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It’s a common belief that smart home automation is all about protecting your home from intruders. However, home security isn’t the only thing smart home tech is capable of. You can also use your smart gadgets to make the holidays easier and more fun for your family and friends.

Here’s how you can use your smart home devices this holiday season and the best smart tech you can find for the holidays.

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    How to Use Smart Home Devices For Decorating Your House

    Decorating your house for the holidays can be exciting and dreadful if you have to do everything on your own. If you don’t have an extra pair of hands to help you, you can enlist your smart devices to make decorating your place easier and less time-consuming. Here are a few ways how you can do it.

    Use Smart Christmas Lighting

    One of the essential parts of Christmas decorating is the lighting. However, with the electricity prices rising, you don’t want to have your holiday lights on all the time, driving your energy bill up in case you or someone else forgets to switch them off.

    That’s where the smart lights come in: they add remote control, scheduling, and automation to your everyday use of lighting, thus saving you money on energy use. Smart lighting comes in different types and shapes. Here are a few smart lights that we recommend trying.

    Phillips Hue Smart Bulbs

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    Smart bulbs are the simplest way to cut energy costs while having festive lighting in your house. All you have to do is replace your standard light bulb with a smart LED one. It will last 25 times longer and use 75% less energy than an incandescent light bulb.

    Phillips Hue has some of the best smart lights on the market. It offers a wide range of smart bulbs for both indoors and outdoors. You can use the Philips Hue smart bulbs to decorate your house for Christmas, a birthday, or a Halloween party and then keep them as your regular lights for occasional light therapy use.

    Use Smart Plugs for Outdoor Lighting

    Your living room isn’t the only place that requires holiday decorations. If you have a balcony or a patio, you’ll want to put some Christmas lights there.

    Of course, you can use smart outdoor lights to decorate these areas. But you can also use your old lights with a smart outdoor plug. These smart plugs are water-resistant and can switch your lights on and off at the right time every day.

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    You can use your smartphone to control your smart plugs or voice commands via Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Check out our buying guide to find some of the best outdoor smart plugs that you can buy on Amazon.

    Use Your Video Doorbell’s Holiday Chimes to Set the Mood

    You can get your guests in the mood for Christmas at your front door with a festive holiday ringtone from your video doorbell.

    Whether you have a Google Nest smart video doorbell or a Ring doorbell, you can change your ringtone to a fun Christmas tune or other holiday sounds. You can add holiday music to your doorbell using the Google Home / Nest app or the Ring app.

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    Aside from Christmas-related tunes, Nest offers timely chimes for different seasons and holidays, including Halloween.

    How to Use Smart Home Devices During your Holiday Party

    Besides decorating your house, your smart gadgets can help you start your party. Here’s how you can use your smart tech to entertain your guests during the holiday season.

    Use a Voice Assistant to Run Your Party

    Voice assistants make running your entire smart home setup easy without using various mobile apps on your smartphone. The all-new Amazon Echo Dot (5th gen) has an excellent speaker that can play your favorite tunes from a Christmas playlist throughout the party. If you have a big house, you can set up multiple Echos to play the same playlist in sync to cover bigger areas.

    How to Use Smart Home Devices During your Holiday Party image

    A smart speaker can do the same job if you don’t own a voice assistant yet. Many modern manufacturers include a pairing feature in their Bluetooth speakers, which allows you to connect multiple speakers around your house and play your music in stereo.

    Use a Video Projector to Play Christmas Videos

    If you have a plain wall or a window that you can use to set up a projector, you can spruce up your Christmas party with some fantastic holiday visuals. It could be videos of your previous holiday celebrations, music videos where Santa Claus makes an appearance, or videos of snow falling or a fireplace burning – whatever fits the theme of your party best.

    Nebula Capsule 3 Laser

    How to Use Smart Home Devices During your Holiday Party image 2

    Need a portable video projector? Check out the Nebula Capsule 3 Laser by Anker – a portable projector that offers impressive specs for an affordable price.

    This new portable laser bright projector by Anker is a great choice for playing holiday videos and movies indoors or outdoors. The Capsule 3 Laser weighs just 2 pounds, so you can easily carry it around. When using outdoors, you don’t have to worry about power thanks to the 52Wh built-in battery that can last up to 2.5h.

    The Capsule 3 Laser displays 300 ISO Lumens of brightness in 1080p HD – perfect for any space lit by LED fairy lights. You can use Google Assistant to control it with voice commands or the Nebula Connect app to activate the projector right from your smartphone.

    Use Your Action Camera to Make Memories

    Everyone coming to your party will have smartphones to take pictures together. However, most of those shots will be unusable due to a lack of lighting and people not being able to stand still for a few seconds when the music’s playing.

    If you want footage of the party to watch and share with your friends and family later, you can set up your action camera right in the middle of the party to record everything. If it’s a 360-degree camera, a fun idea would be to place the camera in the middle of your living room and leave it to record the whole party in timelapse mode.

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    Don’t forget to warn everyone about the camera presence in advance and make sure nobody feels uncomfortable about the recording.

