computer or smartphone, the projector will show up in the cast menu when you select the cast icon. 

    You’ll have to test the apps and see which ones will work for you. While I didn’t have any issues casting content from YouTube, the content from Netflix never loaded for me. Most likely, that’s due to copyright reasons.


    On the back of this smart projector, you’ll find a variety of ports, including an HDMI 1.4 port, USB type C, USB type A, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a microSD slot. You can use these to plug in any device and play movies and videos from it, which widens the projector’s functionality. The M2e also has 10GB of local storage, which you can use to keep some of your favorite films and videos for easy access.

    There are also a few smart connectivity options, including the above-mentioned wireless screen mirroring from smart gadgets, and USB-C for direct content streaming from your phone or Nintendo Switch gaming console

    Video Quality

    While the M2e won’t deliver the same picture quality as your average 4K TV, you’ll still be impressed by the picture. This tiny projector can blow up a vivid picture from 80 to 100 inches thanks to the full HD resolution, cinema supercolor, 125% Rec.709 color accuracy, and HDR content support. If you’re projecting an image indoors, using a plain white or light wall is enough for M2e to deliver vibrant colors and sharp lifelike images. 

    Video Quality image

    You don’t have to worry about the image’s brightness in a poorly lit environment, like in a room during the daytime. While M2e performs best in complete darkness, it still delivers great image quality in a slightly lit room. If you plan to use the projector outdoors, it’s best to get a projector screen for the ultimate outdoor cinema experience. You can easily find those on Amazon.

    Thanks to how portable the M2e is, you can take it with you wherever you go and turn that place into a home theater. Using the USB-C port, you can simply connect a power bank to your projector and use it while on the road. Ensure your power bank is at least 45W(15V/3A) and supports PD protocol output for smooth connection.

    Audio Quality

    ViewSonic M2e comes with Harman Kardon speakers that provide stereo sound that you won’t expect from this small speaker. It’s enough to drown out the sound of the projector’s fan, but if you’re watching a movie with a big group of people, you may want to use a louder external speaker for Bluetooth audio. Add a streaming dongle to this set, and you’ll get the ultimate home theater combo.

    You can also use the M2e as a Bluetooth speaker itself. The integrated Harman Kardon speakers provide excellent sound quality for a house party or a small get-together with your family.

    Should You Buy a ViewSonic M2e 1080p projector?

    In short, the M2e won’t replace an expensive top-tier Epson projector, but it still makes for a perfect gift for any movie lover.

    ViewSonic M2e is undoubtedly an impressive projector for its size and weight, and you’re not going to find anything better in the same price category. However, it’s not a perfect all-purpose projector. If you’re not willing to spend some time figuring out which apps and connectivity options will work best for you, then you should probably keep looking. At the same time, if you want a lightweight, portable projector either for work purposes or for a simple home theater setup, you’ll find everything you need in a ViewSonic M2e.

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