    How to Use Smart Home Devices for Post-Holiday Recovery

    Finally, your smart gadgets can help minimize the after-effects of the party. Here’s how smart tech can make your “morning after” easier by taking care of simple tasks like waking up your family and tidying up the place after the party.

    Use a Smart Alarm Clock to Wake Up to Christmas Carols

    While getting up on Christmas day is easy for many people, waking up after a big party that you had to prepare and host yourself can be challenging even on such a day. Hearing cheerful Christmas carols first thing in the morning can help you restore the holiday spirit and enjoy this day to the fullest.

    How to Use Smart Home Devices for Post-Holiday Recovery image

    If you’re after the best smart alarm clock, we recommend choosing from a Google Nest Hub if you want a device with a big bright display or Amazon Echo Dot with a clock if you’re after something more simplistic. Both devices can be used as smart home controls to stay on top of your gadgets.

    Use Smart Kitchen Appliances for Hassle-free Christmas Morning

    Breakfast on a Christmas day is just as important as Christmas dinner. After a big Christmas party the previous night, you might not have the strength to make Christmas breakfast special as well. That’s where your smart kitchen appliances can help you.

    Many simple tasks like brewing coffee, making tea, or making toast for the whole family can take up a lot of your time. Smart kitchen gadgets can help you prepare breakfast with just a few clicks and keep it warm until everyone gathers around the table.

    Stagg EKG Pro Smart Kettle by Fellow

    How to Use Smart Home Devices for Post-Holiday Recovery image 2

    If your family members have their own drink of choice, a smart kettle is great for fast and convenient water boiling. Drinks like pour-over coffee, oolong tea, and English breakfast tea have their own boiling temperatures. You can set your smart kettle to the ideal brewing temperature and keep it hot for 15, 30, 45, or 60 mins.

    If you’re also after a stylish look, we recommend the Stagg EKG Pro smart electric kettle by Fellow. This elegant gooseneck kettle will fit in any type of kitchen. It comes with a full-color LCD screen that you can set to communicate with you in English, French, or Spanish.

    In case you need to check what temperature to set for your drink, the Stagg Pro has a guide mode to help you choose a preset temperature for different coffee brewing styles and different types of tea.

    Among other nifty features, your Fellow Stagg kettle can alert you with a chime when the water is ready. You can also set a schedule for preparing the water for making tea or coffee when you wake up.

    Use a Robot Vacuum for Post-Party Cleaning

    Whether you’re planning a crowded Christmas party or a cozy evening with family, your house is bound to get messy after the holidays. The dreadful thoughts about post-party cleaning can quickly ruin any holiday spirit. A robot vacuum ensures you don’t have to think about cleaning your floors again.

    How to Use Smart Home Devices for Post-Holiday Recovery image 3

    Modern robot vacuums allow you to set cleaning schedules and automatically vacuum and mop your floors at a specific time every day. Some models, like the Trifo Lucy, even double as security cameras you can use to spy on your pets while you’re away from the house.

    Use a Smart Massager for Stress Relief

    Organizing even the most exciting party can be stressful and tiring. You deserve to take some time for yourself and properly relax your mind and your muscles. A smart massager can help you do just that.

    Breo iNeck 3 Pro Smart Massager

    How to Use Smart Home Devices for Post-Holiday Recovery image 4

    Neck and back pains are the most frustrating pains that cause discomfort. When you don’t have anyone to give you a neck massage, the next best thing is to use a smart neck massager like the Breo iNeck 3 Pro.

    This massager is perfect for relaxing in a chair or bed after a long day and taking it with you on a trip or to an airplane, as it’s shaped like a travel pillow. You can use this device hands-free and control it via the Breo app.

    The iNeck 3 Pro has three modes that allow you to massage every part of your neck and upper back. There’s also a setting that turns on the hot compress and a speed setting to fine-tune your massage session. If you have a sensitive neck, it’s best to keep your massage sessions under 5 mins. And if you need the iNeck 3 Pro to work its magic, prolong your massage session to 10 mins to eliminate any strains and aches in your neck area.

    The device’s battery lasts about 2 hours on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about charging your neck massager more than once a week.

    What About Sustainable Home Decorations?

    Smart home devices can be of great help when decorating your home and organizing holiday parties. However, they aren’t always ideal if you want to reduce energy use and costs.

    An alternative way to decorate your house for the holidays is to replace Christmas lights with candlelights. Egloo – a handmade candle heater – is a great example of eco-friendly house decor.

    What About Sustainable Home Decorations? image

    Egloo is a multifunctional eco-friendly device that functions as a candlelight, a heater, an oil diffuser, and an air humidifier. On their site, you can order your Egloo in natural terracotta color or select one of the fancy designs, including a Christmas-themed ceramic dome.

    While it won’t replace your electric heater, this beautiful device will fill your living room with a nice essential oil scent and moisten your home air. Besides, Egloo is just very aesthetically pleasing and will add a unique feel to your room.

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